Grey’s Anatomy, episode seven

Bailey and Catherine are in her office discussing Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk). Bailey says that she e-mailed the staff so they know she’s coming.

Owen and Amelia are being antagonistic about running late. Alex is behind them and when

Owen walks away Amelia gets defense and Alex just tells her to calm down. She sees the e-mail then.

Meredith reads it out loud to Alex since he didn’t get it. It’s about an education consultant.

Alex thinks its fault. Teacher punching student and Meredith thinks he might have a point.

Maggie and Edwards send Ben to find out what’s up. He talks to Webber who knows nothing.

Arizona, Maggie, Riggs and Avery talk as well. Avery tried to find out but got nothing.

Arizona says that she’s safe but the rest better watch out.

Webber goes to Bailey. She’s just observing. He calms down until he finds out she’s there talking to the residents without him.

“I train attendings to train you,” Eliza says. Then she asks who they like who they hate. Jo says that they have to work with these people and she’s leaving but she says it is to help them be better surgeons right now and that nothing will get back to the residents.

Riggs, April, Maggie and Arizona watch the meeting. It turns out that April is now on Tinder and has gotten a few matches.

Webber consults on an elderly woman that needs a gallbladder surgery. DeLuca turns up a bit late because of the meeting and after talking to the woman Webber tries to get information about the meeting. DeLuca won’t give it to him.

Owen is working on a patient that fell off a ladder. Amelia comes in to check his spine and Owen is hostile to her.

Meredith and Ben are doing a surgery when Eliza comes in to observe. She offers a lot of unnecessary, and unwanted advice and pushes for Meredith to let Ben do an intricate part of the surgery. Afterward Meredith complains about the “watchdog” to Webber who knows nothing about it.

Maggie pages all the attendings to the clinic to talk about Eliza. She ranked them. Maggie is at the bottom and Avery is at the top. Arizona and Alex were not included.

April recruits Edwards to turn the volume off on her Tinder app, and she tells her to accept a date while she’s at it.

Owen and Amelia are arguing about whose procedure is more necessary when Eliza comes in. She talks to them and makes the fight worse.

Webber, Maggie and Murphy are observing the elderly woman while she walks on a treadmill. Maggie is telling Webber about the list when the woman’s blood pressure spikes. They rush to stabilize her.

Owen asks Amelia if she’s read to go home but she tells him she plans to stay the night to observe her patient.

Webber’s patient had a heart attack and her friend talks her into the more difficult treatment, surgery.

Maggie goes to find Eliza to “introduce herself” and Eliza gets a bit sassy with her. Webber sees the interaction.

Webber goes to Bailey about Eliza and he says to get rid of her but Bailey won’t. She says that medicine is changing and that they need to fight hard or get left behind. She says it is her decision as chief and he replies “I know.”

Arizona is freaking out to Alex about not being on the list. He tells her it means nothing.
April tells Avery what he needs about taking care of Harriet and he’s shocked that she’s going on a real date. They have an awkward moment and she leaves.

Ben is talking to Bailey about how great his surgery was and how much Eliza bothered Meredith. She needs him to tell her she’s doing the right thing.

April talks to Avery in the break room about how “great” her date was the night before. He doesn’t buy it.

Owen and Amelia are still arguing about treating the patient with the injured spine. They reach a solution. Edwards will hold the man’s bowels in if there is an issue. Eliza suggests Owen do that instead.

Maggie is talking to Murphy about being a teacher. She explains that Maggie is so fast that she has trouble keeping up sometimes. While she talks Maggie discovers that their patient needs an emergency bypass.

While they wash up to scrub in, with Eliza helping as well Webber comes in and tells them that Murphy shouldn’t be involved and he’s going to consult Bailey. Eliza says to do that because Bailey already approved it. In the OR Eliza pushes for Murphy to take the lead spot and Maggie allows it.

Karev sneaks into the gallery to observe it. April and Avery talk about how weird it is to be dating and how awkward they are with each other.

The spine patient’s wife asks to stay in the hospital because even though he drives her crazy she can’t stand to be apart from her husband for another night. Amelia doesn’t respond.

Murphy does well with the beginning of the surgery but while Eliza pushes for her to do more, she asks to step out. She doesn’t feel comfortable so Maggie takes over. Eliza tries to get DeLuca to do what Webber is planning to do but both Webber and Maggie say no. He’s too inexperienced. She compares it to a completely different procedure and when Webber is still resistant, she nicks an artery on purpose so DeLuca can be the hero.
Afterward Webber and Eliza argue about her methods.

Owen and Amelia argue and it gets more heated until she finally yells at him that she doesn’t want to have kids.

Arizona confronts Eliza about being left off the list. She reveals that it was just a way to remember names and that “with that face Arizona Robbins is not a name you forget.”
April is sitting on the couch with Avery when her phone buzzes. The date she ditched the night before is trying to take her out again for real this time. After a pep talk from Avery, she agrees.

Amelia shows up and needs a place to crash. Alex tells her no. She has to go home and get her stuff over with. She says she did and now she needs a place to crash.

Bailey and Eliza are talking about her being interested in coming to work at the hospital. She tells Bailey she is interested but she works alone and has authority. Webber comes in just as she’s leaving and talks to Bailey about how she’s helping him and the hospital keep moving forward.

I don’t like this new doctor at all. She is pushy and reckless with patients. There wasn’t a whole lot of Karev in this episode either which was a shame. Is the new doctor a love interest for Arizona? Was that what that memorable business was all about? Meredith wasn’t all that important either. Better luck next time Grey’s.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.


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