Supergirl, episode five

Kara and James are walking downtown talking about Mon-El when a group of guys in ski masks drive up on the sidewalk and hop out to rob a bank. She zips away for a costume change and comes back to stop them as Supergirl. They fight her with some kind of alien tech which knocks her down. James jumps into the fray and throws a few punches but the criminals get away.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl picks the weapon out of a lineup presented by Winn. While he explains how he can track the weapons, Cadmus releases a new anti-alien video. Kara goes to work at CatCo and seems to know just a little too much about Cadmus at the news meeting. James calls it and then seems upset about the state of things. His assistant Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks) is struggling to help the new guy, Mike, with his work. It turns out Mike is Mon-El and he’s too busy eating licorice to do work. Kara is telling him why that’s bad form when Lena turns up and invites Kara to a gala. She’d be honored to attend but before Lena can leave Mon-El invites himself. She seems intrigued by him.

Winn tries explaining things but Alex is distracted by thoughts of Maggie, who has recently broken up with her girlfriend and is now “vulnerable.” Alex wants to help her but doesn’t know what to do. Winn suggests staying out of it because it’s not like she’s into Maggie, right? Before Alex spends too much time thinking about that they get an alert about another attack.

Alex calls Kara who responds to a scene much worse than the first. They rob wherever it is they are and use the advanced weaponry to throw a cop car into the sky. Supergirl has to fly up and rescue the officer.

The leader of Cadmus is talking to lackey Chet Miner (Alexander Cendese) about his big plans. She wants him to stop being so reckless and high profile. He’s thinking too big. He tells her that he want’s everything to be big, including his bank account. She isn’t interested in that and he isn’t interested in her politics. She gives him a bigger gun.

Alex turns up at the crime scene that Maggie is just finishing up at. Alex asks her how she’s doing and then makes several attempts to make plans but Maggie isn’t interested. She comments that she must have read Alex wrong and then explains that she didn’t know Alex was gay. Alex says she’s not and Maggie apologizes but things get awkward and Alex leaves.

Kara is upset that Snapper wants her to write an unbiased story about the alien amnesty act and Cadmus. James asks where Mike got to and she uses superhearing to find out that he is in the copy room with Eve, taking advantage of the privacy. She goes in and breaks them up before telling him he has to do a better job of fitting in or find a new mentor.

James stops by the DEO to visit with Winn. He asks a few questions about the search for this Cadmus gang. Winn explains the tracking software and mentions that they are keeping an eye on the federal reserve and then James heads out.

The gang in question turns up and starts attacking a large building with a number of people inside including James, playing the role of vigilante.

Winn goes to see James at CatCo and yells at him for trying to fight the gang. James says that he has spent too much time on the sidelines and he needs to help in the fight. He wants Winn to make him a suit and a weapon but he says no. Winn says that people like the two of them are there to “give people information, to fight with knowledge.”

Kara gets home to find Alex waiting and proceeds to rant about Mike. Alex tries to help Kara see that what works for her might not work for Mon-El. She has to let him figure out who he wants to be. Kara realizes that she’s monopolized the conversation and let’s Alex have the floor. She takes a few deep breaths and gets ready to tell Kara something when there’s a knock on the door. Lena is there and she needs a favor. She needs to get in touch with Supergirl.

Chet summons the Cadmus lady. He did his part and now he wants to go after Lena at her event. She tells him that it won’t work but he’s persistent. She advises against it but he plans to go ahead.

Supergirl visits Lena’s office. She gets invited to the party as a guest, and added security. They discuss risk and their merit before Supergirl agrees to go. Lena says that she and Kara will see her there. This could be a problem.

Kara and Winn head into the party with a plan to detect threats and trick Lena. They are successful. Mon-El turns up and he and Kara chat before dancing together. Trouble crashes the party and does battle with Supergirl and Mon-El. James tries to get involved too while Winn takes cover under a table. He finds Lena there building a weapon of her own that will counteract the gang’s tech. They are successful.

Chet is getting herded into a police van and bragging to Maggie about his plans to make a deal when the Cadmus lady gets in his head, literally, and kills him and his cronies.

Winn heads to CatCo to talk to James. He asks James if he’s going to stop this crime fighting and James says no so Winn agrees to help him.

Kara visits Mon-El at the DEO and talks about taking him under her wing. She needs to let him make his own decisions but she will be there to help guide him along the way.

Maggie is alone in a bar taking shots by herself. Alex turns up. She talks about how hard she’s tried to lead a perfect life, school, work, at home was all perfect but the part she couldn’t get a handle on was dating. She tried. She just never really liked being intimate. She never thought that it could be “the other” but now she can’t stop thinking about it, about the fact that she might be gay.

Supergirl is talking to Lena about fighting the forces of evil together when they get interrupted by the Cadmus lady, only they don’t know that’s who she is. Supergirl doesn’t know her at all and Lena only knows her as…. mom! Mrs. Luthor is running Cadmus.

I’m not surprised that the Cadmus lady turned out to be a Luthor. I’m a little shocked that Lena was able to help Supergirl though. I’m glad Winn decided to help James. He was going to keep doing it anyway so this is a good thing. And Alex and Maggie. I am really glad that they are seemingly going to draw this out for a while. I was sort of worried that Alex was going to wake up and just be okay with it and everything would be sunshine and rainbows like most shows do instead of having at least some uncertainty and feeling the need to question herself. I’m glad they went with the more realistic situation.

SupergirlĀ is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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