Pitch, episode six

Ginny is in an office at the stadium trying to kill time so she doesn’t have to share her “deepest, darkest secrets” with a therapist brought in by the team. Andrea Barton (Rita Wilson) asks her to just describe the last 48 hours. Cut to a montage of Ginny warming up, at a press conference, in the gym, as a kid, at a red carpet event. She answers Andrea with “pretty standard.”

48 hours earlier

Ginny is signing a contract with Nike. Amelia is there and congratulates her. The advertising lady presents her with a new glove and some new cleats before showing her the new commercial she is featured in. Comparisons to Jackie Robinson, Valentina Tereshkova and Barack Obama are made but no pressure.

Amelia and Mike are in a hotel room. She’s still working and he’s reading something. He tells her that Ginny invited him to her event the following night. She says its just proof that Ginny is not okay with them.

Ginny is in her own room sweating and hyperventilating as she looks at the ad campaign she is featured in. She calls Amelia who comes rushing over. Ginny explains that she’s tired but can’t sleep. She asks if she can get out of this deal and Amelia says no but that it’s okay. She made the right choice.

Ginny is in the batting cage. Andrea is there asking about her last start and Ginny keeps trying to blow her off. Andrea admits that she’s familiar with high stress jobs having been an army psychiatrist with some experience in Iraq. Ginny admits that she doesn’t deserve all the attention. She shouldn’t be in the company of the other people in the ad. She asks if she’s had her breakthrough and Andrea says it probably won’t come until she sits down to talk. Ginny says its time for a run and Andrea says she will tag along so they can talk about her last start.

Ginny’s on the mound and Mike comes out to talk to her. She takes a few deep breaths and he asks if she’s having a panic attack. Ginny asks why that’s the conclusion he jumps to. Al comes out and tells her to eat some innings because they don’t have a bullpen.

At the postgame press conference, she says that she has no excuse. She just sucked. Al is summoned to Charlie’s office. Oscar is already there. He wants to try and stop the Nike event because of the start and her behavior the day of the trade deadline. Charlie says that this is too small of a data set to make a big deal of. He also wants to know why he wasn’t invited to the Nike party.

Evelyn is helping Ginny get ready when Amelia knocks on her door with her dress for the party. She’s very proud of the dress and Evelyn freaks out about it but Ginny just shrugs and goes back to her seat. Amelia tells Ginny to let loose a little bit and Ginny comes back at her telling her to not bring up what’s happening with Ginny to Mike. Amelia says that she would never do that and Mike was just there when she called. Ginny tells her that she won’t call her in that situation anymore then.

Ginny is running on a treadmill and Andrea is walking on the one next to her. She finally explains her start. Lack of sleep, no feel for the ball, just terrible. Andrea asks about a waitress.

At the Nike event, Ginny is walking the red carpet taking photos when she sees Amelia looking beyond her. Sure enough, Mike has arrived. They take a few pictures together and she gets a little nasty with him. Evelyn and Blip look on from inside the party. She makes her way to them and they congratulate her on “breaking barriers and making bank.” A waitress comes over and says excuse me. Ginny immediately bends down for photo op but the girl only wants her drink order.

Amelia and Mike talk. He tries to explain what happened on the mound but she doesn’t want to hear it. She’s used to being the bad guy so she basically breaks up with him.

Elliot tries to hit on one of the other assistants. Blip and Mike talk about Mike finally being over his ex-wife and then realizes that he and Amelia just broke up. Ginn poses for photos with her adoring public.

Ginny escapes to a service hallway to catch her breath. The waitress tracks her down with her drink and introduces herself as Cara (Lyndsy Fonseca). She asks Ginny if she wants to get out of there. She’s reluctant at first but Ginny does agree.

Andrea and Ginny are talking in the weight room. She mentions passing up a full ride to college because she was drafted by the Padres. It was shortly after her dad died and she didn’t want to risk not being drafted again. Andrea asks her about a pair of sneakers.

Cara and Ginny are driving nowhere in particular. They are trying to figure out what to do for the night and Ginny mentions she should probably head back to San Diego to stick to her routine. Cara is jealous of the fact that Ginny has that structure. Ginny says that she wants to do whatever Cara would normally do anyway.

Amelia is trying to find Ginny at the party. Meanwhile Ginny and Cara are hanging out at a party in suburban LA, drinking and playing video games. Elliot is still trying to talk to another assistant when Amelia messages him about Ginny being AWOL.

At the party Ginny is messing around in her fancy dress near a pool. She decides she needs shoes and borrows them from some guy. Several people are filming her on their phones. She dunks on the pool basketball hoop. The video naturally goes viral.

Elliot and Amelia are trying to track her down when they see the video. She tells him to track Ginny down using the video. Mike goes to his ex-wife’s house and the motion sensor lights go on as he stands out front looking in on her dinner party. Her new fiance, David (Jay Ali) comes out and invites Mike in. He joins them for a sufficiently awkward dessert.

Ginny and Andrea are talking about why she needed to put on sneakers. She says that its because Nike wanted her to use their glove. Her glove is the last one her dad bought her.

Amelia and Elliot turn up at the house that the party was at but it’s broken up. There’s no one around and Amelia asks if this is even the right place. Elliot finds the dress so they know it is. He also finally stands up for himself to Amelia and gets a raise and a title out of it.

Oscar and Al are with Charlie in his office trying to figure out what to do. Al wants her to let her do her whereas Oscar wants to send her to AAA. Cara, Ginny and a third girl are eating fast food in a car. The other girl suggests going to the beach and Ginny is game. Cara mentions Ginny’s schedule and she responds “that’s tomorrow’s problem.”

Mike is helping Rachel clean up after dinner. He tells her he’s still in love with her. She says that he’s still drunk and just likes the chase. He denies that. She tells him to sort himself out before he drags anyone else into his garbage.

Ginny wakes up in Cara’s car, at the stadium. She drove her back. She figured Ginny wouldn’t actually want to miss her routine. Amelia and Elliot meet her in the parking lot and discuss the plan to beat the PR disaster. Ginny also thanks Amelia for everything she does for her. Amelia says she’s just doing her job.

A meeting is held in Charlie’s office where Ginny apologizes for the way she behaved. She knows she is a representative of the organization and she let everyone down. They are more concerned with the video. No not the dunk video. The one Cara recorded afterward during which Ginny says she doesn’t want to go back to her life as a media monkey, before crying. Cara didn’t post it though. She gave it to Amelia because she was concerned about Ginny. This is why they set up the meeting with Andrea.

Ginny tells Andrea that she liked being around normal girls her own age. She knows what she’s doing today and tomorrow and 10 years from now but she doesn’t like that. What if she wants to quit baseball? She can’t because this is bigger than her now. Andrea tells her she’s gotta do what’s best for herself.

Back in her room, Ginny is in a better place. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Amelia. While they may have averted the Nike issues, they aren’t done yet. Ginny’s ex, Trevor, had his phone hacked and pictures, including some of Ginny, are about to be released.

I liked this episode a lot. All that stress was bound to get to Ginny sooner or later so it was interesting to see how she dealt with it. I’m glad Cara turned out to be a decent human being too. I was hoping that at the end they would exchange numbers or something because Ginny could probably use a few friends that aren’t directly involved in her career.

Pitch is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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