The Good Place, episode eight

Eleanor is in Michael’s office. He wants to know where he went wrong. She says that he had her name right so she went with it and he summons Janet to find her file. She is still being rebooted after the murder though so he has to give her a litmus test

Chidi and Tahani wait to be called into Michael’s office to talk about Eleanor. She feels personally violated by the betrayal of trust.

Michael completes the questionnaire and Eleanor thinks that it’s proof that she should stay in the good place. He tells her not so fast and pulls out a lie detector… cube. He asks her about the murder of Janet and she answer’s truthfully that it wasn’t her before telling him she won’t rat on her friends. He tells her that that’s admirable but he will get to the bottom of it either way.

Tahani is called in and Eleanor give Jianyu and Chidi a rundown of what went on in the office, including how “forked” they will all be when Michael finds out the truth.

In the office, Tahani deflects when Michael asks her if she thinks Eleanor should stay or go. He interprets it as she thinks that Eleanor should be sent to the bad place and dismisses her. Chidi and Eleanor try to prep Jianyu and explain the lie detector.

Michael talks to Jianyu about Eleanor and gets nowhere because he isn’t talking. He seems full of wisdom to Michael so no progress is made.

When it’s Chidi’s turn, Janet shows up with the correct file so Eleanor is called back in. She tells him about a good thing she did for her cousin’s kid and then ends up explaining how terrible she was to her roommate Madison (Angela Trimbur). Michael asks if she thinks she belongs in the good place and she says no.

He calls Trevor (Adam Scott) in the bad place and tells him to come get Eleanor. Trevor rolls up on a train to get her and tells her she’s a celebrity in the bad place. She gets 30 minutes to say her goodbyes and talks to Chidi about wishing there was a medium place. Jianyu and Tahani also stop bye as well.

Trevor hurries her onto the train and Chidi rushes to tell Michael that he killed Janet and that Eleanor has been learning. Michael tells him theres no most improved and Chidi says there should be. They rescue her from the train and Trevor says that’s fine but he gets to keep the other Eleanor (Tiya Sircar), the good one.

I’m glad we finally found out what happened to the Eleanor that was supposed to be in the good place and I feel bad for her but I like this Eleanor better. She livens up the good place and keeps Chidi on his toes. I’m hoping they can figure out a way to keep both Eleanors.

The Good Place is new Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.


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