Notorious, episode seven

Jake is on the run three days after his arrest. He’s wearing a tracking bracelet and the alarm went off so he’s on his way down the 5 and police are on his tail.

48 hours earlier

Jake is in court. Bradley is representing him at a bail hearing. Gilford wants him to be held without bail because he considers Jake a flight risk but the judge sets bail at $10 million. She also makes sure Julia knows that the proceedings were off the record.

With the arrest of Jake, charges are dropped against Oscar so he is released. He makes a speech thanking Gilford and cursing Jake. Louise updates viewers on the Jake case and tells them to stay tuned.

Bradley gets Jake out on bail and they go to the evidence lockup to inspect the murder weapon. Gilford is there to oversee it. He “likes to micromanage.”

Back at the office, Jake wants to stop playing defense and start fighting back. He wants to find out who sent him to the storage locker in the first place because that’s who is setting this up. He gives everyone tasks and then makes a move to go talk to the paparazzi. Bradley stops him.

Police have searched Jake’s house and he is on edge. Bradley kicks him out of the office and with nowhere else to go, he ends up at Julia’s door. She lets him in. They talk a little about his case and then he asks about dinner and she laughs. He makes a joke about her going out with Gilford but she doesn’t laugh then. She is. It’s a business meeting and Jake knows that Gilford will want to discuss him. He tells Julia to see what his angle is.

At the restaurant, Julia tells Gilford she still hasn’t forgiven him for arresting Jake on her show. He asks how she’s holding up and she says she’s okay because she knows Jake is innocent. He tells her that since it is a national story, his team is going to do some press and he is going to reach out to Callie Connors. Julia wants to know why not her show and he agrees as long as there are some ground rules. They agree to terms.

Ella has tracked down the passport forger Axel Knox (Bryan Adrian). Bradley asks him some questions to jog his memory. He knows she was on the phone fighting with someone named Brian. Axel doesn’t know who that is. He was only set up with Sarah Keaton through a mutual acquaintance, her loan shark.

Bradley brings the new information to Jake to keep him in the loop but again has to convince him not to go out and try and work on the case himself.

Louise has Dr. Govnor (Kyle Secor), a psychological expert, on the show. He thinks that Sarah had borderline personality disorder and that that could be what drew Jake to her, though he’s never met Jake personally to know that for sure and for that matter the description of Jake would also apply to Oscar. Gilford is watching from the control room with Julia and his ADA Joy Grant (Sabrina Perez) comes in with a recording. He wants her to play it on the air but she argues that she hasn’t vetted it yet. He says that his team did and gives her a transcript. She agrees to air it.¬†It’s a 911 call from more than 10 years ago. On the tape a woman is frantic that a man is trying to get into her house. He can be heard in the background and sounds upset. That man? Jake Gregorian.

At her house Jake is upset and explains his side of the story to Julia. It’s an ex on the tape. She had slashed his tires and threatened suicide. That’s why he was trying to get inside. Julia says that she will set the record straight but he tells her not to because if it comes up in court, his information will bolster his defense.

Bradley and Ella go to see the loan shark but only she is allowed inside. The guy won’t talk at first but she tells him she’s going to get his name involved in the Keaton case and then he’s more willing. She was paying him $10,000 a month to cover her brother’s gambling debt.

They let Jake know and he calls Alan over to Julia’s house. Alan tells Jake not to try and pin this on him. Jake is causing all these distractions but he thinks Jake is the guilty one.

Julia sets up a meeting with Gilford to tell him that she believes Jake is innocent and that he’s trying to railroad him. She tells him to take his dog and pony show elsewhere. Gilford brings up the fake passport and says that Sarah was trying to get away from an obsessive Jake which is why she had it. Julia says that he withheld it as Oscar’s lawyer because it looked like motive for Oscar. Gilford storms out.

Ella has tracked down the mysterious Brian from the phone call. Sarah wired him a substantial amount of money a month before her death. He’s a former marine with the nickname bloody ripper for his kill rate. He’s currently living in San Diego. Ella tells Jake not to go down there because it would violate his parole. He says of course not.

Megan and Louise confront Julia about Jake staying at her place and she tells them she needs support. Gilford calls to ask if Jake is running and she has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her his bracelet alarm was triggered. Louise goes on the air to update that Jake is driving on the 5 south in a black SUV

He drives off in a warehouse district and police surround the car. The driver gets out but it’s not Jake. It’s Bradley. Ella is also in the car and she has the tracking bracelet in her hand.

Jake rolls up to Brian Farringdon’s (Adam Harrington) house in San Diego without any trouble. He waits inside with his wife for Brian to get home from work. Brian brings Jake into his office to “talk business” but pulls a gun on him because he knows what Jake is up to. Brian explains that the money wasn’t for him. It was for his daughter, Sarah’s biological daughter.

Mrs. Farringdon figures out who Jake is and calls the police so he leaves, but not before nabbing a juice box from the trash that the daughter had been drinking. Julia calls Gilford and tells him she can bring Jake in as long as he meets a few conditions. She goes to a parking garage to pick Jake up and he tells her that he thinks he is the father of Julia’s kid. He asks her to run a DNA test on the juice box and compare it to his. She agrees before driving to the courthouse to meet Gilford.

Julia comes to the jail to give Jake the DNA results. He is not the father. As it turns out, Alan is. He beat and raped his own sister and the Farringdon’s daughter is the result of that. Julia and Jake piece together the situation and she brings it to Gilford.

She brings Alan in under the guise of putting him back on the show but Gilford is waiting in her office. They explain that his phone recorded the conversation and that they have him and Sarah fighting a few days before her murder. He lawyers up and Gilford puts in a call to free Jake.

At the firm, Bradley is holding a celebration for Jake’s release and while he puts on a good front, he is still upset about what Sarah went through. He’s cleaning up the papers from the investigation and finds something that he brings to Gilford right away. It turns out Alan and Oscar had seen each other a few weeks before the murder. They were in cahoots but without hard evidence nothing can be done.

Jake calls Bradley for a favor and then goes to Julia’s house. They are eating and talking when Julia gets a message that Oscar was arrested for cocaine possession. The episode ends with Julia getting a call from a woman named Dana who wants to know if she is still close to Jake. The camera pans to show Dana is standing next to a pool with a bloody dead body in it.

I liked the beginning of this episode but when they took the turn into family rape and violence as a way to set up a continued blackmail scheme I checked out. They have done this on numerous occasions. They have something solid going and try to set up a big shocking twist that just annoys me to no end.

Notorious airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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