Westworld, episode five

Ford tells an old host the saddest thing he ever saw. When he was a boy he and his brother wanted a dog so their father got them an old greyhound. They took it to the park one day and took it off the leash. The dog spotted a cat and chased it. He caught it and tore it apart, but then he didn’t know what to do. He’d spent his whole life chasing he didn’t know what came next.

Dolores is having more flashbacks while standing in a cemetery. William asks her if she’s okay and she asks if she did something wrong. He says that he thought he heard her talking to herself and she says it must’ve been the wind.

Logan tells William that the park is losing money and his company is considering buying it. Apparently the park was planned by two men and right before the opening one of the partners killed himself. Lawyers looked into it but nothing more could be found. No one even knew his name. They find some soldiers, those that continue to fight for the Confederacy.

The man in black is moving with Lawrence and Teddy. He keeps talking in riddles and Lawrence can’t understand him. The little boy Ford walked with earlier this season finds them and the man sends him for water. Then he slits Lawrence’s throat and strings him up by his feet, catching his blood in a bag.

Two techs are racing to see who can repair their hosts faster. Maeve is among them.
Teddy wakes up and the man in black talks to him. He apparently fed him Lawrence’s blood and now needs his help. Teddy is reluctant but the man says that they have Dolores and that is motivation enough for Teddy to help.

Dolores continues having flashbacks. She talks to William about choices and changing her life. Logan has set up more shenanigans for the next day but William says no because Dolores wouldn’t like that. Logan tells him to knock it off because she is just a doll. She walks in the square and hears voices before passing out.

She wakes up talking to Ford. He asks her about dreams. He asks her if she remembers him as he used to be but she says no. He asks about Arnold and asks when the last had contact. She says it was 34 years ago. He asks what she and Arnold talked about. She tells him that Arnold wanted her help destroying this place. Ford apologizes for bothering her but says that there is no one else who knows back then. She asks if they are very old friends and he says he wouldn’t say friends. Dolores then tells someone that Ford doesn’t know and that she didn’t tell him.

One of the techs stole a bird from another department and was trying to set it up to get himself a promotion. His partner catches him and yells at him. They have to get to work on the hosts that’ve been brought in. He’s unsettled to find Maeve, again.

Logan and William go to meet Elizor, who in another cycle was Lawrence. They are re-purposing hosts. Dolores hears more voices and talks nonsense to Elizor. He agrees to introduce them to the Confederates if they steal some things from a wagon Union soldiers are bringing through the area.

They do as asked and things seem to be going according to plan before Logan gets cocky. Then the soldiers fight back and William takes them all out. Logan is ecstatic but William is just in shock.

Hughes is trying to re-calibrate a host when she sees the stray being carted down the hall. She barters for a few minutes alone with it so she can run some diagnostics and finds a transmitter in his arm. She brings it to Lowe to tell him that someone has been stealing data from the park.

Logan and William are at a party talking about joining the Confederates. William isn’t interested but Logan is so he demeans and berates William until he gets aggressive, then tells him that’s what this is all about.

Dolores wanders away and finds a lady reading tarot cards. She looks up and the lady looks like her. She tells her to follow the maze and when Dolores asks what’s wrong with me the lady says that she is unraveling.

She finds out that Elizor was playing them and tells William that they have to run now. He tells her he’s done running and playing this game. She tells him this isn’t a game and that the voice in her head is telling her that she needs him and that they have to run.

They see that the bad guys have Logan but they leave anyway. The Confederates corner them and William shoots one before they grab him. Dolores shoots the rest because she pictured herself no longer being a damsel. They run and make it on the last train.
They find Elizor on the train and agree not to shoot each other. Dolores tells the voice that she’s coming.

The man in black and Teddy walk into a bar and sit down. Ford joins them and they talk about all of the story lines and finding the center of the maze. Ford tells him that if he wants to know the moral of the story he need only ask, but the man tells him that the person he would’ve asked died 35 years ago. He almost took the park down but the man feels he had a hand in saving it.

The tech goes back to work on the bird again. He gets it up and running and it is flying around the room. It lands, on Maeve’s finger and she tells the tech, Felix that’s time for them to talk.

I thought this was a great episode. It explained at least some things about Arnold and it seems that Dolores is capable of hiding things from Ford which probably isn’t good for him long term. I’m also really interested in the transmitter that Hughes found in the stray host.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m.


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