Quantico, episode five

Present day Alex is on the run.

Doyle is in bed with his boyfriend, former trainee Will Olsen, who is asking a lot of questions and not getting any answers.

Shelby is in a cafe in the morning when Leon comes in to get his kale apple ginger drink. She gets flustered and he’s polite before heading out.

She tells Raina about the encounter and is told to stay away. He could be a bad guy. They get notice that Alex and Ryan are searching Leigh’s room for signs that she bugged them. They don’t seem to be having any luck and when they slip back into the hall Doyle confronts them. Before they can respond, all three of them are stabbed with syringes and knocked out.

They come to in a bed together. Owen drugged them. It is a key tool for operatives. It’s time for that sort of training.

One year later, Alex is taking out the terrorists that are trying to track her down. She shoots one and knocks a few more out before making a run for it, taking a phone in the process.

Miranda talks to Shelby about an off the record favor. She thinks that Will Olsen will be of assistance with tech information that they can’t trust their own organization with. She tells Shelby to get him and bring him to her apartment.

Back at the farm, Ryan and Alex call in via pay phones to update Shelby and Raina. No luck with Leigh so either she’s that good at hiding it or the recruiter is someone else. Shelby says that they need DNA to know for sure and then mention Doyle being suspicious. Shelby tells them to handle it.

At training, they are taught to create an illusion so that no one knows that they’ve been. They are shown how to case a scene and to change the time of death in a victim. They are going on a real mission. There is a reporter accused of leaking state secrets to the Russians and they need to spy on him. Doyle suggests his teaming up with Alex and Ryan and Owen agrees. They have to canvas the man’s room while Leigh and Leon keep tabs on him.

Doyle also leaves a voicemail for Shelby, from Will. He tells her they need to meet to discuss her agent. It’s a set up.

In the future, Shelby tells Will that she thinks Miranda is a mole. Alex is still in the building but she sees the text from Miranda ratting her out. She looks at a floor plan and then makes a run for it while the terrorists cut the power.

Shelby is trying to call Will back but isn’t getting an answer. She decides, against Raina’s judgement, to go to the address he told her.

Ryan and Alex talk about how hard it is keeping up with all the lies and he says that it might be better if this was a one person mission.

Leon bumps into Shelby again while he is hiding from someone. He calls it fate and asks her out. Meanwhile, Raina gets a call from Will. He doesn’t know why they would be calling him but says it might be his boyfriend “Julian if that’s his real name.” Raina describes Leon but that’s not the mystery man who Will says is British. She gets it right, obviously, when she describes Doyle and then ends the call.

Doyle finds Ryan and Alex and tries to prove they are CIA by showing them Shelby, but he mistook another woman for her and now its time to do their jobs.

They walk in to find the room trashed and the reporter’s body on the bed. The phone rings. It’s Owen. The local authorities are on their way and he’s left their DNA throughout the room. They better get to work.

Alex is still trying to run away from the terrorists but it seems they’ve finally cornered her.
In the room Doyle finds the only things with his fingerprints, two glasses, and goes to take them and leave when Ryan stops him. They agree to tell him what he wants to know if he helps them. He goes to pickpocket Owen’s wallet while they clean the room.

Owen is having a drink with the reporter that was allegedly killed and tells him that the test he is running. Not so fast though. Owen faked a picture that would get the reporter into some trouble with his wife. He wants some information the reporter won’t give him.
Doyle gets the wallet but the cops are already in the lobby when he goes to switch the name on the suite. He also sees Shelby but he has to handle the room situation. He gets upstairs to find out that the room in question is actually in his name. Raina tipped them off and the four of them set Doyle up. He’s led away in cuffs while they watch.

In the future Will is looking into Miranda. It seems that she’s innocent and Will tells Shelby to take him to Miranda. Alex kneels but before they can shoot her one terrorist shoots the other and then helps her escape.

Raina and Shelby talk about how much she wants to be an agent and not a handler. Raina tells her to stop taking unnecessary risks.

Owen asks Alex about the mission and how it feels framing an innocent man. She tells him she doesn’t feel guilty. He admits to having reservations about her and Ryan joining his class. He tells her that he sees it was a good move for her but is still hesitant about Ryan. He asks her if she wants to learn from him. She says she does.

Ryan talks to Leigh in the kitchen. She misses her life and her kids and he talks her off the ledge, while getting her fingerprints in the process. Alex comes in a compliments him but before their conversation can get any further Doyle walks in. It’s time the three of them had a chat.

He got out of jail because he is an MI6 agent on a partner program at the CIA. He wants to know what their deal is and no one is going back to the farm until he knows what’s up. Alex tells him they are CIA and FBI and that they are investigating Leigh but that they need to get in touch with their supervisors before they can reveal more. He tells them to call.

Shelby meets with Leon at the diner.

Will calls Miranda and tells her that he’s in. He also tells her he showed Shelby she’s innocent. Alex runs into Lydia who seems to have escaped from being a hostage.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I liked the set-up with everyone working together to frame Doyle. I also really loved the conference call with the pay phones. I don’t know why but that cracked me up. I feel like they really want us to think Doyle is in on all the bad things in the universe so I don’t think he’s a bad guy now. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Quantico is new Sundays at 10 p.m.


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