This is Us, episode six

Jack is trying to pay the bills while Rebecca folds laundry and handles the kids. They need money. He takes a desk job and does pretty well with it. Miguel works there as well and guess what? He got promoted. He wants to bring Jack with him but Jack is planning on doing his own thing so he declines.

At home the plan is to go out for ice cream. Report cards came and they are average.
William is playing piano for the girls. He learned it from his father but when the girls ask Randall if he can play the answer is no. They want William to speak at career day because Randall’s job is boring. They also ask Kevin but Randall puts his foot down. He’s speaking at career day.

Rebecca and Jack are meeting with the principal at the kid’s school. She tells them that Randall has tested as gifted and would do better at a private school for advanced students. He asks if they can send the other kids too but she explains that they wouldn’t do well there.

Kevin is at rehearsal for the play. He has trouble with the same scene as he always has trouble with because he can’t portray grief. Erin invites him to a party.

Kate is going to a job interview for a personal assistant job for Marin Rosenthal (Jami Gertz). She is shockingly honest and gets the gig. She’s okay with the personal stuff but the Rosenthal daughter is nasty.

Randall is practicing his career day speech for Beth but it’s no use because eve she thinks it’s boring. He talks about having an unnurtured artistic side and she tells him to pursue it, an early midlife crisis she calls it with a laugh.

Kate is kicking butt at her new job. Marin is impressed and then has Kate drive her daughter to her friend’s house.

Erin brings Kevin to a memorial service.

Rebecca and Jack go to visit the new school but he is still freaking out about it. He tells her about his plan to go out on his own for business and how this isn’t a good time. She tells him they will figure it out.

Marin’s daughter is rude to Kate during the drive and Kate eventually hits her limit. She kicks the girl out of her car and tells her to walk.

At the memorial service, Erin reveals that she just found the obit and doesn’t know the dead guy. They fake a cover story to the widow and Kevin is understandably upset.

Rebecca is getting ready for work and Kate is hanging out chatting with her. Rebecca notices that her mother wears a size small but she wears an extra large.

Kevin helps the widow clean out her fridge and tells a story about building models with his father when he was a kid and how he threw them all out when his father died and now he only has a necklace to remember him by.

Jack goes to pick Randall up from his friend’s house and talks to the boy’s mother about the new school option. The woman, Yvette (Ryan Michelle Bath), tells him not to hold Randall back.

At career day Randall tries to sing a song about his boring commodities job but it’s a bust.
Erin finds Kevin hiding out in an upstairs room and asks what made him like this and he says that his dad died and he hated him for it. She tells him that the grief is part of him so he should feel it. They then have sex.

Marin and Kate talk about her kid being terrible. She admits that she hired Kate because she is fat because she thought that she could get through to her overweight daughter. Kate tells her no more. She will do professional work only and Marin agrees.

Jack brought Randall to work with him and does some math tests with him that prove how smart he is. Randall admits that he has been trying to blend in with Kate and Kevin. Jack tells him to stop doing that. He is exceptional and they should all embrace that.

William and Randall talk about the career day embarrassment. William says that he might not be musically inclined but Randall gets joy from what he

Kate talks to Marin’s daughter about cutting her mom a break.

Rebecca is helping Kate get dressed but she’s not cooperating. Jack helps Randall get his tie on for his first day at the new school.

Adult Randall makes an announcement at breakfast. His father did what he had to so that he could support his family and because of that Randall is able to do what he wants for a job, even if it is boring and nobody understands it. He will be taking piano lessons from a lady up the road.

Kevin finds out Erin won’t be sleeping with him again. Jack drops Randall off at school and then takes the job the Miguel offered him.

I liked this episode. Randall is my favorite and I’m glad we learned more about his individual backstory. I was also surprised to find out that Kate and Rebecca don’t seem to get along now. I’m glad that Kate has a new job and that Kevin is doing better at his play.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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