The Good Place, episode nine

Trevor and Michael have figured out what caused the switch. Both Eleanors died in the same place at the same time. As it turns out the real Eleanor was trying to save the fake one from being hit by a truck.

Michael reveals they only have a list of names but don’t know what people look like. Trevor doesn’t care about the particulars. He’s ready to head back to the bad place with the Eleanor that belongs there. Michael wants to negotiate. He offers a unicorn. Trevor isn’t opposed.

Eleanor doesn’t understand why Michael is willing to fight for her. He tells her she feels like part of the team and that they could use her in the good place. He also tells her to stay on her toes and not let Trevor get in her head.

Michael goes to visit Tahani for help saving fake Eleanor. He doesn’t know what to do. He also needs help with the bad place people. They are all bullies and they outnumber him. They even have a bad Janet. He asks her to be backup.

Eleanor and Chidi give the real Eleanor a tour of the house that is technically hers. She reveals that she was living in what she presumes was the other Eleanors worst nightmare. Every day was an endless baby shower for a woman she didn’t know and nights were filled with flying piranhas, lava monsters and college improv as well as constant jazz music. She asks for water and Chidi suggests going out to eat. Trevor says all four of them should go.

Tahani has the bad place people in her house and she is keeping them feed. She hopes this will segue into negotiations but it doesn’t. They just start mocking Michael. At the restaurant, Chidi and the real Eleanor are hitting it off. Trevor is preying on Eleanor’s insecurities.

Jianyu and Janet are having a meaningful chat. He reveals that she is the only one in the good place that is nice to him, and that he once at 50 jalapeno poppers in two minutes.
The bad place people are still being inconsiderate. They want to throw a rager and trash Tahani’s home. Michael facilitates it.

At dinner the Eleanor’s are discussing Chidi’s ethics classes when Trevor rudely interrupts to ask if Chidi and Eleanor have ever slept together. Chidi assures the real Eleanor it didn’t happen, and unknowingly offends Eleanor. When he suggests leaving, she opts to let them go and stays behind with Trevor.

The bad place people are snorting the concept of time and doing karaoke to famously awful historic recordings. One also asks Jianyu to tap a keg. Tahani is not pleased and Michael is still catering to them.

Eleanor and Trevor are drunk and she is ranting about the need for a medium place. He talks to her about how she doesn’t belong in the good place and while she will be tortured in the bad place she will be happier because she won’t be trying so hard to fit in.

The bad place people are passed out in Tahani’s house. She tells Michael she is disappointed in him for not standing up for himself and he admits that they are the only thing in the universe that intimidates him.

Eleanor wakes up in her bathtub. She’s hungover because the bad place people wanted there to be hangovers. Chidi tells her that they have to be at Tahani’s in an hour for negotiations and she tells him he doesn’t have to come. He explains that even though they have a guest, they are still a team.

At Tahani’s, Trevor says that she knows that she doesn’t belong in the good place so she agreed to come with him. Michael is shocked. She admits that she knows that but she says that she wants to belong. She’s a different person now. Trevor says it doesn’t matter and that if Michael doesn’t blow him away with an offer, he’s going to have to take the matter to Shawn, the wise elder that handles disputes between the realms. Michael stands up for Eleanor and offers nothing. Trevor leaves but not before warning Eleanor she’s on borrowed time.

Jianyu is heading to his “meditation room.” When he gets there, Tahani is waiting for him and she confronts him about being an impostor as well. She says they need to have a chat.

This was a funny episode but I felt really bad for Eleanor and Jianyu. He tries so hard to be a monk so that he can stay in the good place but everyone is sort of mean to him anyway. Also, was he killed at the same time in the same place as another Jianyu or was there a glitch there worse than with Eleanor? I’m glad Michael grew a spine and got rid of the bad place people but I don’t think they are gone for good.

The Good Place is new Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.


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