This is Us, episode nine

Randall is upset about the letters. He’s pacing.He’s making a list of all the reasons he’s mad at his mother. He’s going to make sure she hears the whole list.

Jack and Rebecca take the kids to the grocery store. Randall asks strangers if they can roll their tongues. That’s an inherited trait and he thinks he can find his birth parents this way.

Kate and Kevin talk about Randall and their mother.Then her stomach surgery. Kevin is stressing out about all sorts of things, including that Rebecca is selling the cabin. Kate wants to go there. She talks Randall and Kevin into going too.

Randall is wiping his hands of the whole thing. He has no intention of reconciling with their mother. Kate just wants to cherish the time for the three of them to share. Only that’s not going to work out because Kevin invited Olivia, and she brought friends.

Jack and Rebecca are talking to one of Randall’s friends parents. They mention the tongue rolling thing and she figures out that Randall is telling her kids stories about his birth father in jobs that he has seen other black men hold. She thinks he needs black male role models.

At the cabin they are playing a board game. Randall isn’t interested. He actually hears something and heads outside. Kevin, Kate and the others play and it is revealed that one of Olivia’s friends is actually her ex. It doesn’t sit well with Kate but Kevin tries to play it off. Outside Randall hears the sound of a drill and turns to find Jack repairing the roof.

Randall’s hallucinating. He drank some mushrooms unintentionally. He vents to Jack about Rebecca’s betrayal.

Young Jack takes Randall to enroll him in karate classes. Later that night he talks to Rebecca about hiring a PI to try and track down Randall’s biological parents. She is very opposed to it. Rebecca goes to visit William. He’s cleaned up his act.

Kate and Olivia fight about people being fake and Kate being jealous of Kevin.

Randall is still talking to hallucination Jack. He’s always felt unwanted. He was a replacement baby for the dead triplet. He was meant to be thankful for them taking him in. He wants Rebecca to hurt as much as he does.

Rebecca and William talk about what he’s been up to and how he’s clean. Then the conversation turns to Randall. She describes him, his interests and what he’s like. He’s a sweet boy she says. William talks about meeting him and Rebecca gets scared. Cut to Rebecca telling Jack she’s scared because she doesn’t know what legal rights Randall’s biological folks would have. William turns around and Rebecca is gone.

Kevin talks to Olivia’s “friend” the playwright. She hates Olivia but has to be nice because she is the lead in her play. She just wants to go be with her sister, who is in labor.

Kate calls Toby to talk about her family situation. He starts out by lending an ear but asks if they are still broken up and when she says yes he tells her he can’t be this person for her and hangs up.

Kevin, Olivia and the ex are watching an old home video of Kevin and Kate. They are mocking though and Kevin hits his limit. He calls them out on being fake and they make a hasty exit. The playwright’s sister had the baby.

Kate and Kevin talk. She is second guessing herself about the weight loss and the breakup and everything.

Randall is in the house with his parents and siblings when they were younger. He tries to yell at Rebecca but it doesn’t work. She can’t hear him. He pops back outside and Jack talks to him about maybe seeing the bigger picture, seeing how much Rebecca did for the family and the sacrifices she made.

Randall is repairing the house and cleaning the gutters. Kate hears the racket and wakes up Kevin (and the playwright in his bed) to talk to Randall. He’s not helping his mom. He’s helping his dad.

At karate, the teacher is asking Jack to make sure he will do everything he can to help Randall. The rest of the community takes part as well.

Randall tells Rebecca he made the list. He’s still mad but he’ll see her at Christmas.

This show gets me every week. Kevin and Olivia aren’t done. Kate and Toby will totally get back together but Randall is consistently the best part of this show. I felt really bad for young William and to an extent Jack. He’s trying so hard to help Randall but it seems like he can’t win.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.



Quantico, episode eight

Dayana, Alex, Doyle, Sebastian and Leon are hiding out in an NYPD bunker. Alex calls Shelby to find out about the phone jammer. FBI found a lead and Alex, and her team,

Ryan and Alex are in bed together. His phone rings. The AIC phone. He calls Nimah in to talk about it and Alex has to go. Ryan and Nimah talk about the other suspects.

Alex talks to Doyle about the phones and laptop she found in Owen’s house. He’ll use his MI6 contacts. She needs to get in touch with Shelby.

Lydia is headed back in the field, unless Owen wants to spend legitimate time with her. The class has to create cover stories to hold up during the holiday break. Lying to loved ones is hard.

10 months later

Alex is convinced that Shelby can help. The terrorists are on the move right outside the bunker. Doyle wants to know how they will turn the weapon off. Sebastian suggests frying it. They gather supplies to take with them to do that.

Nimah is brought in to face the lead terrorists. It’s her twin Raina. She’s joined the citizen’s liberation movement to bring down America.

The military has moved in to run point on the operation. Shelby offers Alex’s help but the general (Laila Robins) isn’t interested.

The class is presenting their cover IDs and with the exception of Dayana they all do well. They have an assignment to cut ties with the person in their life that can’t let things go. Alex asks Ryan to make plans for the long weekend. He tells her to talk to Miranda,

10 months later

Alex and Co. have heard that the weapon is on the roof so the make their wait into the building and up. The general wants to blow the building up.

Nimah fights with Raina about being too dark. Alex, Sebastian and Doyle are climbing through the vents. Dayana and Leon walk back to the bunker.

Doyle is in London for the holiday break talking to MI6 folks. Lydia comes up with a cover for Dayana and tells her to go home and use it or she’s out. It includes cutting ties with her whole family and she won’t do it.

Owen comes home to find Lydia gone but confidential information is still there.

Shelby calls Leon and appeals to his guilty. Nimah shows up to see how it went and Shelby tells her its time to wait. Alex turns up too.

They continue through the vent after making sure the terrorists have clears out of the room. The device they need to disable the weapon falls down a shaft to the basement. Sebastian and Alex keep going while Doyle goes to find a new blowtorch.

Doyle is talking to his handler about acquiring assets on the farm. She asks about Sebastian and he deflects.

Ryan is following directions from his burner phone. He kidnaps a man.

Alex gets mad at Shelby and Nimah when she finds out she’s being pulled from the program and sent back to New York. Ryan was making more progress and now Shelby is in the field too. Alex yells at Shelby but she stands her ground saying Alex wasn’t cutting it.

Doyle talks to his handler’s husband about taking down her father. Her brother was Doyle’s partner, Elliot.

Ryan is following the instructions from the phone, as is Leon.

Lydia left a trap for Owen. His crusade against the agency will never end.

Leon shows up at Shelby’s house and asks what the worst thing she’s ever done is. She answer sleep with her boyfriend’s father. He tells her he killed a man and shows her his bloody hands. She tells him she doesn’t care and then asserts that he didn’t have a choice.

Alex and Sebastian find the weapon. It is set to kill everyone in the building, not outside. When they leave they run into the others, and get cornered by the terrorists.

Alex and Ryan are in the safe house talking about what happens now. She needs answers. He needs to know he can come home to the truth. He proposes and she says yes.

Lydia is leaving. She tells Owen he got burnt because of his own mistake. Then she leaves the farm.

Miranda turns up to tell Alex that she’s being placed in the New York office but Alex says no. She plans to stay at the farm and take down the AIC herself.

Ryan turns up at an abandoned garage.

Raina tells Nimah that if she doesn’t join up she’ll die and Nimah says she’d rather die. Shelby tells the general “she’s still got time.” The terrorists separate the group. Alex is led away and into an alley. She fights back and pulls the mask off. It’s Ryan. He shoves her back and enables a sensor wall. If she crosses it the weapon goes off.

Wait, Ryan is a bad guy? I don’t buy it. He’s doing this for some noble cause. The ultimate mole or something. I want Alex, Doyle and Shelby to be the heroes. Now it’s like two months until it’s back. Damn these hiatuses.

Quantico returns Monday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m.


Supergirl, episode eight

Kara is cooking turkey with laser vision. Winn and James are fighting over who gets to tell Kara about Guardian. Alex tells them that she has bigger news to share so they aren’t ruining it.

During dinner they are going around the table to say what they are thankful for and when it’s Alex’s turn she starts to ramble to get the nerve to come out but she is interrupts when a wormhole opens over the table.

At the DEO, Kara, Winn and Alex discuss what it could mean and they think it has something to do with cadmus. Kara says that is gonna be sneaky and talk to Lena about her mother. Winn hacks Lena’s phone.

Kara interviews her. She starts out friendly but the questions get more pointed and Lena tells her she needs to go to a meeting. After Kara leaves, Lena calls her mom for a meeting.

Mon-El is at the alien bar. Cyborg Superman is there as well setting up a weapon, and then hurrying out. Mon-El follows him and they fight in the alley while the weapon releases a gas inside. It kills all the aliens. but no humans.

Mon-El is in quarantine because of what he had been exposed to. He explains what happened at the bar and Alex says that she wants to bring her mother in to consult. Kara and J’onn will remain in quarantine until they know what’s up.

Lena is talking to her mother about Lex and the Luthor name. She says that there’s a reporter sniffing around and she’s smart. Lillian denies it and Lena cries.

Kara and Mon-El are playing monopoly and talking about his potential crush on her. He says its not the case. Then he starts coughing. He’s infected to and according to Eliza, the weapon is kryptonian. Kara realizes it is from her blood, that they broke into the Fortress of Solitude. She goes there to investigate and is attacked as an intruder.

She finds out that Cadmus was there to acquire Medusa. It was created by her father to protect Krypton from other aliens. It will kill all other aliens. She reports back to the DEO about her findings and nexplains her father’s involvement.

Alex and her mother are working on the cure but her mother knows she has a secret and asks her if it has anything to do with Maggie, since she apparently talks about her a lot.

Kara is on a balcony overlooking the city from DEO headquarters. Hank joins her and she tells him about the things that her parents did. He defends there actions before having an episode. He tells Kara not to tell Alex because they need to focus on medusa.

Eliza and Alex come and tell them that there is only one rare isotope that can be used for the cure. It happens to be at L-Corp and if cadmus gets control of it the whole city is in trouble. Supergirl takes off. Alex calls Maggie for backup.

Cyborg Superman heads into the L-Corp building. He sets off the metal detector and the guard tells him to stop. He attacks the guard and Supergirl shows up in the nick of time to save the guard and throw down with Cyborg.

Lena turns up and Supergirl protects her. They continue to fight and NCPD comes in to try and help fight the Cyborg. Maggie gets injured in the process.

Winn, Hank and Kara talk about trusting Luthors. She thinks that Lena is above board but no one else feels that way so she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Supergirl confronts Lena about her mother’s cadmus project. She wants help finding her but Lena won’t have it. She believes her mother is not the “devil incarnate” and won’t help Supergirl.

Alex stitches up Maggie and tells her that she came out to her mom. She thanks Maggie for helping her accept her new normal.

Kara is sitting with Mon-El when he wakes up. She tells him about her birth father being responsible for his pain. He kisses her.

Lena summons her mother again. They talk about the isotope and cadmus. Mrs. Luthor didn’t think Lena believed in the cause but Lena says that maybe she just didn’t know her own daughter.

Winn’s alarm goes off. Cadmus has the isotope on the move. A video is released. Hank and Kara are the only options. They have to go and save the day. Lena is the at the port with her mother about to release the virus. She has to do it to prove her loyalty. Supergirl and Hank show up to stop them but Lena launches the rocket.

Supergirl gives chase while Hank fights the Cyborg. The Luthors make a hasty exit. Kara can’t stop the rocket so she returns to fight the Cyborg. He is no superman. Lena switched out the isotope. The virus released doesn’t kill the aliens. She also called the police.

In space there is a meeting. A few people are trying to track down Mon-El. Eliza has cured both him and Hank in the process.

Kara and Mon-El talk about what happened when he was sick. He doesn’t remember.

Alex is sitting by herself when there’s a knock on her door. Maggie is there with pizza and beer. Alex asks if there’s a new case but there’s not. Maggie was faced with her own mortality and realized she should do what she wants, kiss who she wants, and that’s Alex. So they kiss.

Barry aka The Flash and Cisco turn up to ask Kara to help them with something. She agrees to go.

A lot of important stuff happens. Lena turns her back on being a Luthor to help aliens. Mon-El and Hank are healed. Kara finds some stuff out about her family. But come on. Alex and Maggie getting together is the most important development. How long until they break them up though? Oh, and the laser baked turkey was awesome too. I thought this was a good episode and I don’t watch the other shows (yet. That’s on the schedule for the six week hiatus) so I was glad this wasn’t too crossover heavy.

Supergirl returns Jan. 16 at 8 p.m.

Lucifer, episode ten

Charlotte wants to blow up Chloe’s car and kill her but Amenadiel interferes and tells her that she will turn Lucifer against her forever by killing Chloe.

Lucifer meets with Linda and she tells him that he’s lying to himself. He goes to Chloe’s house to try and explain himself but she doesn’t give him a chance. Also, her mother is there. It’s the first day of the trial of her father’s killer.

Dan is awfully happy for a Monday and Ella calls him on it. She figures out that he got laid and they decide that the mystery package on his desk is from his lady friend. It’s not. It’s the severed head of the key witness in the case of Chloe’s father’s killer. Oh and Charlotte is the counsel for the defendant.

The judge asks Charlotte if she plans to proceed. She does.

Lucifer threatens  his mother after she reveals that she was planning on killing Chloe. Charlotte says that Lucifer goes great lengths for Chloe but she doesn’t return the favor.

Ella reveals that the head had it’s tongue cut out. There was some swine DNA on it so they have to investigate a butcher.

Lucifer volunteers to act as a witness for the defense. In court he helps paint quite the picture as to the type of detective Chloe is.

Amenadiel snoops for the bomb his mother left and comes across Maze instead. He tells her he misses her and she goes with it, before blowing up a car up the block and sending a message to him and his mother.

Dan is on the stand. He answers the questions and leaves. Charlotte then recalls Lucifer and makes a point that Chloe might be a less than stand-up detective. Chloe thinks that Lucifer had divulged intel to Charlotte. She gets mad at him. Outside the courthouse Dan and Charlotte talk and she admits to going through his texts.

Amenadiel and Linda talk about Maze and Charlotte.

Lucifer wants to know who actually leaked the information to Charlotte. Dan turns up to go over leads in the chopped head case. They head out to follow one and Maze keeps prodding until eventually Dan admits that it was him that leaked it.

It is a Chinese gang they are trying to talk to. Lucifer brokers a deal. Maze and a representative of the gang fight. If Maze wins, they get the information they need. Maze wins.

Chloe talks to Dan and finds out about the lead. She tells her mother that she just wants to make her father proud and get him the justice he deserves.

Dan and Lucifer follow the lead and find the body that belonged to the head as well as the disowned Chinese killer.

Charlotte wants to make a deal with Chloe. She will get her client plead if she calls Lucifer a liar. On the stand she doesn’t do it. She calls Lucifer a great many things but not a liar. The defendant walks.

Amenadiel goes looking for Maze and finds Chloe’s mom instead. They talk about fate. As she speaks something clicks. She thinks he looks familiar and he looks worried. He leaves quickly after that.

Dan tracks down the defendant at a club and turns him over to the Russians before riding away with Maze.

Charlotte comes back to her office to find Amenadiel. Father sent him to earth 35 years earlier to create a miracle child. That child grew up to be… one Chloe Decker. He was a pawn. She recognizes this as a ticket home and Chloe is the key.

Chloe goes to Lucifer’s apartment to find him on his way out. He was going to visit her. He owes her a dinner. They talk about what she said on the stand and she tells him she means it. They lean in and the episode ends.

I’m glad that she didn’t betray Lucifer. I was happy with this episode and generally like it when Dan and Lucifer have scenes together. I’m not all that invested in this storyline with Amenadiel teaming up with his mother. I don’t want to see him betray Lucifer.

Lucifer returns Jan. 16 at 9 p.m.

Conviction, episode seven

A kitchen is set on fire. Intentionally. With someone trapped in the basement.

Maxine goes to an AA meeting. She’s been having a rough week because of the suicide in the last episode.

Wallace invites Hayes to his office. They banter about Naomi before he pitches a case to her. She agrees to it and then he mentions that there is a documentary being made about the incarcerated man and that the filmmakers will have full access. She is not interested but he pushes her.

They start to discuss the case. A man, Leo Scarlata (Jason Furlani), was accused of burning down his parent’s restaurant. Someone died in the fire. His brother proved an alibi but it was not enough. They decide to conduct interviews and research the fire. Documentary maker Paul Slatkin (Christian Campbell) needs them to keep in mind he only has one cameraman but Hayes doesn’t care.

She feels that he is exploiting Leo. They argue and when she leaves to head to the prison he tries to follow. It seems as though his privileges there have been revoked though. Vince and Rita Scarlata (Carlo Rota and Nola Martin) are present when Hayes talks to Leo. It turns out the other brother Anthony (Jason Cerbone) and Vince aren’t exactly in touch anymore.

Sam tries to talk to the judge but she is pretty convinced that Leo is where he belongs. Frankie and Maxine meet with Anthony. He is keeping the family business up and running. Frankie walks through the scene of the fire and pieces together what happened. It was deliberate, arson. He and Maxine hypothesize that the man that acted as a hero, the one who ran into the fire after hearing screams, is actually the arsonist.

The team meets to discuss Karl Wimer () as a suspect. Hayes continues to blow an airhorn so that Paul can’t film them and he eventually leaves. Then they move on to actually discussing Karl. He doesn’t have a criminal record but does have a “hero record.” This wouldn’t have been his first saved life. So “either he’s Batman or there’s no such thing as heroes.”

Paul catches up with Sam and starts asking about Hayes and then moves on to Maxine and how she handled the suicide. Sam sees quickly that Paul is manipulating his words but it’s too late. He can’t rephrase or back down.

Frankie and Tess talk to Karl. He appreciates what they are doing for Leo but says that he started the fire, and admitted to doing so in the letters he wrote to him. Hayes goes to talk to Leo again and Paul is present this time. She asks him several times and makes him swear that he didn’t start the fire. He offers to pinkie swear it.

Paul is talking to Frankie in the lab about forensics. The conversation movies to his own time in prison and he admits that Ray “saved his life.” Sam sneaks into the office that Paul has been using and goes on his computer to delete the files of his interview. While he’s doing that he finds an interview with Vince that shows a prior identical act. Paul and the brothers have been holding out on Hayes.

Hayes takes this new information to Wallace and he points out that they are trying to accomplish the same thing. Hayes says that doesn’t matter because she wants justice based on the truth. She calls both Paul and Wallace whores before leaving the office, breaking Paul’s camera in the process.

The team has another meeting and Hayes tells Tess to keep digging on Vince while she looks into the insurance payout.

Paul talks to Maxine about her time on the force and then turns to the suicide. She won’t let him turn a man’s death into entertainment and walks out.

Hayes talks to the insurance company that handles things for Vince and finds out it was laundered alright. He was in deep with gambling debts. The payout saved his life.

Vince and his wife come to the office. They deny any involvement in the fire and storm out of the office. Maxine and Sam argue about how the suicide was handled, Maxine takes a prescription pill.

Sam says that Vince’s alibi checks out but Frankie suggests a delayed trigger. He and Hayes hide out in the elevator to discuss it without Paul filming it. They have to get samples of Karl’s skin and blood from the time of the fire to see if there are chemicals present.

Wallace talks to Paul about Hayes, and running for office.

Frankie and Tess run tests on the blood samples. They clear Vince but find evidence suggesting Anthony set up his brother for monetary gain.

Maxine and Sam talk to Anthony and he reveals that Leo must have unknowingly started the fire when he was cleaning up after his cat at the restaurant.

Tess has her turn for a one on one with Paul. They talk about her work at the CIU and her testimony that got someone wrongfully convicted.

Hayes goes to visit Leo and explains that if he admits his mistake, they can argue that the fire was an accident and he can get his sentence reduced. He won’t do it though. He follows the rules and won’t say otherwise. Paul thanks her for trying to help Leo but she still thinks that she could have done more.

She is back in her office when she gets an idea. Leo follows the rules, his “chore chart” to the letter. So she checks the chart. The accident was orchestrated by the person that made the rules, Vince’s wife Rita.

Maxine questions Rita and she admits to it, though she didn’t know someone would die. Vince is done with her and the NYPD is waiting to take her into custody.

Vince goes to pick Leo up and Antony shows up as well. The brothers share a tearful reunion, with Paul filming the whole thing.

Back at the office, Hayes finds behind the scenes footage Paul left for her. It’s from Wallace’s interview. In the segment he says that he’s never met anyone like her, and he probably never will.

I’m glad they got Leo out. Was Karl actually a hero all the time though? He didn’t have any skeltons in his closet? And this documentary, what is going to come of it or will it not even be mentioned again?

Conviction is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


Westworld, episode nine

Maeve is in the lab again. This time Lowe is going to be the one questioning her. He wants to know why she malfunctioned in the last episode. She perceived a threat to Clementine. When he looks into her profile he sees that it has been messed with and tries to alert Ford but she stops him. He doesn’t know they are the same. She freezes him and explains it. He does as she asks but seems unsettled.

William and Dolores are at a soldier camp with Logan and his men. William wants Logan to use his contacts to help get Dolores out of the park. Logan is amused by this but Dolores isn’t. She doesn’t want to leave. Logan tells William he will help him “but not in the way he wants.”

Lowe meets with Ford to discuss their code and his origins. He knows that Arnold is the one that wrote most of it so his intentions are the predominant ones. He wants Ford to access his old memories so he can find out what Arnold planned. He has Pennyfeather there to shoot Ford if things get out of hand. The journey into his mind.

He sees his son and his wife. He’s in bed with Cullen and then he’s killing her again. Lowe did hurt someone else too. Hughes was attacked by Lowe. He snaps out of it but wants to go further back.

Logan is mocking William. He tells him they aren’t really friends and that William seems to have completely forgotten his sister. He shows a picture of her. It’s the same picture from earlier in the season that was found at the Abernathy ranch. Then he cuts deep into Dolores’ stomach and shows William her wiring. She tells Logan that Arnold made the world beautiful and then fights back. She cuts him and shoots a few guards before William tells her to escape. Some of the soldiers give chase.

Hector is out in the wild when Maeve turns up and talks to him. She tells him she knows his future and recites his narrative. They hear her prediction start to play out and she saves him. She wants his help taking down hell.

Logan talks to William about Dolores not being alive to begin with. William tells him that he can’t believe he got so caught up in it and Logan cuts the rope he was using to tie William to the chair. He explains that the park sucks people in.

Flood comes to with a girl watching over him. He’s tied up and so is the man in black. They talk about Wyatt and his strange ideas. They mutinied and killed all the soldiers before Wyatt turned on him. Only that’s not how it played out. The girl asks him to try and remember it but it plays out differently this time. She then kills Flood and smashes the man in black’s head on a rock.

When the man in black comes too its daylight and he’s still bound only this time its rigged up with a noose that’s connected to a horse. The only knife is in Flood’s dead body which he has to crawl over to. He gets the knife but the horse gets spooked and takes off. He gets company. Charlotte tells him about Cullen and says that not everything is about the game. They talk about the narratives and Ford and the board, which apparently he’s on.

Stubbs finds out there is a behavior tech chip firing in the park. It belongs to Hughes. He goes out to talk a look. He tries to contact the control room but can’t get through. He then gets ambushed by some tribesmen.

Logan wakes up bruised and bloodied, surrounded by his troops. They are all dead. William is still there. He tells Logan that he’s going to find Dolores and that Logan is going to help him.

Lowe is still trying to decipher his memories with Ford. They discuss Arnold’s desire to create consciousness. Ford talks about host malfunctions and Dolores goes to confession, only when she closes the door to the confessional she is taken into the lab and it looks destroyed. Ford says the hosts were supposed to be purer than human emotion. Lowe wants to know why he was given a child’s death. It’s the basis of his whole identity.

He wants to go back under and meet Arnold. He wants to go all the way back to his very first memory. He sees his son die again but changes things. He stops the doctors and brings the son back to life. He talks to him about the pain of the loss holding him back.

Ford wakes Lowe up for the first time and gives him his first personality traits. They talk about who he is and Ford names him Bernard, because he can’t give him the same name. He is Arnold.

Dolores waits to be debriefed and in walks Lowe/Arnold. She says the maze only brought her pain. He can’t help her but tells her to remember. He asks her why he can’t help her and she tells him because he’s dead, he’s just a memory. She killed him. She’s sitting in the debriefing room alone and starts to cry.

She steps out of the confessional and into the empty church. She hears someone coming. It’s not William though. It’s the man in black.

Lowe wants to set the sentient hosts free but Ford points out that if they remember they’ll know he hindered them. Ford says that Lowe is the real problem. He asks if he can roll him back. Lowe tells Pennyfeather to shoot Ford but there’s a backdoor. She can’t kill Ford. Lowe demands to be reset but Ford changes the game. He doesn’t like the technical. He likes narratives and give instructions for Lowe to shoot himself.

This show is insane. I feel bad for Maeve and I’m glad that she and Hector are teaming up. I feel like they should track down and recruit Stubbs because he has to see that things don’t add up. I think Stubbs is a host too though. I half expect them to all be hosts except Ford. I’m most interested in that story line. I am curious about how the man in black fits in to all of this too.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Timeless, episode seven

Flynn is in the 1750s during the French and Indian War so the team gives chase but trouble ensues and the traveling trio becomes trapped in the past. Things are still tense between Lucy and Wyatt.

Rufus is doing what he can to fix it but the tools needed just don’t exist. He tries a protocol that is yet untested. Leave a note and hope the problems are fixed before they happen.

They venture away from the ship and end up arguing again. Wyatt feels alone and abandoned. They come across the French who are not fans so they walk in the water to avoid leaving tracks. They find a dead body that is still warm which can mean only one thing. It’s fresh and sure enough they are cornered by Native Americans in moments.

Tied up in a hut, they talk about how they could possibly escape but the prospects look dim.

Mason and the rest of the lab folk are in the suburbs somewhere digging up a yard. This is to help bring the team back. Jiya is there as well. She wishes she and Rufus were closer but he doesn’t actually talk to her.

Rufus is talking about the things he’ll miss including chocolate covered twinkies. He also would regret not telling Jiya how he feels about her. Lucy is upset because of all of the things that she didn’t get to do and Wyatt is in that same boat.

The chief enters, only its a chieftess by the name of Nonhelema (Karina Lombard) instead. Lucy tries to talk their way out of it but its no use. She orders death for Wyatt and Lucy but thinks Rufus was forced to be there and spares him. He tells her he is there friend and she lets them all go because of his honor.

The team digging finds the capsule Rufus buried. It’s blank. That means he’s gone.

Lucy tells Rufus his speech was brave while Wyatt comes up with a plan. He and Lucy will distract the French while Rufus gets the tools he needs. They get to camp and do what they can.

Back in the present the team is trying to see if there is anything on the paper they found in the capsule.

The camp doctor tries to interfere with Lucy’s “care of Wyatt’s injury” which was their cover story for being in the camp but they eventually get away and make an escape with Rufus.

Rufus is doing what he can to fix things but he needs help on the other end too which doesn’t seem likely because Jiya and Mason are out of ideas. They talk about when they first met Rufus and Jiya gets a new idea, thanks to a Star Wars reference. It’s exactly what Rufus was trying to explain in his note.

The French attack their traveling machine but Rufus is able to navigate the takeoff before it is too late. Jiya is able to handle the navigation and they make it back, though they are a bit banged up. Rufus and Jiya have a bit of awkward interaction before she kisses him.

Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are enjoying their time back in the present, having drinks when the conversation turns to the journals. Wyatt calls them a cheap fake whereas Lucy isn’t so sure. She believes in fate and it seems likely she would do something like that. He tells her that if she doesn’t agree with that history, she can choose to make a new one.

I think Rufus is hysterical. His snarky one liners crack me up every time. I also agree with Wyatt about choosing to rewrite the history that Flynn has. I don’t understand why Lucy is so worried about it. If anything she is better equipped to not do that now. It makes no sense to me.

Timeless is on Mondays at 10 p.m.