The Real O’Neals, episode three

Kenny is super excited for Halloween because it’s “the gay Super Bowl.” He can finally be himself but Eileen has other plans. He wanted to dress as Beyonce, from her halftime show performance not “Lemonade” (he’s not picking sides), but she’s not comfortable with him dressing in drag now that she knows he’s gay. She’s come up with an alternative. Newsies. He agrees if she will stop micromanaging.

Jimmy and Shannon are going trick or treating together dressed as Bonnie and Clyde, respectively. Kenny takes offense to Eileen not opposing Jimmy’s drag costume but she doesn’t back down. Pat is dreading the day. Halloween is the worst night to be a cop.

Eileen points out that its just she and Kenny at home and he tells her he has other plans. She tells him he’s not allowed to go to the parade he wanted to attend but can have a party, with as many gays as he’d like, at the house. He agrees.

Kenny makes a deal with the devil aka Stuart (Caleb Pierce) in order to fill the house with gays. Jimmy and Shannon aren’t actually going trick or treating but intend to vandalize the Murphy’s house. Pat finds their ammo though and follows them to keep them from starting trouble.

Stuart is late and Kenny fears the worst. Jodi shows up and talks about going to the parade that Kenny wanted to go to. She wants her own gay entourage. Stuart shows up. He was late because of #britneyproblems with his costume but brings a crowd with him nonetheless. Eileen can’t believe it.

Pat brings Jimmy and Shannon into the station, cuffed. They are in trouble but he has other things to take care of so he asks Gloria (Jessica-Snow Wilson) to keep an eye on them.

Eileen is trying to sabotage the party. She’s putting out melted popsicles for snacks and has turned the thermostat way down. Kenny accuses her of being uncomfortable but she says she is fine. He asks if he’s allowed to be himself and she says yes.

Jimmy and Shannon are eating candy at the station and generally not learning their lesson so Pat asks Gloria to break them. She tells him that interrogation was her specialty when she was in the field so she would be happy to.

Kenny comes back downstairs to rejoin the party, in his Beyonce costume. Eileen claims to be fine but she seems unsettled so Kenny pushes her until she throws shade, which the partygoers love. Stuart steps in for a turn and the crowd goes wild.

Pat separates Shannon and Jimmy. He tries to question Shannon and leaves Jimmy to Gloria. Pat gets nowhere but Jimmy sings like a bird for Gloria.

Jodi’s friend calls and she blows her chance at a gay entourage. Eileen is still the life of the party but Kenny is cool with it because he is having a blast too, but the fun can’t last forever. Eileen sees Kenny kissing a newsie (Marvin Ryan) and cuts the music, declaring the party over.

Gloria and Pat let Jimmy and Shannon free though Pat still doesn’t know why they wanted to prank the Murphys. Gloria found out. They overheard the Murphys saying they were all going to hell for the divorce and for Kenny being gay. It was to protect the family. Pat feels bad about what he put them through.

Eileen and Kenny talk after everyone has left. She tells him she thought she could handle it but it’s very different between hearing about it and seeing him with another boy. He tells her that if he can’t be gay at home, he can’t be at home and she asks for more time. She’ll get there.

Pat and Eileen are walking down the street talking about their kids. He says that its good they still do things as a family and hopes it will continue when he moves out. Then, as a family, they egg the Murphy house.

This episode was funny. Pat and Shannon in the interrogation room cracked me up and I’m glad that it seems like Eileen might be making at least some progress when it comes to accepting Kenny. Allison is also a great character when it comes to the one liners so I’m glad she seems to be sticking around.

The Real O’Neals is new Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.


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