This is Us, episode five

A young Rebecca watches as her mother caters to her father while he watches the game. She tries to talk but is told not to interrupt said television viewing. Adult Rebecca is in a bar with Jack. He’s focused on the football game but she doesn’t want to be her mother so she asks him to explain the game to her. It’s clear she’s a fan of the game, and not of kids.

Morning at Randall’s house is a bit tedious now that Kevin has been bumming around. He doesn’t do blueberries so now the kids don’t either and he’s a bit of a pain for Randall. After William and the girls have left, Beth asks Kevin when he is leaving. He complains about his swanky hotel suite being lonely and Randall jumps at the chance for some privacy. Kevin is on kid duty.

Kate brings Toby breakfast in bed and the discuss their plans for that night. He wants to go play mini-golf after their meeting but she says she can’t because she has to watch the Steelers game. He says that they can do that instead but she is insistent on doing it alone.

Flashback to Rebecca and Jack at a bar on Super Bowl Sunday. She is singing before the game. Miguel and Shelly (Wynn Everett) show up, late and talk about thir kids. Rebecca reiterates not wanting kids of her own.

Jack confronts Rebecca about not wanting kids. He says that they have always put the conversation off to discuss it “later” and that later is now.

Randall and Beth are getting ready to head to the hotel for the night and she is freaking out. Kevin isn’t helping matters by making inappropriate jokes about childcare but eventually they leave and Kevin is in charge.

A woman is sharing at the meeting and Toby passes a note to Kate. He invites her to a Steelers watching party, for just the two of them.

The girls get bored watching movies and need a celebrity judge for their Barbie fashion show. They try and recruit Kevin but he really needs to learn his lines so he suggests they help him instead.

Randall is super excited about their fancy accommodations and he breaks down the schedule of events for Beth including burgers in bed when she interrupts him to tell him she’s late. She can’t bring herself to go to the drug store for a pregnancy test and she’s freaking out and needs his support.

Kate shows up at Toby’s and finds out he invited another friend over as well. Shooter (Reggie Watkins) is a big sports fan so why not have a sports party.

Miguel is trying to engage in conversation with Jack but its no use. He’s upset about the kids issue so Rebecca finally relents and has the kids conversation. She’s “not there yet” and is trying to explain that to him when they are confronted by a drunk guy. Jack punches the guy and Rebecca storms out.

Randall and Beth go to get a pregnancy test and have a bit of an argument in the store. This ruins his dream plans to have an early retirement in Charleston.

Kate is frustrated because she just wants to watch the game but Toby wants to chat and wants her to get to know Shooter but she just wants to watch the game.

Kevin is running lines with William and the girls and they start asking questions about the play and death. Kevin puts his foot in his mouth when he tries to answer them and eventually just sends them to bed.

Jack talks to Miguel about wanting kids and Miguel says that Rebecca is right. The life they have now is over when they have kids. Miguel asks him if the kid issue is a dealbreaker. The Steelers score and he runs to kiss Shelly. Jack is alone at the bar and Rebecca is alone outside.

Randall and Beth are waiting in the hotel bathroom to look at the test. They discuss what it would be like having another kid and how they would make it work.

Kevin and William talk about Kevin. William asks why he always doubts himself and says he needs to give himself more credit. They discuss the play.

Jack leaves the bar to look for Rebecca. He finds her and tells her that if its between her and kids, she wins. He talks about wanting to be a different kind of dad than his father. She explains that she sees their future with kids but she doesn’t want to change what they have right now.

Toby goes to Kate’s house to ask what all that was about with her ditching out on his sports party earlier. She explains that she grew up watching the Steelers with her dad and that when she moved out west she kind of stopped but in 2006 when they were in the AFC championship she just really wanted to watch with her dad, so she did and they won the Super Bowl so now its just something she does with her dad.

He says that he sounds like a cool guy and he’d like to meet him and she says okay and walks over and picks up an urn. Kate admits that she knows it sounds crazy but football is a big part of her family. She was conceived in a bathroom during the Super Bowl.

Kevin goes to the girls’ room and shares a secret with them. When he first reads a script, he paints how it makes him feel and he shows them the painting he did when he first read the play. Then he explains both it and how he interpreted the play to the girls.

He talks about family and how it evolves and some people die, like his dad, but they aren’t gone. Life is messy and magical and wonderful and this is us. We also see Randall and Beth find out she is not pregnant and Randall cleans up William’s room.

This was a pretty good episode. I like Kevin when he’s not being a goof but is really trying, as he was with the girls at the end but my favorite is still Randall. I’m glad we found out more about Rebecca and Jack. I think it was kind of obvious that Jack had passed but it’s interesting that Kate has the urn. Do they all have urns? Is it just a symbolic urn or is he actually in there?

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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