Quantico, episode six

A few of the hostages, including Nimah, figure out that by talking about what they are doing there and why to find out who stands out.

Alex wakes up on the farm. She was having a nightmare about Simon. Alex and Ryan meet with their handlers to see if they’ve made any progress. They haven’t and now they need to come up with a cover story for Doyle as to why they are on the farm in the first place.

Owen was taken out not burned. At least that’s what he thinks based on the information he has. He wants Lydia look into it and bribes her with breakfast to do so. She’s annoyed with him for it but agrees to help.

Today’s class has them working with drones.

Alex and Lydia are walking inside the terrorist zone. Lydia explains that they have to get some encrypted intelligence information so they can destroy it before the terrorists decide it. Alex is hesitant to trust her but Lydia takes out a terrorist to prove herself trustworthy.
Doyle keeps trying to figure out a link between all the hostages when Sebastian jumps in to ask why they trust him to begin with. He says he knows Doyle better than anyone and knows he would manipulate any situation to serve his own needs.

Lydia comments that she has missed Alex but the feeling is not mutual. Alex resents being kicked out of the farm, though she did try to apologize to Owen. Lydia thinks the apology would’ve been better in person. Federal prisons do have visitor days after all.

They are learning about how to determine when a drone strike is worth it. Legal basis, other viable options, non-combatant casualty counts, etc. They find out the research is not part of a drill. They are brought to Langley to make a real life call on authorizing a drone strike.

Alex and Lydia are still walking. Alex asks her how she knew what had happened. She reveals that its because she speaks Swahili before starting to choke because of the cord the terrorists had placed around her neck. Alex shoots it off.

Shelby and Nimah are trying to come up with a viable cover story and decide to use Doyle’s past against him. He had someone close to him commit suicide so Ryan explains that he’s on the farm investigating a suicide. Only problem is, Doyle made that up when he told Sebastian. Oh and would you look at who just overheard him admit that to Ryan. Sebastian.

The students argue about whether or not to go through with the strike. Ultimately Alex, Leigh and Sebastian vote no because they can’t trust the information provided for them to not be biased.

Alex and Lydia make it to the safe storing the encrypted date and Alex lets Lydia open it.
Nimah and Shelby talk about Caleb non-stop messaging Shelby before Nimah admits that she snooped in her phone and knows that it is Leon’s number under the name Caleb.

Owen needs votes from the group to authorize the drone strike. Leigh changes her vote to yes, as does Sebastian but Alex is going with her gut. She won’t switch her vote so Doyle says he trusts her instincts and switches to no, as does Ryan. Owen doesn’t have the votes but calls for the strike anyway.

Lydia gets the information out and then she and Alex fight about what to do with it. In with the rest of the hostages, Sebastian and Doyle contunue to argue. They get back on track trying to piece together who’s a terrorist and Leigh slips up with her story. She seems guilty so the terrorists take her away.

Lydia gets the upper hand and beats Alex.

Nimah is angry with Shelby for lying and bailing on working to be with someone as potentially dangerous as Leon, until she realizes she can use this to her advantage and have Shelby as an undercover agent.

Owen explains the strike was necessary but making that call even when uncertain is what makes a good CIA agent.

Doyle tells Ryan that he won’t stand in the way of what he and Alex are doing. He’ll still snoop but he won’t get in their way. He also says that after such a tough day Alex should be with someone she loves and then tells Ryan he will cover for him.

Lydia ties up Alex, takes the files and pulls the alarm before leaving.

Ryan and Alex talk before going to Simon’s gravesite with Nimah and Shelby.

Doyle tells Sebastian that he lied to Ryan about the suicide story because Ryan doesn’t deserve to know the truth.

Present day Leigh gets tossed back into the room after questioning. She doesn’t know why they are so interested. Then the cord around her neck tightens. It doesn’t stop until she is dead. Nimah and Dayana are pulled out next and separated. The terrorists then congratulate Nimah because her plan worked.

So is Nimah going to be Shelby’s handler too? And what’s up with Miranda in the present day? How did Owen end up in prison? I feel like this was a good episode that had a lot of information but I am obviously curious about a few things.

Quantico is new Sundays at 10 p.m.



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