Lucifer, episode six

The episode opens with a zombie wedding only before they can finish their vows both the bride and groom are shot and killed.

Lucifer is going crazy. He is drinking and partying and Dr. Linda shows up at Lux because he cancelled a session. He tells her his brother died and she tries to get him to talk but he blows her off and goes back to partying.

Chloe is decorating for Halloween while Maze pushes Trixie on a sex swing in the living room. Chloe comes in and tells Maze that she needs to take into consideration the fact that there is a kid in the house.

She gets called to the scene of the zombie wedding. The bride is dead but the groom is not. Lucifer turns up still drunk and just creates a general ruckus. He gets a lead from one of the bridesmaids, before making out with her.

Chloe has Dan follow up on the lead while she tells Lucifer that he needs to get his act together. Dan pulls her aside to update her on the case and she notes that Lucifer is acting “darker” than usual.

The lead, ex-boyfriend Jason, is waiting in interrogation and Lucifer wants to punish the guilty. He goes into interrogation and breaks off the door handles. When Chloe goes to ask a few questions she can’t get in and yells at Lucifer to get out. He knows the ex isn’t guilty though. Moreover, he has an alibi that might be the shooter. Dan goes to track that lead while Chloe yells at Lucifer again. Cut the crap or she will bench him.

Charlotte and Amenadiel talk about grieving and Uriel’s death. She knows he doesn’t have his powers anymore and wants to show him something.

Dan has a lead. The shooter stopped at a food truck before the wedding. He says he will put out a BOLO but Lucifer is familiar with the truck even has the app. They head to the truck and Chloe asks the owner Freddy a few questions about the suspect. He doesn’t know him but an employee interrupts to say a man matching that description stopped by earlier looking for Freddy. Just then a shot rings out and Freddy goes down.

Chloe looks around and sees the shooter on a nearby rooftop and gives chase but she’s too late. He’s gone when she gets there but now she knows its all part of a plan. The shooter went looking for Freddy, went to the wedding and then headed back to the truck to try again.

Chloe and Lucifer are going over the two victims to try and find a link. There doesn’t seem to be one. Trixie calls about going to trick or treating. Left with no other options, Chloe asks Maze to take her and Maze agrees.

Chloe talks to Freddy’s widow and finds out that the zombie groom was lawyer that handled malpractice lawsuits for the hospital she worked at. Chloe thinks there is a link between the spouses that the killer is using.

She, Dan and Lucifer head to the hospital to look at the lawsuit files. Dan is told to come back with a warrant while Chloe offers to be a listening ear to Lucifer. He mocks her and steals Dan’s badge and gun. He manages to obtain the files, and really piss Dan off in the process. They argue and Lucifer punches Dan in the face. Chloe kicks him off the case and tells him to go home.

Chloe says that they should return the files but Dan says they should “borrow them” to catch the killer.

Charlotte is leading Amenadiel through the woods. They talk about doing the right thing. She tells him that he shouldn’t be punished but rather rewarded. She brought him to Uriel’s grave.

Chloe and Dan are going through the files and find a potential suspect named Wes (Joshua Bitton). He’s avenging his dead wife. She died of lung disease. He is an ATF agent that specializes in long range markmanship. They go to his house and find that he is making counterfeit badges for a pharmaceutical company.

Maze and Trixie are trick or treating and she is dressed as the president of Mars. She says that she wishes Maze wore a costume. Maze tells her to turn around and then exposes her true face and shows Trixie, who thinks it is cool and will get them lots of candy.

Amenadiel doesn’t understand how their father could let this happen. He says that he blames him for this. He’s done trying please someone that isn’t even here.

At the club Lucifer plays a somber song and then kicks everyone out.

Chloe and Dan head to the¬†pharmaceutical company. As it turns out Wes’ wife was treated by a husband and wife team so either could be the target. Dan stays with the man while Chloe goes to find his wife in the building’s lobby. She gets there and finds Lucifer daring the suspect to shoot him.

The shooter fires several rounds but doesn’t hit Lucifer at all. Chloe makes her way to where he is firing from and apprehends him. Lucifer confronts the shooter as Chloe leads him away and discovers that the shooter was after punishment not revenge. She sees that he was talking about himself and that he feels like he deserves to be punished. She begs him to talk to her and when he says no, she suggests his therapist.

Chloe gets home to find Maze and Trixie asleep on the couch. Lucifer goes talk to Linda and confesses to feeling guilty about murdering his brother. She tells him that she can’t keep track of his metaphors. He tells her he is a monster and she says that she knows he thinks that. She wants him to be completely honest about who he is with her and he reveals his devil face to her but she cant handle it. She goes into shock and he leaves.

I can’t believe that Lucifer showed his true face to Linda but I love that he did. I’m glad that Chloe and Maze are living together and seem to be turning a corner as far as cohabitating is concerned.It seems like Lucifer might be getting his act together and I really hope that’s the case.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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