Chicago Med, episode eight

Reese and Choi are still looking for Danny but haven’t had any luck. She wants to keep looking but it’s time for their shift. He suggests looking elsewhere after shift.

Halstead and Dr. Shore arrive at work together. They are enjoying the first few days of living together and have a moving in party planned for that evening. Manning and Maggie both talk about attending.

Noah brings April her most recent lab results. The spot on her lungs is bigger, and she’s pregnant.

Dr. Charles is walking through the city with a friend. They are talking about holiday plans and he mentions spending time with his daughter but still giving her space. He’s been bottling up his feelings about their relationship for quite some time. His friend suggests talking to his therapist about it.

Halstead consults on April’s lab work. She is indeed pregnant. He thinks her TB meds counterattacked her birth control. His pager goes off. Manning needs him to take a look at another patient. This man is already on the transplant list and heart disease won’t help his cause even if he’s under 40. They disagree on the course of treatment, in front of the patient but Manning makes the final call.

Choi helps with a patient brought in from a nearby prison. He was stabbed in the yard and he does what he can there before sending him to get patched up. He walks out of the room and Goodwin tells him that the patient stabbed himself the get out of jail.

Rhodes and Latham have a patient that is a very chipper teenage girl with a heart problem. Latham calls for a test and she gives him a hug, making him wildly uncomfortable in the process.

There is commotion in Manning’s patient’s room so she and Halstead go to see what the problem is. The patient’s brother is in the room. He is a perfect match to donate his kidney but he won’t. Turns out he’s HIV positive but his brother doesn’t know. He doesn’t plan to tell him because he is extremely homophobic.

Tate visits April and she tells him about the pregnancy. He’s very happy.

Rhodes has the test results and goes to talk to her patient and her mother. It is very advanced heart problem but the patient has a pre-existing condition so anesthesia is not a good option. The mother puts her foot down. She wants other options.

Robyn Charles asks Rhodes out for drinks but he says no because of her father. She confronts him and tells him in no uncertain terms that it is not his place to get involved.

Choi is stitching up the prisoner patient to send him back. The patient figures out what’s up and uses the buzz words necessary to get a psych consult and prolong his stay.

The kidney patient has an episode and needs a kidney as soon as possible. He confronts his brother about the donation and finds out about the HIV.

Det. Lindsay stops by the hospital to tell Reese that they’ve tracked down Danny. He’s dead. Reese starts to cry and Lindsay tells her that she did everything she could.
April needs a new TB medication. It has a side effect. It would affect neuro for the fetus. There are no other options.

Charles consults on the prisoner. He’s all clear. Choi orders up the discharge papers.
Manning and Halstead talk to their patient. He has days, weeks at most because the dialysis for his kidney is causing the heart problems. He asks his brother for the HIV positive kidney. His brother agrees but Halstead won’t do it. The disease could progress almost immediately to AIDS and it is illegal to boot. He says no but Manning is interested in finding a way anyway.

Latham and Rhodes come back to talk to the mother of their heart patient. They want to schedule surgery immediately but when they look the patient isn’t even in her room. They find her talking to the prisoner.

Charles finds Reese sitting alone in the hospital chapel. She’s blaming herself for Danny’s death. She encouraged him to leave the ring and to make decisions for himself. It led to his death. Charles tells her that she gave him options. That’s all a good doctor can do.
Rhodes goes in to his patient’s room and finds her mother. They talk about making sure that the daughter can share her joy with the world. She agrees to the surgery.

Noah comes out of April’s room and tells Halstead that she is refusing treatment. She feels that taking the medication will risk the baby and that’s not doing the best she can. He tells her he understands but there is a real chance she and the baby will die without the treatment.

Choi goes to discharge the prisoner. He starts coughing and spits out blood. They do an x-ray and find that he swallowed something and it cut his esophagus.

Rhodes is in the middle of surgery when a nurse comes in and asks if the patient is wearing earrings. She’s not. That’s what the prisoner swallowed.

Manning tells Halstead that she can’t get approval for the HIV transplant. An uninfected patient can’t be given an infected organ. There is a loophole though. If he were infected he could have it. But they can’t infect him. If someone else did though….

Rhodes watches his patient sleep. She’s going to be fine. He’s flying high. He tracks down Robyn and asks her to get drinks.

Everyone is at the move in party when Shore decides to tell people a secret about Will. He used to sing at Irish weddings. They ask for an example and while he plays, and watches Manning, April is at the hospital starting treatment and Rhodes and Robyn get drinks.

I thought this episode was kind of boring. I’m upset they killed off Danny but it makes sense that they would have to. The only plot I really cared about was April. It seemed like the whole thing was just a set up to remind people that Natalie and Will still like each other.

Chicago Med is on hiatus and will return Jan. 5.


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