The Real O’Neals, episode four

Eileen and Murray are officially dating now so a “get to know you” dinner is in order. Murray cooks in Pat’s apron and Jimmy is offended. Kenny wants the meal to go well so that he can bring the guy he’s seeing home. Before they can get started, Pat comes home.

The next day Eileen tells Jodi about how weird it was. She says that its time for Pat to move out and that she will have to get a job.

Murray stops by to apologize to Pat. They talk about being displaced by divorce and Pat says that he is going to look at apartments. He invites Murray to help him.

The kids are in the garage sorting things for the yard sale Eileen is making them have when Jimmy gets upset. He expects his parents to get back together and the whole Pat moving out/Eileen dating Murray thing is making that difficult.

Eileen goes to the salon with Jodi to try her hand at being a receptionist. She’s not great at it.

The kids find Pat and Eileen’s wedding photo and realize that they weren’t really all that hyped on getting married to begin with. They decide to go talk to the priest.

Pat and Murray go to an apartment building to start the search for a place for Pat. The building as it turns out is full of divorced men. It “comes with furniture and friends” as Murray puts it. They go to enjoy divorce beers.

The kids are at the church. The priest says that it was a very dark day. He’s never seen a couple so not in love. Kenny says that it might have started out as a shotgun situation but asks if anything changed because they stayed together long enough to have two more kids. The priest says that when they came to him for counseling he suggested more kids, hence Kenny and Shannon.

Pat is getting along well with all the other divorced men but they are bringing the reality of life after moving out to him and he doesn’t like it.

Eileen is trying to do her job and wash Nancy’s hair but they are maintaining a passive aggressive conversation. She finishes and her phone rings. It’s Pat. He wants her to save him from this apartment building. At home they agree they both had crappy days and want a quiet night at home with the kids, but the kids have other plans. They’ve got a yard sale going in the backyard.

Pat and Eileen close up shop and ask the kids what its all about. They say that Father Bernard (Richard Reihle) told them that they ruined their parent’s lives. Pat says that’s nonsense because the kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Jimmy makes them swear it and Pat even ranks them “you kids, Mike Ditka, pineapple on a pizza” to prove his honesty. The really funny part, according to Eileen, is how much happier they are now at the end of their marriage than they were at the beginning. The kids decide to hold a divorce ceremony.

They exchange vows and agree as a family to maintain their commitment to staying a family. They take a selfie to finalize the deal.

Eileen and Pat talk after the ceremony. She’s surprised by how difficult her first day on the job was but she doesn’t plan to quit. She also comes up with a solution to the living situation. They can redo the garage so Pat can live there.

I like that they explained the serious side effects of divorce and what it does to a family while still being able to joke and laugh about other aspects of it. You had to see it coming that Pat wouldn’t go far. It’s a sitcom but I’m glad he’s out of the basement.



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