Westworld, episode six

Maeve gets up and heads to the saloon to start her day. She’s talking to Pennyfeather when a newcomer strolls in. Maeve calls dibs and then antagonizes him during sex so he kills her. Once back in the lab she talks to Felix (Leonardo Nam).

Hughes and Lowe are talking about the transmitter. She’s adamant that it couldn’t have been done by a guest. It’s too advanced so it must have come from the lab. The host in question was an older model so the newer tech overlooks some of his data because its outdated. He has to go to “the lower level” to use a computer that he can read it from.

He heads to an abandoned basement type lab and tracks the stray host. He finds out in the process that there are five other host anomalies with hosts that are unregistered.

Ford is out in the park planning renovations. He opts to not make the canyon he is designing quite so long so that he doesn’t disrupt life in a small town. As he walks through town he sees a symbol and looks it up when he gets back to the lab.

Flood explains the legend of the maze to the man in black. There is a man at the center that continues to die and fight his way back to life. He vanquished his oppressors and built the maze to protect himself.

Felix and Maeve are talking about the differences the hosts and guests. He tells her that they are being controlled whereas he has free will. He even brings out a tablet to show her.

She watches it track her every thought. It overwhelms her and she stops responding.

Cullen breaks up with Lowe because of the way it looks to the board.

Felix is able to get Maeve back online and leads her through the lab so she can see how the hosts are made and all the steps of how they are tested on their abilities and backstories. She sees the introductory video to Westworld and sees herself with a small child. She asks how he had access to her dreams. He explains that those aren’t dreams but past settings.

The hosts get new assignments. Slyvester (Ptolemy Slocum) catches Felix and says that he has to tell their bosses about this. Maeve protects Felix though.

Cullen goes to complain to Sizemore about what Ford is doing to the park. She wants him to put a stop to it and he tells her he can’t be bothered. Cullen tells him to cut the crap.

Flood and the man in black come across some soldiers on their way toward Wyatt. They try to blend in but Flood gets recognized. They get in a gun fight and get taken captive.

Sizemore chats with a tourist at the bar. He drunkenly rambles until the bartender cuts him off. Cullen wants him back to work.

Hughes and Lowe are making headway on tracking who is responsible for the transmitter.
Sizemore is still drunk and he is relieving himself on the park map to assert his authority when Cullen introduces him to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson).

Lowe is tracking first generation hosts still in rotation. He thinks that might be the
Flood and the man in black are tied up. When the soldiers come over to brand Flood, with the mark of the maze we see him flash black to when he killed a whole town with Wyatt. He fights back and kills all the soldiers before he and the man in black load up their horses and move on.

Hughes finds out that the satellite being transmitted to is one of theirs and that it was sending signals from somewhere in sector three. She tells Lowe she is going to investigate it.

Ford is walking through the park when the little boy turns up and asks him if he’s lost. He says no, that he figured they could play fetch with the kid’s dog. The boy leads Ford to where his dog is lying dead.

Hughes finds a computer hidden in a creepy house and is able to get it up and running. She asks it to access previous users.

Lowe goes to bring the information to Cullen and is beginning to explain to her about Arnold when Hughes calls him. She says that Cullen is in on it. He tells her he’ll call her back.

Maeve is going over her personality configurations and decides that she wants to alter them a bit. She negotiates with Slyvester.

Lowe calls Hughes back and they talk about it being the older model hosts that have the anomalies because they are the only ones with that sort of coding. She explains that it is Cullen and Arnold.

Ford runs an analysis on the boy. He finds out the boy lied to him and that he killed his own dog. He’s also been receiving instructions from Arnold.

Hughes is still in the house. She’s trying to figure out more of what’s going on and ends up getting grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant.

Slyvester and Felix discover that someone a lot more important than themselves has altered Maeve’s personality but they do as she asks anyway.

This was a decent episode. It flew by and I was surprised that so much had happened. The fact that Felix took Maeve on a tour three me off and I was a little disappointed to not find out more about the fate of William and Logan.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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