Quantico, episode seven

Alex is still handcuffed with the fire alarm going off. She dislocates her shoulder to get her hands free, grabs the phone and runs.

11 months earlier. Shelby and Leon are wrapping up in the car. She’s gotta go. She hurries to the meet point and runs into Alex. They are both early but Miranda is conducting a meeting with Nimah and Ryan. They need someone to go straight to the source, Owen, because they might already be too late.

Doyle proposes a team building exercise. Answer questions for every non-bullseye on darts. It’s a friendly game until Sebastian questions Doyle and pushes a bit too far about his dead ex.

Enhanced interrogation techniques and how to survive them. That’s the farm lesson of the week.

Alex is on the run. She has a busted shoulder and a sat phone. She manages to get in touch with Shelby but can only tell her half the number she needs tracked before the phone dies. Then when she turns to run, she gets caught. She wakes up tied to a chair in a room with a blood spot on the floor.

The terrorists toss a man named Mike (Tom Kemnitz Jr.) into the room with Alex. She thinks it’s a plant so she yells at him.

Nimah tells Shelby to step up if she wants to be an agent she has to cultivate an alias for Leon. Either be Jane Foster or stop talking to him. Anything else and Nimah will report her.

The recruits take turns experience, loud music, sensory deprivation and other forms of enhanced interrogation to see what their limits are. Tomorrow they have to break him or they are out of the program.

Mike keeps talking and Alex starts to believe him. The terrorists return and Alex tells Mike its a scare tactic. They shoot Mike in the head and bring in Dayana.

Miranda notices the activity in the office. Someone tells her Alex gave them six digits so they are tracking down a cellphone.

It’s been 15 hours. Doyle takes the first turn and tries to rationalize with Owen. It doesn’t work and he’s out.

Ryan suggests throwing the book at Owen so they start using more techniques. When the team strips him down for an ice bath, Alex swipes his keys. He still doesn’t talk.

Dayana wants to know what’s up in the little room and Alex explains. They tell each other to stay strong and then the terrorists stab Dayana.

A man walks into Miranda’s office. He talks about giving a statement and she kisses him. Shelby sees.

The class argues about what tactic to try next and comes up with no plan. Lydia goes in and talks to her father. She tells him she is going to get him a change of clothes. Meanwhile, Alex is snooping behind the fake wall in Owen’s house. She finds a laptop and several burner phones. Before she can decide what to do with them, Doyle calls. Lydia is on her way in the house and Alex needs to clean up and get out. He delays her in the yard and Alex makes a getaway.

Sebastian and Doyle continue to go back and forth until Sebastian punches him and everyone else jumps in to break it up. Alex tells Lydia she has to end it and Lydia replies that they haven’t done anything wrong. Ryan asks Dayana how to break Owen and she says to hurt someone he loves. They grab Lydia.

Alex goes in and tries to warn Owen that its gone to far but he ignores her. The rest of the recruits bring in Lydia and start to torture her. He has to watch and does crack.

Sebastian and Doyle talk again. They seem as though they will never agree. Owen and Lydia talk about being vulnerable and she says that if it was her, she would have let him drown.

Alex watches as they prepare to paralyze Dayana, or worse, but before they can do it she tells them that she doesn’t have the drives. Someone named Lydia does and if they turn off their jamming tool they will be able to track her phone.

They’ve tracked the phone. It’s the phone in Miranda’s boyfriend’s bag. He doesn’t know how that got there though.

Alex debriefs to Shelby who is disappointed that she didn’t at least take a picture, if not actually steal the laptop and phones. The others turn up so Alex turns to leave expecting Shelby to follow. She doesn’t.

Sebastian kisses Doyle in the middle of the night.

Shelby talks to Miranda about the boyfriend. She says something to the effective of love is blind. They get interrupted. The jammer was turned off and now they know where everyone is in the cutoff zone now.

Alex is in the bar. Owen walks in and they talk about the way the CIA used to be. He says that he respects that she has principles.

Ryan wakes up in a ditch with a phone ringing next to him. He answers the phone. It tells him that he is in and should hold onto the phone.

Alex apologizes to Dayana for not telling them sooner but she says its okay. They hear gunshots out in the hall and Sebastian, Leon and Doyle storm in to help free them. They make a plan to go to the basement bunker for supplies and to regroup.

I have no use for Miranda in the farm timeline or in the future. I still don’t think she’s a bad guy or the mastermind. She just annoys me. I really want Doyle and Alex to work together and be best friends. He’s probably a bad guy though. One of those five people is definitely on the bad guy team.

Quantico is new in two weeks at 10 p.m.


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