Chicago Fire, episode four

Gabby is getting Louie ready to go to daycare while she goes to her shift. She and Matt have had a miscommunication about who is picking him up. He agrees to cancel his golf game to get Louie and she leaves for her shift.

Matt goes to a warehouse for an inspection and there is a hazmat situation. He rescues one man but can’t get to the other in time. They can’t get out of the building though and are trapped in the break room along with the man’s teenage daughter.

At the firehouse, Otis is eating science food and Herrmann is mocking him. Mouch receives a call and he and Sylvie hurry out of the room. It’s about getting their book published but the agent on hand seems a bit sketchy. He wants $5,000 from them to cover upfront expenses.

On an ambulance call, Gabby asks Sylvie what her and Mouch are up to. She deflects. Their patient is an elderly woman with low blood pressure. They suggest a trip to Chicago Med but she declines and the city appointed advocate tells them not to bully the woman.

Matt assesses the main warehouse floor and sees the body of the man he sent to call for help. No call was made. They are trapped with no ambulance on the way.

Otis is on the shortlist for mission Mars because of his touching personal essay.

Matt figures out that the office next door has a phone they can use and the daughter tries to climb through the vent but fumes are already in the office. They seal the vent and Matt looks at the warehouse floor again. The sulfuric acid is heading toward aluminum shavings, which will set off an explosion.

Gabby complains to Severide about Matt. He tells her to talk to Matt about this and she says she’s just upset because this is the first time Louie saw her and Matt fight. The alarm sounds.

Sylvie and Gabby respond to a call at the same old lady’s house. She argues with them about their treatment protocols and ends up passing out. She ends up having a stroke and they decide to rush her to Med. Her advocate argues for Northside and calls her superior. Gabby takes the phone and throws it out the door.

Matt is having some serious trouble at the warehouse. There is a pipe connecting the break room to the office.

Otis is eating space food. Gabby and Sylvie are called into Boden’s office about breaking protocol and Gabby gets sassy with the commander sent over. Sylvie backs her up but afterward tells Gabby not to put her in that position again.

Louie’s daycare calls. Matt hasn’t turned up to get him. Gabby calls his sitter to get him.

At the warehouse acid is sparking the electrical cords and Matt breaks through the wall in an attempt to get to a phone. He still can’t reach and the man he rescued is having trouble breathing.

Matt tries to help the man and send the daughter to call 911. She wants to stay with her father but Matt tells her that she has to go. She makes a break for it while Matt does some crazy trach surgery with a pocket knife and a straw.

Sylvie and Mouch argue about trying to get the story published and Gabby interrupts. She wants to go for a ride but before they can the alarm goes off. There’s an industrial accident. I wonder what that could be.

They get there and sure enough Matt’s truck is there. The daughter is outside and explains the situation to Boden. Severide moves in and talks to Casey. They need the power cut before they can do anything more. After pulling the main line to cut the power, Squad can pull the man and Matt out.

Otis has Cruz testing new drinks at Molly’s when he breaks the news he is leaving Chicago to train for Mars. Cruz admits that the whole thing was a setup and Otis tells him he knew.

Platt storms into Molly’s looking for Sylvie because of a text on Mouch’s phone about girls making out. They come clean about the book and she says that she has a friend in publishing that can give them a read.

Matt and Gabby take Louie with them to visit the man and his daughter from the warehouse. They watch them from the hall and decide against going into the room.

I thought this was a great episode. It really showcased Matt outside of the alderman stuff and his relationship with Gabby. I’m amused by the Mouch and Sylvie novel story. I kind of assumed that would be a one off thing. This focused a lot on ambo and Matt though so a lot of people were basically left out which I understand happens from time to time but it still threw me off.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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