Timeless, episode five

1836. William Barret Travis is writing a letter to his compatriots. A call to arms to defend the Alamo.

Present day Rufus shows up at the lab and yells at Mason for selling him out and putting his family in danger.

Agent Christopher brings in another agent to break the news to Wyatt that they are pulling him from the case. He offers to brief his replacement but before the new guy shows up Flynn shows up on the locator. He’s at the Alamo.

Lucy fights with her mother about having her life sorted and the identity of her father before rushing off to make the ship.

Flynn is talking to General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Alex Fernandez) about helping him crush the rebellion, once and for all.

Lucy gives Rufus a bit of history lesson as they walk literally right into the Alamo. Wyatt asks a colonel about Flynn but gets no information. Meanwhile Rufus listens to Davy Crockett (Jeff Kober) recount an encounter with a bear. Lucy makes her way over and is equally starstruck.

Wyatt tells them to get to work and when he wanders off alone, he has flashbacks from his time in the service. They can’t track down Flynn but he is still at work. He finds Travis and kills him. Wyatt hears the shot and goes to invsetigate. He knows it was from a semiautomatic but it doesn’t make sense why he would kill someone that will die in the battle anyway. Lucy figures it out. Flynn killed him before he could rally more troops.

The battle is starting early. It’s a lot different from the history books. Flynn has managed to move the battle up and the reinforcements aren’t on their way. Wyatt tells Rufus to figure out a way to let the women and children out while he talks to the troops.

Santa Anna won’t let the women and children leave because they might alert other people. Flynn tries to plead to his paternal sensibilities but it doesn’t seem to work.

Rufus chats with Davy and finds out about an aqueduct system. He brings the news to Lucy and Wyatt. It’s great except they can’t access it through a stone floor in the chapel. Lucy is supposed to be finishing Barret’s letter but she has writers block. Wyatt tells her to just write something and they argue about the importance of the letter. They are interrupted by the sounds of canons.

Wyatt checks in with the people hurt by the first shots. A boy tells him Santa Anna got his father and brothers the year before.

Rufus is trying to break through the floor of the chapel to get to the aqueduct and Davy Crockett comes in. Rufus asks for advice from the man that wrestled a bear. Crockett says he didn’t. He just had to tell his men that that’s the case so they have something to believe in.

Wyatt talks to the colonel about buying time to save the women and children. They talk strategy and Wyatt reveals that he was in a battle similar to this. He was the only one that made it out alive. The colonel takes his advice.

Lucy is inspired. She writes the letter and calls her compatriots to arms to defend and remember the Alamo.

Rufus has a pretty good idea for breaking up the stone. Wyatt smuggled some grenades back didn’t he? Those will probably break some stone.

The battle begins and Wyatt does what he can to stop the advancing troops. Rufus is able to break through the stone and they can get out. Lucy goes to get Wyatt and he says that he can’t leave these men behind. He says that he’s staying here. She tells him that she needs him, and Rufus needs him too.

She convinces him and then he convinces the messenger to take the letter and call for reinforcements. They head out, with Wyatt getting a nifty knife as a souvenir on the way out.

They make it back to the present day and find out that the letter made it out. People still know what happened at the Alamo. Flynn escaped though so Wyatt is relieved of duty. Lucy and Rufus say that if he’s out they’ll walk so Christopher has no choice but to let him stay.

Lucy goes home and talks to her mother. She finds out about her father and their relationship, or lack thereof.

Wyatt talks to the man that was supposed to replace him on the mission, David Baumgardner (Victor Zinck Jr.). He tries to recruit Wyatt for his team on another op but Wyatt says he has a new team now.

I admittedly don’t know much about the Alamo. It’s in Texas and people remember it is really all I’ve got so this was interesting as far as the show goes and from a historical point of view as well. I’m glad that these three are sticking together, I’m just worried about how Wyatt will react when he finds out Rufus has been spying on them. Let’s be real though, Davy Crockett and the fact that Rufus and Lucy were so starstruck really made this episode spectacular.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.



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