Chicago Med, episode seven

April and her boyfriend are getting ready for the day when he proposes! She says yes!
Halstead is trying to pick up an extra shift but Goodwin isn’t allowing any overtime so he’s forced to head home and deal with his crappy roommate. Noah overhears and offers a way to make some extra cash.

Manning and Choi pick up a patient being rushed in by an ambulance. He is having trouble breathing and they try to help him but he keeps asking for Sharon McGee, which is Goodwin’s maiden name.

The patient’s name is Reggie Dixon (Robert Gossett) and he and Goodwin grew up together. While they catch up (and flirt) Choi and Manning decide to put him on antibiotics and get ready to track down information about a doctor that put him on steroids a few months back.

April comes to work and shows off her ring. When Reese turns up, Maggie calls her aside because there is a patient asking for her specifically. It’s Danny. He’s back and his stomach is bothering him. He got kicked out of the shelter and is paranoid about the sex traffickers tracking him down.

Rhodes stumbles upon the younger Dr. Charles in the cafe. They have the same specific drink order and chat about it.

Noah is explaining his million dollar idea to Halstead. A housecall app.

Dr. Charles is called in to consult on a patient that was found near a convenience store disoriented. She actually has a heart problem not psych but he takes the patient on.

Reggie is screaming about his stomach feeling like its on fire. Manning and Choi look at it and find what at first glance looks like a rash but is actually worms. Choi thinks it is a parasite that could have been dormant in his body

Dr. Charles talks to his daughter about the patient, and then about her personal life but she isn’t interested in chatting.

Halstead responds to a call from the app for an incessant nosebleed.

Reese calls in Det. Lindsay to help protect Danny. She’s tried in the past but he wouldn’t talk to her. Reese pushes for him to talk with her in the room but he won’t.

April and Maggie chat about her engagement and Maggie starts asking difficult questions. April gets defensive and leaves.

Goodwin and Reggie reminisce about their time together. He asks about her marriage and then says maybe they’ll have better luck this time before crashing. Manning and Choi update Goodwin on Reggie’s condition and she suggests a treatment that they aren’t comfortable with. She lets them decide.

Dr. Charles’ patient needs surgery so Rhodes schedules it. Charles is furious when he finds out and says the patient couldn’t consent so no surgery.

Halstead thinks there is a small possibility that his app patient has a brain eating bacteria and wants him to come to the hospital for some tests.

Reese can’t find anyplace for Danny to stay the night so she plans to admit him for his stomach pains. He suggests that he stays with her but the hospital has a policy prohibiting that.

Reggie is having lung failure and Goodwin is taking her frustration out on Choi. She suggests treatments and he shoots them down, saying there isn’t anything that can be done and that they should make him comfortable. She keeps pushing until Manning agrees to the treatment she wants.

Halstead brings the nosebleed patient in and runs a ton of tests, which Noah is concerned will hurt his bottom line.

Reese goes to ask permission from Charles to let Danny stay with her. He tells her that’s is not an option but she ignores him. When she gets back to Danny’s room, he’s gone.

Choi is mad at Manning for thinking of Goodwin and not the patient. Reggie is suffering because of their treatment.

Rhodes gets two signatures that Charles’ patient needs the surgery. He brings them to Goodwin and she tells him to do the surgery. Charles argues with her and she says that she’s learned to trust her doctors.

Halstead’s patient does not have a brain eating bacteria. He has also deleted Noah’s app.
Charles stops by to see his patient after surgery and she doesn’t remember him. Rhodes says that they will have to agree to disagree but Charles is still upset. The younger Charles comes over to talk to Rhodes and they chat before making plans to go over some paperwork. When he walks away, she tells her father that she likes Rhodes.

Reese is going to look for Danny and Choi tells her not to. She won’t listen so he offers to help.

Nina and Will are talking about his apartment and she asks him to move in with her.

April is at Molly’s with everyone celebrating her engagement. She starts coughing and rushes outside. Noah follows and finds out she is burning up.

Charles leaves his office reluctantly, Reese and Choi canvas near the river for Danny.

Dr. Charles is usually my favorite but he was kind of terrible this episode. I really want Reese to be able to help Danny and I’m worried he’s going to turn up dead. Goodwin shouldn’t have gotten so pushy with Choi and Manning.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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