Conviction, episode five

Hayes spent the night in her office and while she looks great after the interview, Wallace and her mother do not. Jackson is still not answering her calls and when she gets to the team pitch meeting, Maxine recognizes what she’s trying to do right away. She wants to ease her privileged guilty so she wants the most downtrodden case they can find.

Sam pitches the case of Will Jarrett (Grayson DeJesus). He went through six court appointed attorney’s and was sentenced to 40 years. He allegedly killed Debra Porter (Sarah Stevens), a woman that ran a charity that helped Will. His DNA was found at the crime scene and he lied about the last time he saw the victim.

Sam and Hayes go to the prison to talk to Will and he talks about how much love and respect he had for the Porter family. They overpaid him, kept him fed, even invited him to holiday gatherings. It was the closest thing to family he’s ever had.

Maxine goes to talk to the Porter family, husband David (Kelly AuCoin) and son Sean (Thomas E. Sullivan). She explains what the unit does and David is quick to categorize Will as an animal. He explains that they had a happy home and a loving family before Will destroyed it. Then he politely kicks Maxine.

Frankie goes to visit Rey in prison. He has an appeal coming up and wants Frankie to ask Hayes to help him. Frankie is hesitant but relents and says he’ll ask. Back at the office, he is carrying the file and Tess sees. She asks why he didn’t pitch it and he explains what it is.

Tess tells him that if its important to him he should ask Hayes but if he wants her to take a look first, she will. He thanks her. Meanwhile, the evidence for the Porter case is delivered.

Hayes goes to see Wallace. She brings him ibuprofen as a joke. He throws it out and tells her he’s done. He knew she would blow up eventually. They will continue to have a professional relationship but nothing more. She hands him a paper and leaves.

Tess and Frankie sort through the evidence. They find a bloody shoe print, size nine. Will is a size 11 but this was never submitted in court.

Hayes is still sleeping at the office. She calls Jackson and leaves an voicemail before making her way into the conference room. They are discussing the boot print. Apparently, the evidence box it was in got lost in the lawyer shuffle and that’s why it was never used. Frankie identifies the boot owner because its expensive. David Porter owned the boots.

Hayes and Frankie go to visit him. He says that they argued over Sean. His wife spearheaded sending him to boarding school. He was not on board but she said he needed discipline. Frankie insinuates before Hayes straight up asks if he killed his wife. He denies it. They bring up the boots and he says he gave them to their gardener Luis Torres (Nicco Lorenzo Garcia).

Frankie and Maxine go to talk to him. They ask him a few questions about his whereabouts and his boots before he makes a run for it. Frankie tackles him.

Hayes calls Jackson again. Still voicemail.

Sam and Maxine question Luis. He admits to seeing the body but got scared so he didn’t call the cops. He also says that he stole money and expensive things from the house and that David didn’t give him the boots. He saw them in the garbage and asked for them. He then explains that Will is guilty. He had assaulted Luis before that day and broke his arm in three places.

Hayes and Sam go to talk to Will about Luis. He says that he caught Luis robbing the Porters and confronted him. While Will was defending himself, Luis fell and broke his arm. They ask if he threatened to kill Luis and Will says that if he had done that, why wasn’t it mentioned when Luis was questioned by police.

Tess talks to Frankie about Rey’s case. She says there would be grounds for appeal because it reflects another case but there is video evidence of him committing the crime. Frankie gets defensive.

Sam and Hayes get back to the office and are trying figure out if Will or Luis is lying when Maxine interrupts. A search of the gardener’s truck has turned up what appears to be the murder weapon.

Maxine says that DNA was found on the knife. It is the murder weapon. Everyone wants to move in to pick up Luis and set Will free but Hayes slows them down. It all seems a little too convenient. She thinks that the real killer is out there and that Luis was framed too.

They decide to get Luis picked up for a 24 hour hold while they keep working the case.

Hayes calls her mother. She comes by the office and they talk about making things right with Jackson and Wallace. Her mother says that Jackson will be fine in time and suggests talking to Wallace about her feelings. She gets a call. The team found something.

Frankie got video footage from all of Luis’ clients and they find that he was in fact set up. The knife was planted and the person that put it there? Sean Porter.

Sam and Hayes talk to Sean and David Porter as well as their attorney. David says that Sean planted the knife, on orders from Will who continues to manipulate his son, even from behind bars. Hayes says that they could have Sean arrested with a sentence of life with no parole and David remarks that if she can avoid jail, he’s sure his son will be just fine.

Hayes and Frankie go to visit Will in prison. They tell him that they have the evidence and he’s excited that they are going to lock Luis up but when they tell him about the conversation with Sean and David, his story changes. He tells them he is guilty not Sean and that he deserves prison. They leave and are trying to figure out why he did that when Frankie suggests for love. Sean and Will were together and that didn’t square up with his mother’s view of the perfect family so one of them took her out. But which one?

Tess, Sam and Frankie go to the Porter house and reenact the murder. Based on the wounds and blood patterns, they deduce that Will and Sean worked together to kill Sarah.

Hayes goes to visit Will on her own. She thinks she can egg him on and get him to talk. She tells him that it was a game to Sean. Will was nothing more than a patsy and he didn’t really love him. Will gets defensive and provides them with a video evidence. The murder was premeditated and both played a part.

Hayes calls Jackson and he answers! She grovels and apologizes and he responds and then tells him about the case.

Maxine accompanies police to arrest Sean. David is resigned when she talks to him. They weren’t opposed to Sean being gay, just of his relationship with Will. He wasn’t like them and they wanted Sean to have better.

Hayes goes to talk to Wallace. Tells him they wrapped the case and then asks about the investigation. He’s brought in an investigator. An ex-girlfriend of his, and of Hayes’ too for that matter.

Frankie is waiting in Hayes’ office when she gets back. They talk about Rey’s case. She agrees to take a look but he’s not sure if Rey should get out. He says he loves him or he did but he doesn’t know what’s right. She tells him to let her know when he knows. He leaves, with the file.

This wasn’t a bad episode. They are all kind of the same and I could take it or leave it on the whole. I guess that’s why the episode count was cut. It’s only going to air eight episodes and will be done probably by the end of the month.

Conviction is new Mondays at 10 p.m., for now.


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