Westworld, episode seven

Lowe is hanging out with his son at the hospital. His son starts to crash. He can’t help him. He wakes up. It was just a nightmare. In his lab he runs some tests on Hector. More importantly, he realizes he hasn’t heard from Hughes.

Dolores, William and Lawrence are on the train passing time. They look out the window and don’t know what’s happening but then the train goes on lock down so they can’t see anyway.

Lowe runs into Cullen and she asks what he wanted to talk about the night before. He says nothing.

Charlotte calls a meeting with Cullen. When she turns up for it she finds Charlotte having sex with Hector. Charlotte talks about Ford using half the budget for a new narrative. She says that she doesn’t care about the employees, only the code but Cullen is good at her job so she’ll keep her around. They need another person to sacrifice though.

Maeve goes into the saloon and starts the same conversation as always with Pennyfeather. She switches her lines though and finds out her backstory. The conversation ends and everything stops. Maeve realizes she is the only one not frozen. The lab techs are moving in so she holds still, with a knife in case she needs it, but they take Pennyfeather instead.

William and Dolores are talking on the train. She doesn’t want to be just a character in a story. He tells her that there is someone waiting for him back home. She says she understands and walks away. He follows and tells her he built a life on pretending but he can’t go back to that and he kisses her.

Charlotte brings Ford and the other senior lab workers to a meeting. Cullen’s team has found a few things quite disturbing from her previous update. They reset Pennyfeather and begin a demonstration. Things function the way they should. They reset her to her update and she is violent. She kills the other host but won’t freeze when Stubbs tells her to. He has to shoot her. In order to fix this they will need to work from the ground up. Except for Lowe of course. This was his responsibility the first time around so he’s fire.

William doesn’t regret his night with Dolores. He doesn’t think Westworld shows your lowest self. It shows your deepest self. He sees that she drew something. She’s searching for peace but before they can talk anymore the train is attacked. It’s the Confederates. Dolores, William and Lawrence fight back and flee the train on horseback. They get far enough that a tribe of natives intervenes and they manage to get away.

They ride for a while before Dolores makes them stop to look at the view. It’s just like she drew. The place she dreamt of is real. This is where William and Dolores part ways with William. He wishes them luck.

Maeve is on the lab table and Felix is patching her up. He tells her she’s got to stop turning up down here but she’s concerned with finding Pennyfeather. He hesitates but she insists. They walk the lab and find Sylvester is with her. She’s being retired.

Lowe approaches Cullen. He doesn’t care that the test was rigged and points out that he knows she set up the stray. He’s more concerned with explaining the Arnold problem to her.

Maeve won’t talk. Sylvester apologizes for what he did to Pennyfeather but she doesn’t care. She wants out and they will help her or she’ll kill them.

Cullen and Lowe are in the elevator. They are talking about preserving the intellectual property of the park. Everything is on site. Ford never let them back it up

Lowe brings Cullen to the safehouse. She can’t believe she’s never seen it on maps. He says because hosts make maps and they can’t see it. They go inside she sees a door that he cannot. Lowe is a host. They head downstairs and she finds blueprints for Lowe but he says they don’t look like anything.

Ford pops up. She calls him sick. Lowe listens and pieces together that he’s a host. He freaks out so Ford freezes him. Arnold and Ford designed every part of this place. It’s their dream. He tasks Bernard with killing Cullen. Then they had back to create new storylines and leave her body in the cabin.

I think that Ford is the only one that isn’t a host at this point. It makes sense. He’s the puppet master and they are all his toys. I was sad to see Lawrence go and I’m curious where Logan ended up. All in all this feels like the beginning of a mad dash for the finish line and I’m all in.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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