The Crown, episode two

Elizabeth and Philip are en route to Kenya. She is practicing her speech when Martin (Harry Hadden-Paton) tells her that it is almost time to land. She delivers her remarks and is then introduced to dignitaries. Philip is as well and he is much more jovial, though also unaware of local customs.

King George says that he is feeling better than he has in a long time while being looked over by his doctor. The doctor tells him to enjoy it.

Churchill is awake and ready for his briefing. He has requested the new girl, Venetia Scott (Kate Phillips) be the one to drop them off. He admits to being difficult before making her read the papers aloud. At a meeting with party leaders, Churchill ignores the proceedings and leaves when he feels like it. One man tries to convince Anthony (Jeremy Northam) to force him out but he won’t do it.

Elizabeth and Philip are brought to their accommodations and given dinner. The Kenyans are providing an elaborate meal but Philip doesn’t need it to be so fancy. He tells them to use their hands and makes Elizabeth laugh.

The king has gone out hunting and Peter steals a kiss from Margaret before heading out. While out in the field, the secretary that wants to out Churchill stopped by. He wants the king, in a friendly capacity, to suggest resigning. George tells him to back off.

Philip and Elizabeth are out on safari. The see giraffes and elephants, one of which Philip has a bit of a run in with. Later that night she says that she plans to speak to her father about returning to the coast so that Philip can resume his naval career since George’s health is improving.

George hosts a hunt for several people and enjoys time with Margaret before a scheduled dinner with those that participated in the hunt.

The next morning when his footman comes in to wake him, George doesn’t stir. He has died in his sleep. Those within the palace are alerted and someone runs to tell Churchill. He tells them to make sure Elizabeth is alerted. News breaks throughout the world but no one has tracked down Elizabeth yet.

Elizabeth and Philip are blissfully unaware. They are enjoying their time heading back from the safari and just generally goofing off. The governor’s office in Kenya doesn’t know yet but when they do Martin runs to alert Philip and Elizabeth. He finds Philip first so that he can be the one to tell his wife.

Margaret goes to see her father’s body while he is being embalmed. She breaks down and rides away on a horse. She has summoned Peter and needs him to comfort her while she cries.

Martin goes over the more technical side of things. There will be a black dress waiting in London for her to put on before she gets off the plane and there are some photographers milling about to take pictures of her. He also explains that her father’s name wasn’t always George and asks what name she’ll take. She says that she will stay Elizabeth and as she turns to leave he proclaims “Long live Queen Elizabeth.”

The Churchills discuss Anthony meeting with the king and reclaiming his image.
On the flight back, Elizabeth can’t sleep. She apologizes to Philip. She thought they’d have more time.

Churchill skips the morning meeting to sleep in after the emotional day the day before.
Martin tells them that he’s happy to have served them but now that she is queen, he won’t be working for them anymore.

Peter is informed that the Queen Mother has extended the offer of controller of her household. Tommy Lascelles (Pip Torrens) makes sure he knows that everyone is aware of the goings on between himself and Margaret. Tommy expects him to turn down the offer, as that would be the right thing for a military family man to do but he does not. He accepts it.

Upon arrival, Elizabeth receives a letter from her grandmother telling her to put personal feelings aside for the good of her people. She must mourn both her father and her former self. Even when she is at war with herself, the crown must always win.

At 10 Downing St. a crowd gathers to listen to Churchill’s remarks about the death of the king. He speaks of his spirit and guidance through the days of war and how he died after a pleasant day in the sun with loved ones. Queen Elizabeth II must now take charge. God save the queen.

Elizabeth sees the body of her father and is greeted as queen for the first time by the rest of her family.

I knew that Elizabeth became queen very young so I figured it would be in an early episode but I still felt really bad for both Philip and Elizabeth. By the end of the episode you could basically see her compartmentalizing everything. I only know Philip as an older man that is also at royal events and has had a bit of a health scare over the last few years so I’m a little surprised that he was so resistant at first.


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