How to Get Away With Murder, episode eight

Annalise is in the cell talking to Bonnie. She knows there is an anonymous source and asks if its her. Bonnie denies it and says she will find out who it is.

1 Week Earlier

Bonnie wakes up Annalise to tell her Frank is back. Laurel is yelling at Frank and trying to kick him out but he’s not listening. He doesn’t want to be alone. They are interrupted by her phone ringing. It’s Bonnie. She and Annalise confirm that Frank is there and that Laurel is safe. Then Annalise tells her that she will shoot Frank if he turns up at her house.
Michaela gives Connor a talking to because he had sex on her duvet. She wants him to move out so he can mess up his own linens.

Wes is leaving his apartment when his lawyer shows up. He’s been subpoenaed. They want to throw out his testimony in the trial for the murder of his father. They need to cover the alibi. Annalise sends Bonnie to get Frank.

Laurel and Wes are talking outside of Annalise’s house. Wes is worried. He doesn’t trust Frank and he’s worried about Laurel. They are all waiting to see what Frank can report back to the house when Annalise’s phone rings. It’s the university president. She needs legal help.

At the clinic, Oliver receives a flower delivery. It’s from the guy he was dating. It doesn’t fix things and he invites Connor over to go “spelunking” but before they can leave Michaela tells him they are needed at the house.

Bonnie tells the group about Frank being back and the fact that they need stall tactics to give him time to find the alibi. Michaela and Connor want nothing to do with it though and they leave. Before leaving, Connor makes an ominous comment about dying at the Keating house.

After a number of suggestions, Wes comes up with the idea of providing his medical records so that the lawyers will have to do a psych eval. It’ll buy time. They go with it.
Frank is looking for the alibi and finds something else. The woman that paid him to kill Annalise’s son.

Wes and Laurel are at the hospital to get his records. Meggie confronts them.
Annalise and Wes’ lawyer talk about reporting each other to the board for various infractions done in order to protect Wes.

Bonnie advises Asher to get out while he still can. There is no need for him to be involved in Wes’ case.

Connor and Oliver are showering together but Oliver can’t stop talking about why Connor went to the Keating house. He won’t tell him and tries to deflect. Oliver’s phone rings. It’s Thomas, the guy he was dating. He doesn’t answer.

Asher and Michaela talk about helping Wes and how their upbringings differ.
Annalise and Wes are going over the psych questions when he asks her about Frank. Annalise says she isn’t taking Frank back. She asks him about Laurel and tells him she’s glad he has her. When he’s leaving Bonnie’s phone rings. It’s Frank. He’s in the money lady’s house. Her daughter’s room to be exact. Annalise tells him no more blood.

Frank watches from the closet as the lady reads her kid a bedtime story. Annalise goes to a convenience store and makes a few purchases. Frank gets out and calls Bonnie. She tells him to go back inside.

While Wes is being evaluated, Annalise is orchestrating everyone else as usual. She even has Laurel try and rope Nate into helping.

Wes testifies and seems to hold his own. Laurel calls Annalise to report back. Recess is over and she hangs up. Annalise meets with the university president about her upcoming trial and agrees to take her on as a client.

The money lady takes the stand and the prosecutor completely owns it, with the evidence planted by Frank of course.

Connor and Oliver have a fight about honesty and the meaning of love. Oliver calls Connor damaged and he leaves.

Wes and Laurel get home and recognize that it has been a good day. There’s no need to drag Frank back up so they don’t.

Annalise gets home and finds Bonnie outside. She sends her home and goes in to talk to Frank.

Connor goes back to Michaela’s house and cries on her couch. In her bedroom, her phone rings. It’s her mom. Asher answers it.

Frank and Annalise talk about what he did to her. How much he made her suffer. He tells her he will make it right and holds a gun to his head. Bonnie walks in and tells him not to but Annalise encourages him.

Flash forward features Michaela, Asher and Oliver confronting Bonnie. They think she knows who was in the house and it hiding it from them. They demand answers. Cut to Connor in bed with… Oliver’s ex, Thomas.

I thought this was a pretty good one. It seemed to square away the Wes court situation and established his relationship with Laurel. We also got to find out a bit more as to why Michaela is the way she is. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m ready to find out what happens in the finale next week.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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