Grey’s Anatomy, episode six

Amelia and Owen are talking when April interrupts. There is a call for an accident with two ambulances heading in. They go outside to meet them.

Karev is taking care of a pregnant woman in the clinic. She’s been feeling fine and is surprised that despite being pregnant she’s lost weight. This alarms Karev and he tells her they are going to run some tests. She asks if she needs to call her baby’s daddy and he tells her that a little company couldn’t hurt.

Catherine Avery is in Bailey’s office talking about Karev. She doesn’t understand why someone charged of a felony is still employed by the hospital. Bailey says that he’s innocent until proven guilty but Catherine thinks she’s too lenient and tells her to get rid of Karev.

Several doctors are treating a man that was in a car accident with his son, Robbie (Micah Nelson). They were cut off and the father hit the median to avoid the other car.

Karev needs a surgeon to look over his pregnant patient but he can’t get anyone on the phone so he tells her and the father to sit tight while he goes to find someone.

Owen tries to talk to Amelia about their almost-pregnancy. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She also doesn’t want to try anymore. No need to rush she says. He tells her that’s okay but seems confused.

Bailey and Webber talk about Catherine’s visit. They both feel that people should be granted second chances. Karev finds them and tells Bailey he’s been paging her. He needs to best to come and confirm that the pregnant lady has cancer.

Bailey and Jo consult and though its too soon to tell if its cancerous she has a mass on her pancreas.

Avery, Ben and April are operating on the father, Bob (Cliff Chamberlain) and chatting.

Word travels throughout the cafeteria about the return of Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer). She slept with both Karev and Arizona and dragged the hospital through harassment lawsuits. She was trouble and now she’s back.

The biopsy shows that pregnant lady does have cancer and that treatment needs to be started right away. It will include heavy radiation, which the fetus would not survive.

Karev says that there has to be some other option and pushes Bailey but she tells him that he is on thin ice and needs to back off.

Amelia updates Robbie on his dad’s condition and they talk about his being scared. He is upset but when he starts to calm down he seems disoriented and passes out. They rush him to get a CT. His mother Laurel (Laurel Garner) turns up just as they rush him away.

Bailey goes to update the cancer patient and her options are death and more death. She can’t handle it but Karev suggests a different surgery that is far more radical. It would buy her enough time to deliver the baby but that’s pretty much it. She’s interested but Bailey pulls Karev aside to yell at him again and tells him to know his place.

Amelia and Jo are operating on Robbie when he crashes during the surgery. She flips out.

Murphy explains her life after she left the program. She doubled down at another hospital to get better and read an article that Maggie had written. After that she knew she wanted to work with her and when she found out she worked here she tried harder still and was able to earn her second chance.

Bailey talks to the pregnant lady about scheduling the DNE but she’s interested in the surgery Karev suggested. Bailey tells her that doing that would be sacrificing her life for her child and the patient says she’s interested in it.

Karev comes in to talk to the patient and finds out that she’s been moved to pre-op, for the surgery he suggested. He talks to the father to calm him down.

Amelia goes to let Robbie’s parents know what happened. After everything is explained, Laurel tells her husband it should have been him as she cries. Amelia runs into the lounge to get away and Karev is sitting there. He tells her that she can talk if she wants. They stare at each other for a minute before she tells him that she had a son when she lived in LA. He was born without a brain so he only lived for 43 minutes but she got to hold him before all of his organs were donated.

She talks about waiting for the pregnancy test results and how excited Owen was but she felt just the opposite. She felt like she was dying and she was relieved that the test was negative. She thinks Owen will hate her for this and Karev can’t tell her otherwise.

Arizona has an awkward encounter with Murphy.

April and Avery are nervous about Harriet in the car as the leave the hospital, especially after what happened to Robbie.

DeLuca doesn’t want to talk to Jo anymore. He saw her talking to Karev and it bothers him that she picks the bad guy.

Catherine stops by Bailey’s office again but this time Bailey stands up for Karev and Catherine says that its fine. She says that the fundamental flaw in the way they are teaching residents. The problem may be Webber.

Karev comes into Meredith’s room and flops on her bed. He talks to her about all the things that are important to him that he wants to do before he goes away, such as waffle Sundays.

I liked this episode. I’m glad that Bailey stood up for Karev in the end and was surprised to see Catherine plans to go after Webber. I felt really bad for Amelia with the Robbie case, moreso after she explained her own past. It should be interesting to see her explain it to Owen.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.


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