Designated Survivor, episode six

Nassar is now a prisoner of the US government and Kirkman’s approval ratings are through the roof. The White House is hosting a dinner for all 50 governors. They will appoint a Senate and elections will be held for the House. Seth wrangles the press while Aaron and Emily pose a hypothetical vice presidency to MacLeish.

Governor Chris Nichols (Christine Estabrook) of Arizona wants to discuss the arrest of Royce and while Kirkman is willing to engage, Emily pulls him away for his remarks. He is glad they all could come and wants to reassure them that he has the nation’s best interests at heart. He needs their help rebuilding the government. As he is closing his speech, shots are fired from outside. Mike was headed home heard the shots. He goes to assist and is shot himself.

On lockdown, Kirkman just wants an update on Mike. Turns out he was hit twice. His vest stopped the first but the second hit an artery and he is headed for surgery. He took out the shooter before going down himself though. The shooter was a Chechen national that pledged allegiance to Nassar online.

Kirkman discusses what to do about Nassar because some advisers suggest “enhanced interrogation techniques” but those have never actually proven to be effective. He tells them to come up with another plan.

Atwood talks to Emily about the shooting because he is running point. She tells him to keep her posted and tells him to vet MacLeish for VP.

Kirkman gets word that Mike is out of surgery. He’s very pleased and tells Alex. She lets him know that she kept the kids home from school. They are all still scared. She asks if the shooter was aiming for him and he says that he thinks that the shooter was probably just trying to hit whatever he could. Emily interrupts to tell him that a plan of Syrian refugees has arrived and that Governor Rivera (David Norona) won’t let them off the plane.

Kirkman tells her to have Rivera brought to the White House before the rest of the governors.

Atwood tells Wells about vetting MacLeish and she tells him to stall all that he can so that she can get Nassar to admit that he didn’t actually orchestrate the bombing.
Kirkman and Alex meet with Rivera about the refugees. Rivera says that the people of Florida are scared and since there is no way to be absolutely positive that the refugees are definitely not Nassar sympathesizers he can’t allow them into Florida. When Kirkman tries to negotiate, Rivera interrupts and alludes to the situation with the National Guard in Michigan.

Aaron tells Kirkman to give Rivera time to calm down. He’s a reasonable man. Kirkman goes in to meet with all of the governors. Nichols asks him a few questions before Governor Mennuti (Murray Furrow) steps in. He knows Kirkman and can attest to his character. Nichols wants him to answer there questions so that they know where he stands before moving forward and accepting him as leader of the country. He says that he isn’t on trial to which she responds “you are now.”

Kirkman, Aaron and Emily discuss what to do with the governors while Seth answers questions from the press. He chats with one of the reporters, Lisa Jordan (Melanie Scrofano), after the conference. She asks if they had a moment and he says that they did but he can’t ask her out. So she asks him out.

Aaron catches up with Alex and tries to tell her to stop with the refugees but she won’t be intimidated by what he’s saying or let up on trying to help the refugees.

Hannah and Atwood go to interview Nassar. She reads him his rights and he tells her that they won’t break him. He says the US killed his wife and daughters and now he will break them. Hannah points out the flaws in his organization and that it seems unlikely they would be able to pull off the bombing but he lists the particulars for the bombs themselves. She tells him she was “fed that information too.”

Emily, Kirkman and Aaron head in to meet with the governors. They start questioning his decisions from the time he was appointed HUD secretary through his presidency thus far. Nichols asks him to explain why he should be her president and he says that he can’t. Maybe he should not be president and then he leaves the room.

Kirkman, Aaron and Seth talk behind closed doors. Kirkman says that nobody wanted him to be president so maybe he shouldn’t be. Aaron admits that before the bombing he couldn’t even remember Kirkman’s name but that he’s proven himself worthy and that he should fight back. As they leave the room, Alex comes in. One of the refugees is in labor and needs to be let off the plane but Kirkman has no leverage with Rivera so he tells her to handle it.

Hannah brings up MacLeish but Nassar doesn’t act like he’s an accomplice. He wants him dead too. The bombers wanted MacLeish to live. Proof that Nassar wasn’t involved.
Alex talks to Rivera and gets permission to let the woman and her husband off the plane. He won’t allow it and when she presses he tells her to quit while she’s ahead.

Hannah talks to Nassar and he admits that he was a frontman. She wants more but he won’t give it so she tells him they are sending him to Pakistan, along with the family he has living in Dubai. Who knows if they’ll survive? After that he starts talking. The man that signed him on was named Catalan.

Kirkman addresses the governors. He feels as though he can bring the country together. He tells them to consider which side of history they want to be on. He steps away to talk to Aaron and Emily. Nichols and Rivera approach. They want him to show his leadership skills by suspending immigration, from everywhere, until they feel it is safe again. They are willing to block his Congress for this.

In the Oval Office, Rivera and Nichols tell Kirkman that foreigners are streaming in from all sides and it has changed the shape of the nation. They have a majority and they are willing to force his hand.

Emily and Aaron are in his office. They are talking and he mentions the vetting done on MacLeish. He looks very vice presidential.

Alex has tracked down another governor willing to take the refugees but its too late. Kirkman says the plane left for Toronto ten minutes earlier. They argue about what the right thing to do is and she tells him that she isn’t angry at the president, she’s disappointed in her husband.

Aaron and Emily report on MacLeish to Kirkman. He says that he wants to get to know him as a person and not a file and arranges for a dinner to be held. They leave and he calls Mike to see how he’s doing.

Seth comes out and apologizes for being late but hurries to make an alternate plan. Lisa wants to get something out of the way though. She has a source saying Leo is not Kirkman’s son. Seth knows nothing about it.

Atwood and Hannah return to the prison and as they park receive a call about Nassar. They hurry in but it’s too late. He’s dead.

Kirkman apologizes to Alex but she tells him she understands. Someone will always be disappointed in the decisions he makes. He tells her the MacLeishs are coming over for dinner and when she hesitates he says he will tell them she’s sick. She tells him she will attend.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m just very very drained on politics or because of the actual episode but it didn’t hold my attention at all. I was annoyed that Kirkman knuckled under at the pressure of the governors and I was glad that Mike was okay.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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