The Crown, episode eight

The queen mother summons her daughters to tell them that she can’t give the speech that she was scheduled to give in honor of their father. They fight over who should be the one to give it, the Queen or father’s favorite. Elizabeth wins.

Churchill is being briefed about world events because Elizabeth is planning a commonwealth tour. She is being shown dresses. There are 100 and she wants to cut it down but it already has been. Philip is also being fitted. He’s opposed to the whole “road show” as she puts it.

While Elizabeth is away, her mother has to assume some of her duties. She suggests that she share them with Margaret, to help put her in a better mood. Margaret lays about talking to Peter on the phone while he is at work in Brussels. They count down the days until the two years are up.

Elizabeth says goodbye to her mother who will be away for a bit as well. On the way out she gives Elizabeth a bit of grief about cutting her sister a break which is why she will be performing royal duties while they are both away. Elizabeth helps Margaret practice knighting. They talk about Peter.

Elizabeth and Philip prepare to depart for their tour. Churchill talks to them on the plane before takeoff. He tells Elizabeth to be not herself but the queen.

The queen mother is visiting Lady Doris Vyner (Caroline Goodall) along the coast. She spends the day outside but breaks down due to her own grief.

On the road, Elizabeth is stoic and regal while Philip is ansty and a bit of jerk throughout the proceedings.

Margaret has to deliver a speech before she deputizes people and the speech Martin has written is for Elizabeth. She wants to add a bit of color and make it more her own. He is hesitant to allow it. She also makes sure to wear the queen’s jewels.

Her speech draws laughs and cheers but Martin spends most of the time cringing. It is not the way speeches usually go. Later that night she invites Peter to visit

Elizabeth and Philip talk about Margaret showing Elizabeth up and being better with the crowds and things. Philip whines about what is expected of him.

The queen mother is out exploring again and goes to visit a house on the coast with Lady Doris and her husband. The owner recognizes her but can’t place it. She expresses interest in buying the property.

Elizabeth is having facial spasms from smiling too much. She opts for an inject to relax the muscles. Philip complains that he’s now waving in his sleep.

Peter is watching footage of Margaret’s visit to a coal mine with a group of people. Reporters ask her about Peter and she says that she misses him very much, and her sister the queen they ask, not quite as much she replies. Peter calls her after and tells her not to take digs because they need the palace on their side.

Philip is acting like a spoiled brat because he doesn’t want to be on tour. He brings up her father and his preference for her sister and she freaks out. She kicks him out and starts throwing things at him. When they get out front, photographers are there. They’ve been caught. They go inside and regroup before she heads out front to talk to the newsmen. They give her the newsreel as a gift.

Churchill turns up to yell at Margaret for her behavior. He says that she has no right to have opinions on things such as coal mines and he has sent for her mother to come back to handle duties.

The property owner offers to sell the queen mother the castle on the Scottish coast for a mere 100 pounds. She agrees. As he walks her back word finally reaches her that she is needed in London. That’s when the owner realizes who she is.

Elizabeth receives word that Gibraltar is still dangerous and the stop should be cancelled. She pushes for it because she must make all the stops. Philip disagrees and she tells him to mind his place.

The queen mother makes it back to the castle in time to see live footage of Elizabeth returning as well. Back at home, Philip plays with the children while she meets Churchill. He tells her that she has done a wonderful service for inspiring the country but she worries it won’t last forever. He tells her as long as those representing the crown do it well there is no worry. Which leads to the topic of Margaret….

Elizabeth brings her in and tells her that she can’t do things the way she did. She can’t show individuality. The discuss the grass always being greener on the other side but Margaret just feels totally worthless by comparison. She asks Elizabeth to slip up once in a while so she doesn’t look so bad.

The queen mother returns to the Scottish coast and looks out at the sea.

I really had no idea Philip was such a spoiled brat. I really can’t stand him sometimes. And the queen mother implying such a lack of faith in her own daughter was pretty terrible too. The more I watch the more I sympathize with the isolation Elizabeth must feel.


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