Pitch, episode five

48 hours till trade deadline and the players know that they could be shipped out at the drop of a hat. Lawson knows he’s safe and says Baker is too but Blip is nervous. He was on a list of people that were being targeted by the Cubs. The team is on a win streak so its possible everyone is safe but as Oscar the clubhouse Lawson thinks its unlikely.

The new boss Charlie Graham (Kevin Connolly) tells Oscar they can be buyers but they can’t trade the top prospects and they have to cut $2 million off the budget.

We flash back to Ginny growing up in a small town in North Carolina. She makes friends with a new teammate Jordan Collins (Parker Croft).

Amelia and Lawson are in his room. She’s getting dressed to head home for the night when he invites her to stay. She makes an excuse not to and he calls her on it but she doesn’t back down. When he walks her out, they find her car mirrors have been smashed which he calls “groupie on groupie crime.” She does not take kindly to the label.

Oscar makes a trade. Butch Hunter (Scott Peat) is on his way out. Al lets him know and Charlie congratulates Oscar, but points out the payroll as well.

Ginny is worried about Blip and calls Elliot, who speaks gibberish but calms her down.

Flashback Ginny and Jordan are watching tv when her dad comes in and says it’s time to wrap it up for the night. Jordan says his father is probably on his way to pick him up but Mr. Baker drives him home anyway. When they get there, Jordan’s dad comes outside, seemingly drunk.

Oscar is trying to negotiate more trades but he has to go to the dentist for an abscess tooth. He wants to keep working from there.

Amelia finds that Mike set her up with a loaner car which annoys her. She doesn’t want to be treated like a groupie so she goes to his house and tells him as much. He doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

Oscar is working in the car and a young man named Ross (Josh Peck) is supposed to be helping him but Ross isn’t much help. He mostly just sits there.

Elliot and Amelia are coming out of the office. She tells him to return the loaner car to Mike’s dealership. She confesses the whole relationship to him and then tells him he can’t tell anyone.

27 hours and 39 minutes until trade deadline. Al brings the Padres new acquisition Omar Robles (Jason Canela) into the clubhouse and Tommy suggests he and Ginny do some drills to take their minds off the trade situation. He’s upset because his son is friends with Butch’s.

Jordan and Ginny are hanging out under the bleachers. They talk about her free ride to college and her remembering him.

21 hours and 4 minutes until the deadline

Mike and Blip are playing pool. A girl calls Mike’s phone but he blows it off. Blip figures out that means there’s another woman and pieces together that it’s Amelia. He tells Mike to tell Ginny.

Ginny is hanging out with Evelyn talking about what San Diego would be like without Blip when he comes home. There’s a chance he could be traded but Ginny keeps talking about it not happening. Blip gets frustrated and snaps at her before Evelyn tells her it might be best for her to leave.

2 hours and 7 minutes until the deadline

Ginny is keeping tabs on the trade deadlines. Amelia tells her to use the leverage she has and demand the Padres keep Blip.

Oscar is still looking for a third baseman and the clock is ticking. Ginny goes to his office to voice her opinion but he isn’t having it and he yells at her about money and free agency and how out of line she is. She leaves and he gets an idea and gets the Cubs on the line.

Mr. Baker is taking Jordan and Ginny to their game and they are goofing around in the car. During the game he calls Jordan’s dad Ray (Reston Williams) and tells him he should come to the game. Ray listens to the message while home alone drinking and decides to try and drive to the field. He gets in an accident and hits another car. The other driver dies. It’s Bill Baker.

31 minutes till deadline.

Oscar pitches his new set up man to the Cubs for a center fielder.

9 minutes till deadline.

Blip and Ginny wait for the deadline.

6 minutes till deadline.

Oscar orchestrates a massive trade that gets him what he needs and meets the budget.

Ginny and Blip are stoked that he is staying on the Padres. Charlie stops by and tells Oscar good job but now they are on to working the waiver wire. He wants the new Cuban catcher playing at the pro level so they have to get rid of Mike, and make it his idea.

Al comes in to announce the deal. Butch is back! Tommy is being shipped to the Cubs though.

Mike apologizes to Amelia and tells her he wants to tell Ginny who at the moment is hanging out with Blip’s kids.

Amelia catches up with Ginny at the ballpark and let’s her know about her relationship with Mike. Ginny plays it cool to her face but seems upset when she turns away. Mike calls her and she ignores the call.

As a fan the last few days before the trade deadline, especially when your team is a contender are a lot of fun because of the hope of landing the big name but as a player I’m sure it’s terribly nerve wracking. I’m glad they showed that. It makes sense that Blip would get frustrated with Ginny and I like that she threw around what leverage she could to keep him. I’m not sure I understand why she is mad about Amelia and Mike though. I mean they kept telling us she would be upset but they didn’t really say why.

Pitch is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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