How to Get Away With Murder, episode seven

Annalise is in lockup when she is told she is charged with arson and first degree murder. There is evidence.

Present day. Wes is being questioned by police. He lies and tells them that he did see the suspect. Annalise and Wes talk about his time being questioned. Still no word from Frank.
The clinic has a new client. A group of siblings accused of poisoning their mother. During prep it’s obvious these people can’t be deposed because they will appear guilty. Annalise’s strategy is to offer a better suspect and tells the class to find her one.

At the clinic they are going over possible suspects and Wes says he is going to question someone. Laurel offers him a ride. They don’t question anyone. They go to her apartment to have sex and are so wrapped up in one another they don’t Frank is in the living room.

Bonnie and Annalise are at the house talking about Frank. Annalise really wants a drink. She goes to an AA meeting instead.

At the clinic, Connor, Asher and Michaela think that Laurel and Wes were with Frank. Oliver is still texting his date from the last episode. They are about to go on their third date. Asher finds a possible suspect by going through the man’s e-mails and brings the information to Annalise.

She tells the siblings that they won’t have to have their depositions but it’s no good. He was e-mailing the sister. And since the charge is conspiracy if she goes down, they all do.
At the deposition the mother is present and eventually one of the brothers snaps. Thinks don’t look good and trial is likely.

Wes and Laurel are in bed together talking about how long they’ve liked each other. His phone rings. Mahoney’s son has a concrete alibi so Wes is back in the hot seat. The gang assembles at Annalise’s house to find out what to do and she says she doesn’t know. Connor snarks at her and then the rest chime in about her not being honest. She tells them to come at her.

Michaela and Connor go off and Laurel and Asher chime in too. She asks Wes to weigh in and he tells her that she already knows how he feels about her.

Oliver is in bed with his date. They are probably going to have sex. Oliver steps away to give himself a pep talk. When he comes back he admits to being HIV positive and his date says it’s too much to handle.

Annalise and Bonnie are going over the case. They figure out that the mother poisoned herself. She calls on Laurel to be first chair because she’s a “puppet.”

At the deposition, Laurel seems flustered and unprepared while the mother soaks up the attention, until Laurel strikes. She catches the mother off guard and gets her to basically admit to poisoning herself.

Laurel earns an automatic A on her midterm from Annalise but everyone else has to go study. Connor and Oliver have an awkward exchange.

Annalise gives the university president legal advice. She gets home to find Wes waiting and they talk about Nate and protecting themselves and each other.

Bonnie is home alone when someone knocks on her door. It’s Frank.

Drunk Oliver turns up at Connor’s because he is selfish and he misses him. Connor misses him too. They have sex in Michaela’s bed.

Frank wanted to prove to Annalise that she can still trust him. Bonnie is mad. She doesn’t trust him or want him around. She risked everything for him and he ditched her. She kicks him out.

Michaela and Asher come home to find Connor and Oliver hanging out on the couch, and her duvet upside down.

Laurel calls Wes tipsy. They talk about the midterm and when he says bye she tells him she loves him and then she sees Frank’s reflection in her window. He’s standing in her bedroom doorway.

Flash forward to Laurel waking up in the hospital. She panics and asks about Wes. Meggy has been trying to get him on phone. We cut to the police station. Wes is willing to help the police take Annalise down for immunity.

I thought this was a great episode. Frank’s whereabouts and Wes’ legal issues loomed large but didn’t dominate the flow. I’m glad everyone had a chance to call Annalise on her crap too. I don’t think Wes will help the police take her down. It’s got to be a setup. He was probably on the phone with Bonnie in one of the other flash forwards.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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