Frequency, episode five

A man stops by the desk at a halfway house. He’s on parole. Benny Arcaro (Rowland Pidlubny) goes upstairs and into his room. Raimy is telling Frank about her new case from Satch. It’s Arcaro’s murder but the thing is, she and Frank arrested Arcaro on her first day on patrol eight years ago for beating up his girlfriend and in the other timeline, when Raimy got to his place to arrest him he was already dead.

Satch and Raimy are riding to the halfway house talking about her first day on the job. Flashback to Raimy’s first roll call. Frank makes an appearance and is named her training officer. Satch even pulled some strings to get her Frank’s old badge.

In the alternate timeline, Satch brings Moreno in and introduces him to Raimy. He’s going to be her training officer and when Satch gives her the badge, she says thanks but no thanks.

At the crime scene, an officer shows Satch and Raimy into the room where the murder took place. She looks at the scene. It’s the same as the one from eight years earlier.

Raimy talks to Frank about the case and they both conclude it’s likely the same shooter. She’s running down leads on that but what she really wants to work on is the Nightingale case. Nothing more has happened so Frank is keeping an eye on both the next victim that they know of and Julie.

Frank goes to young Raimy’s ball game and sits with Julie. They make polite conversation.
Adult Raimy is trying to solve the Arcaro case and is listening to the 911 call from eight years earlier. We see her and Raimy arrive on the scene and find Arcaro’s girlfriend beaten to death with no sign of the man in question.

Raimy’s game ends and she excitedly runs over to Frank to chat about it. When she’s done she tells him she has to clean up so he tells her to go help. He looks over to see Julie talking to the coach. They seem familiar with one another and he watches her walk away.
Satch and Raimy go to Moreno for files that will help them with the Acaro murder. He doesn’t want resources pulled from the Nightingale for this case.

Flashback to Raimy and Moreno on the scene. They find Arcaro’s girlfriend but Moreno seems to know her. When Raimy asks he denies it. He also swipes drugs from the scene.
Moreno reiterates that no one would lose sleep if Arcaro’s case went unsolved and Raimy decides to ask him more questions. She shows him the girlfriend and Arcaro’s photos and asks if he knows them. Satch covers with a narc angle but Moreno says he doesn’t.

Frank calls Satch at the office and asks him to run the plates on the coach.

Raimy is convinced that Moreno is lying. She’s telling Satch that Moreno knows “every lowlife in the neighborhood” but apparently not these two. It’s unusual. Satch tells her to calm down.

They question Nicky Vitale (Tony Colitti) but he’s got an alibi and says he didn’t do it.
Flashback to Raimy and Frank going to tell Vitale about the death of his daughter. He and his wife are upset. Frank promises justice. She and Moreno stop by for the same reason and he tells her to wait in the car.

Raimy is convinced the Vitales are responsible for Arcaro’s death. She tells Satch as much and then says she is going to subpeona their records.

Frank and young Raimy are out to eat. She wants to know when her parents will be done taking a break. He doesn’t know. She does reveal that her coach has been stopping by to visit with her mom.

Raimy and Frank discuss the Aracaro case as well as Moreno’s involvement.

Raimy remembers going out to lunch with her dad while on patrol. He tells her that she’ll appreciate him being a hard ass in the long run. She asks him if he thinks she has what it takes. He tells her that what he thinks doesn’t matter. His phone rings. His CI has an address for Arcaro. They’ve got to move.

She is trying to look through files and arrest records but finds that some of them are sealed. She flashes back to lunch on the job with Moreno. He asks what kind of cop she wants to be and she says a good one. He explains that a good cop keeps their eyes open and their mouth shut without turning her back on her people. His phone rings. They’ve got a lead on Arcaro.

With Frank she’s nervous about shooting someone. He tells her that he’s glad that its him there to have her back when she finds out if she can. They get inside and find Arcaro. After a small scuffle he’s cuffed.

Moreno tells her to be ready because “it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.” Inside, they find Arcaro dead.

Raimy talks to Satch about Moreno being dirty and telling Nicky to go after Arcaro. They argue and he tells her she needs to learn some respect. He is her superior anad Moreno is in charge of the precinct. She says that he knows he’s a shady cop and he defends him. That makes him worse.

Frank and Satch are at the office. He ran the plates. The coach is a stand up guy so Satch thinks he should give Julie some space. Frank looks into Nicky’s file and finds out he was busted by Moreno. He pulls the hard copy and goes to the house and hides it in the garage. He also sees the coach is in the house with Julie and goes in to confront them. They are in a class together, not seeing each other, just studying. Frank screwed up.

Raimy and Frank are talking on the ham. He explains where he hid the file and she goes to find it. They use it to figure out that Nicky and Moreno were working together. They decide to get Nicky to roll on him.

Raimy goes to confront Vitale’s wife. We don’t see what happens but Raimy brings Nicky into the station in cuffs. Satch asks Raimy what happened and she tells him that his wife told her everything after she found out that her daughter met Arcaro through her husband’s drug business in the first place. He fessed up to the murder but wouldn’t say anything about Moreno. Satch wants her to be happy she caught the killer but she tells him she can’t be because the worse guy got away.

Moreno confronts her in the hallway. He wants to know where she got the file. She plays dumb. When she walks away, he calls someone and tells them that Raimy needs to stop asking questions. We find out he called Satch, who says that she is stubborn and once something is in her head she won’t drop it. Moreno tells Satch that she needs to drop it.

Frank is at his apartment. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Julie. She wants him to know that she would never let anyone come between him and Raimy and that they need to focus on being the best parents they can be, apart. She says it’s over.

Raimy thinks back to the night after her first day on the job. She asked Frank if every day was going to be that hard and he tells her it doesn’t get any easier.

Do we know where present day Frank is? Like he didn’t die in ’96 so we have to assume he exists somewhere right? Has this been acknowledged and I just don’t remember it or is it just that unimportant? I thought that it was pretty cool seeing both timelines play out as a way for us to see how sketch Moreno is. Why is Satch in a league with him though? Is it part of some bigger legitimate investigation or is he dirty too? I guess we’ll see.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.


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