Supergirl, episode four

We open with Mon-El’s backstory. Daxam was under siege and he was forced off the planet by the prince (Ben Sullivan) and ended up on earth. He explains that he was a palace guard to the DEO. Hank tells him he has to stay there until the assess his powers and then ducks out for “personal matters” leaving Alex, Kara and Winn shocked.

Alex gets a call from Maggie about a dead body and hurries to the scene. Other cops won’t go near it on account of it being an alien. They look at the body, after Supergirl tells them a bit about its species, and come to the conclusion it was on the losing end of a fight with another alien. Maggie contacts the streets while Alex takes a sample to the lab.

Kara pitches the alien on alien murder story to Snapper and he tells her to flesh it out a bit more before coming back to try and sell it to him.

Hank goes to visit M’gann M’orzz (Sharon Leal) about her escape from Mars and proposes doing a Martian bond. She is hesitant and tells him they can talk at another time.

Winn and Alex are watching Mon-El work out. Winn is making notes about his abilities. Alex asks about the sample and he tells her the species and where to find one thats been registered. She calls Maggie to head over.

After a bit of a fight, they subdue him but before they can move a group of men attack and grab the alien. They toss him in the back of a van and Maggie is hurt in the process. Alex watches them drive away.

Alex and Kara are at the DEO talking to Hank when they question his mood. He finally relents and tells them about the other Martian and they give him advice.

Kara talks to a hologram of her mother (Laura Benanti) about her day and Mon-El steps in. She explains what she’s doing and he asks her to show him around earth. She says its not a good idea.

Maggie gets a tip and calls Alex to follow up. She tells her to wear something nice. They meet up and head into a masquerade party with the wealthiest and most powerful people in National City. It turns out its some sort of underground alien fight club. The alien they tried to arrest Quill (Ian Casselberry) is being forced to fight the female Martian. Alex and Maggie try to come up with a plan when Supergirl crashes the party by dropping into the ring. The master of ceremonies has an alien on hand to fight her too though, Draaga (John DeSantis).

Back at the DEO, Kara and Alex tell Hank about the fight club, and about the Martian participant. Winn is wrapping up the tests with Mon-El, who again asks about going outside but Winn says no. He tries to appeal to Winn’s vanity and wears him down. They are going out.

Kara pitches a fight club story to Snapper and he agrees, pending her verifying it with actual sources.

Hank storms into M’gann’s apartment and argues with her about the fight club. She tells him that she wants to forget about their former home whereas he clings to it. She gives him a name though Roulette aka Veronica Sinclair (Dichen Lachman).

Supergirl confronts her but Sinclair won’t back down. She tells Supergirl that people don’t care about aliens. Even if they stop this ring, it will only be a matter of time before the fights start back up elsewhere.

Kara talks to the DEO about the talk with Sinclair. They have to find a way to get the aliens to respect themselves more. Hank talks about his chat with M’gann and then Kara goes to talk to Mon-El. She explains that there is an adjustment period.

Hank goes to apologize to M’gann. She tells him she’s not worth his kindness. Sinclair is there and she tazes Hank and takes him for the fight club.

Alex is trying to track down Hank. She knows that someone took him and Kara knows it was Sinclair. She goes back to the scene of the fight club but it’s gone. They’ve already moved but she has an idea as to how to track it down. She asks Lena Luthor, who of course has been invited, for a tip and she gets the address.

Sinclair introduces the next fight. It’s a fight to the death and its between Hank and M’gann. He refuses to fight her and talks to her instead. He tells her that she doesn’t need to fight to asuage her guilt and she agrees. Sinclair sends Draaga after them but Alex and Supergirl show up in the nick of time.

Supergirl gives the aliens a pep talk about who the real enemy is and then Maggie arrests Sinclair. Only the arrest doesn’t stick. Sinclair has friends in high places. Afterward Alex asks Maggie to go get a drink but she says some other time because she has plans with her girlfriend. Alex seems upset by that.

Kara gives Snapper her article complete with quotes from Supergirl and he tells her to clean it up before they can print it.

Kara has Mon-El released into her custody.

Hank goes to visit M’gann and talks about moving forward. He tells her he’s just glad to know her and that he’s around if she needs him. He leaves and she shows her true form in the mirror, and it isn’t a green alien.

This was a pretty good episode. They use aliens as a metaphor for basically everything wrong with society and this one is no different. I was amused by the Winn and Mon-El scenes and I love the stuff between Alex and Maggie. Overall Hank just kind of bored me.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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