How to Get Away With Murder, episode six

So we know Michaela is safe, but that’s it. No word from Connor and now Asher is on the missing list too. She is going to track him down.

Three weeks earlier, Annalise is mad at Bonnie for the whole seeing Frank situation. Wes and Laurel are still at the house too so when Meggy calls to say that the cops are looking for Wes at his place, he’s already got pretty good legal advice on hand. Laurel gets Meggy to leave and Annalise tells Wes he’s not going anywhere. She decides the next day that he and Bonnie can keep an eye on each other.

Annalise gets her suspension lifted, pending rehab classes and fills everyone else in on what’s going on with Wes. She thinks that Frank gave his name to police and that’s why they are looking for him. Laurel spends some more time talking to Frank’s voicemail.

The team, minus Wes, handles a case for the clinic and Annalise even recruits Bonnie for help. See their client is a soldier and she is accusing another soldier of rape during their time in the service. She’s lying though. Not about the incident but about being the victim. She was on desk duty when she claims it took place. Bonnie has evidence proving as much and delivers it to the courtroom when Annalise has her on the stand. She has to tell the judge about the new information. The client now has to go military court and Annalise doesn’t have to fight a losing battle.

While Annalise is in court Meggy stops by to convince Wes to go to the police. He breaks up with her but when the others get back to the house they find that Wes has left.

Oliver goes out with a guy he met through a dating app and it goes well. They agree to a second date. Asher shows up at Michaela’s house to brag about his own date and finds her consoling Connor. They don’t buy his story and he admits he didn’t go out with anyone. He likes Michaela and wants their relationship to be more than just sex. She finally relents and admits she likes him too.

Wes goes to Laurel’s house with a recording of Frank’s confession to the murder of his father. He smashes it, and then kisses her. She pushes him away on account of Meggy and he tells her they broke up. Laurel tells him that she doesn’t love Frank anymore she loves someone else and they fall into bed together.

The next morning news breaks that Mahoney’s son was arrested. Frank set him up.

In the flash forward, Michaela goes to the dorm and tracks down Asher. She asks where Connor is and he tells her that Annalise had called them all over so he might be at the house.

I thought this was a good episode. I’m glad that Annalise got over her beef with Bonnie because they work well as a team together and Frank just wants to come home. I’m surprised that Laurel and Wes actually slept together. That’s been a relationship that was sort of hinted at since last season but I didn’t think it would actually happen. I don’t think it is Connor that is dead but that might just be wishful thinking at this point because he’s my favorite and I don’t want him to be dead.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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