Notorious, episode six

Julia heads into the county jail to visit Oscar. He’s called her to arrange an interview. He wants to go on the air to talk about Jake. She agrees and he goes on live from the jail with Louise, during which he accuses Jake of the murder of his wife. Louise points out that this affair would also serve as motive for Oscar but he dismisses that, saying he didn’t know about it until now. The segment ends and Julia gets a call from Jake. He thanks her for the heads up and says that he still plans on working for Oscar.

Julia’s boss stops by to talk about the story that the competition. Callie Connors (Missi Pyle) is covering a missing girl and Julia says she can get the parents. Jake represents them so he sets it up for the next day.

Ted and Laurie Parker (David Burke and Julia Ann Emery) are in Jake’s office prepping for their first national interview. He points out all of the quirks and tics that they have that might not play well to the audience. Before they leave, Ted asks Jake about the Oscar Keating situation and Jake assures him that the firm is invested in their case. Ted then tells Jake that they were offered $100,000 by Connors so they are going to do the interview there instead of with Louise. He advises against it but they say they need the money so that’s that.

Jake breaks the news to Julia and she is upset. He tries to explain it to her but it’s no use. Her boss wants to make a donation to the search fund that matches Connors offer in an attempt to lure them back. They lost the ratings war for the first time in seven months. He’s not letting it happen again.

Jake goes to visit Oscar in priso to get him to rehire him. Jake explains that he can attest to Oscar not knowing about the infidelity and that by presenting a united front it looks better for Oscar. They debate the issue before Oscar eventually agrees.

Megan comes in to Julia’s office. She’s having no luck tracking down someone to talk about the missing Emily Parker but she did find a shocking statistic. Nearly 600 girls go missing in L.A. every year. Of course most don’t look like Emily or have the upper middle class resources of her parents so they slip through the cracks. Julia decides to use that as the story.

Louise opens with information about missing persons before presenting Silvia Baez (Patricia De Leon). Her daughter Rosa went missing the same night as Emily Parker and the police haven’t exactly been helpful. Louise ends the episode with a statement that she, and the network, will make an effort to be more inclusive in their coverage and she hopes that other networks will as well.

Ella searched for Emily online and found a profile name on a cheerleading forum that she then looks elsewhere for. She finds it on an online stripping site which Emily used to make some extra money.

Connors responds to Louise’s call for inclusion by claiming to know what happened to Rosa. She blames it on her boyfriend Braydon Lucas (Tye White) and labels him as a felon and a thug. Julia decides to track down Braydon and he is not the warm and fuzzy type. Julia thinks he might know something and has Megan tell Ryan to trail him for a few days.

At Jake’s office, Emily’s friend Samantha (Jess Gabor) is explaining the stripping website to her parents. She says that Emily always thought it was safe because she didn’t have to meet the guys. Jake says its possible someone tracked her down through that. Jake asks if Samantha told anyone else. She did. A producer from Connors’ show. Jake says he will talk to Connors and try to get them not to air that story.

Gilford stops by the to talk to Jake. They discuss Oscar hiring him back and then move on to the topic of Sarah. She had scars consistent with giving birth so Gilford wants to know where her child is.

Jake goes to talk to Oscar but he doesn’t want to know anything about it. Every day that goes by he knows his wife less and less. Jake calls Sarah’s brother Alan and tells him to come by later to talk.

Julia goes to the fast food restaurant where Rosa worked and asks her boss Miguel Ortiz (Roberto Sanchez) a few questions. He seems to be forthcoming though he doesn’t really provide any information. Julia notices a camera on the way out and he says that she’d need approval from corporate which won’t be available until next week. They part ways and he heads to his office while she manages to get the video footage.

Megan and Julia review the footage and find that she had a bit of an altercation with a man about an hour before the end of her shift. They are able to get a partial license plate so she takes it to Gilford. He agrees to track it down and bring in the guy. He doesn’t mind being used by her, he says, but he wants it to be mutual. When she mentions the show, he counters with dinner and she agrees.

Connors airs the cam girl story. She seems to turn on the Parker parents in the process as well.

The police questions Gavin (Joshua Dov) about the argument at the drive thru window with Rosa and as it turns out the place was a front for a drug den. There was a secret code with the menu to get drugs, which is what Gavin had been in the market for.

Jake asks Alan about Sarah’s baby and he reveals that she gave birth while she was in high school. The family was very devout and it was never spoken of again.

Louise updates viewers on the Rosa case. Police have raided the restaurant and Ortiz is now out on bail. Ryan turns up at the office to tell Julia that Braydon is trying to get money together fast. To skip town? she assumes but Ryan doesn’t think so. He hasn’t packed a bag or anything.

Julia goes to see Braydon again. She asks if he is trying to collect ransom. She tells him she thinks that he wants to help Rosa and she does too. He tells her he thinks they’re too late.
He explains that Sylvia knew about the drug trafficking and basically offered Rosa up to Miguel. Rosa wasn’t making any money for her time there, Sylvia was so Rosa started to skim money from the registers so that she and Braydon could run away. Miguel found out and set up a ransom situation with Braydon but he’s still short. Julia tells him to go to the police.

Jake tells the Parker parents to keep at it even though people are not exactly being supportive anymore. Julia talks to Sylvia. She tells her she knows about the Miguel set up and says that this is all about money to her. Sylvia says she will do anything to help.
Jake goes to a storage locker rented by Sarah and finds out that it is co-registered in his name. He looks around and finds nothing of consequence though there are mementos of their relationship such as a photo from Spain in 2008.

Sylvia goes to talk to Miguel, while wearing a bug with Gilford and Julia listening in. She plays the part of concerned mother well, inclduing real tears and gets him to admit to where Rosa is being held. They go and get her back and she and Braydon leave town.

Jake shows up at the studio for his interview with Louise and he is upset. On air he admits to one night of weakness with Sarah before they are interrupted by police who arrest Jake for the murder. Gilford comes into the control room. He tells Julia that they received a tip about the storage locker and when they went to look at it they found the murder weapon.
Connors updates her viewers on the Emily Parker case. Her body was found. She was the victim of a brutal homicide only a few hours prior to the update.

I feel like this show had a lot of potential. It was just handled wrong. It wasn’t officially cancelled but the episode order was cut instead of expanded so its done. The convulted Keating story is what really bogs it down. If they had stuck to a case by case type setup of the Louise show it would have been better I think.

Notorious is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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