Lucifer, episode seven

Officer Decker (Chris Payne Gilbert) is buying a sandwich and chatting with the shop owner Petey (Simon Leung) about his daughter’s first film. A hooded assailant comes in and shoots Decker. He dies.

Present day finds Chloe on the phone arguing that the man that killed her father should remain behind bars. It sounds like he’s up for release soon. She hangs up and Lucifer comes in complaining that Linda cancelled their session and its all Chloe’s fault. She told him to open up to her. Chloe tells Lucifer to back off. She’s dealing with her own issues and needs him to not be so… him. Dan walks in and notices somethings wrong. Lucifer follows Dan out of the office.

Chloe is at the prison arguing with the warden (Alex Fernandez) about the cop killer’s upcoming family leave. He explains that Fields has been a model prisoner and was granted leave by the board. Chloe watches him go. When she gets back to her car, Lucifer calls and asks for permission to follow around Dan. She tells him sure and then tails Fields. She loses him and finds his transport van in an alley. He’s been shot dead in the back of it.

Dan and Lucifer arrive on the scene to hear Ella explain the cause of death for each of the victims. Dan hears the name Fields and knows about Chloe’s father. Lucifer is impressed that he got the “ultimate punishment.” Dan asks who was first on the scene and Chloe says that it was her.

The three of them talk in the interrogation room and Chloe says that she is going to step away from the case. Dan says that he will stay on it and Lucifer agrees. Dan wants Lucifer out but Chloe says it would mean a lot for them to work together. Ella comes in. She’s got a lead so they head out.

Chloe is home with Trixie when Maze walks in. She’s dressed rather risque for her job interview, especially considering the job is for preschool aide. She heads out and Chloe talks to Trixie a bit about her grandfather. She sends her daughter to do her homework when there’s a knock on the door. The woman on the other side confirms that she is Chloe Decker, and then pulls a gun.

She comes in with the gun. Turns out it’s Tina Fields (Caitlin Stryker). Chloe tries to talk to Tina. She ends up grabbing the gun when Trixie calls out. Tina didn’t want to believe her father was a cop killer, until she saw the video. Chloe doesn’t know anything about a video. Tina got it from a lawyer after her father’s death.

Lucifer, dressed like Dan, meets up with the detective outside famed LA hot dog stand Pink’s to try and track down their suspect, Rodney Lam (Ronnie Gene Blevins). He’s there alright, having “one last meal.” They take him into custody.

Tina shows Chloe the video. On the video, he says that he didn’t kill the cop. Chloe says that there is no actual evidence here but when Tina says that the lawyer had it for 16 years, Chloe starts trying to piece it together. The video was recorded the day her father died, three minutes before to be exact, on the other side of the city. Fields couldn’t have done it.

Lam confesses to killing Fields but he didn’t actually do it. He doesn’t have the facts right. He admits that he just wants to be a provider and that he was paid to take the fall. He doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t go to jail though.

Maze goes to see Linda because she needs a character reference. Linda tries to turn her away but she gets into the office anyway. Linda is naturally jumpy and eventually kicks Maze out.

Chloe makes her way into the precinct on a machine. She has the account number of the account that gave her money while her father was in prison. It’s the same account that paid Lam.

Flashback to Chloe’s first day. She meets Dan.

The account is traced back to the Russian mob so Dan and Lucifer have to go to a bath house. They need to meet with a man named Boris (Charles Halford).

The warden turns up at the station with Fields’ personal affects. Chloe wants to snoop but she knows she shouldn’t. Ella helps her out by getting some of her father’s last casework. The two of them sort through all the information and Ella tries to track two unknown fingerprints from Fields’ transport van.

Lucifer decides to take a direct approach to catch Boris. He says that he wants someone dead in the hopes that Boris will agree to set someone up for it. They tell him they want Lucifer Morningstar and Boris says he will set up a patsy. They cuff him.

Chloe talks to Boris, not as a cop but as a daughter and he says that though he doesn’t know anything himself he’s heard that Decker was sticking his nose someplace it didn’t belong.

Dan compliments Lucifer for bringing down Boris and they end up arguing before Chloe interrupts. She thinks her father’s death was a hit. They offer to help but she’s got it.

Back home, Chloe is going through paperwork when Maze walks in. They talk about what her father was working on before his death and then Chloe talks about how being a detective just felt right. Maze wants to find a job that feels right.

Dan is walking near the beach and Lucifer is tailing him when he ducks into an improv class. When Lucifer catches up he sees Dan on stage, pretending to be Lucifer Morningstar. He tries to watch it but he eventually snaps and yells at him. The show ends and the two argue about mocking each other. They end up talking about all the ways they wish they were like the other.

Lucifer stops by Chloe’s house to help with the case and Maze yells at him for ruining her only friend. Chloe reigns them in and they discuss the case. Lucifer says that Fields doesn’t fit. They talk it through and check the files. It’s Deputy Warden Perry Smith. She wants her partner, Lucifer Morningstar, with her on this but when they get to the prison they are too late. Dan tells her that the warden has already left.

Chloe is walking up to her apartment with Lucifer. She’s upset and has lost hope but Lucifer gives her a surprisingly useful pep talk and she decides that she will catch the “son of a bitch.” When they get closer to the door, they hear grunting. Maze caught the warden and he’s tied up in the living room.

She goes to call it in when Lucifer says that she has the chance to exact her own justice now. She yells at the warden and he laughs at her. Then she pulls her gun and he has a change in tune. He offers names and money but she starts crying and lowers her weapon. She wants to see how his inmates will treat him.

Maze goes to see Linda again. She got her first check and just wants to celebrate with her friend. Linda doesn’t know how they can be friends. Maze tells her that nothing has changed. They go out for drinks.

Lucifer is hanging out with Chloe and Trixie. Once they are alone, he tells Chloe that he thinks her father would be proud of her. She starts to cry and hugs him.

I’m glad that we got to see a bit of Chloe’s backstory here. I mean we know that she became a cop because of her father but finding out a few of the particulars there was interesting. I felt so bad for Maze until Linda opened the door at the end. She only has like one friend who is ultimately terrified of her. That can’t be easy but they seem to be working past that. I’m more amused by the Dan and Lucifer interactions when they are sniping at one another but the change of pace this week wasn’t bad.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9 p.m.


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