Lucifer, episode eight

A woman is out for a run. She turns and someone attacks her. She recognizes the person but that doesn’t stop the assailant. She is stabbed several times in the stomach.

Lucifer has another appointment with Linda. He needs help understanding the importance of the sandwich that Chloe

Victim was stabbed 19 times in an alley shortly after leaving her house, according to Dan. Ella confirms that it was a strong killer, probably a white guy. The team consults a picture and they think it is a movie prop. Lucifer recognizes something and hurries off.

He collects Amenadiel and Maze and goes to Uriel’s grave. It’s been dug up. Azrael’s blade is in human hands. The knife itself tempts humans to use it. Lucifer needs Amenadiel and Maze to help. He wants them to move Uriel’s body without disturbing the gravesite. He’s bringing in an expert. Ella is willing to help. She comes out to look at the site and promises not to tell anyone.

Chloe and Lucifer go to talk to the victim’s co-workers. They talk to Corrina Huff (Andrea Bogart) about Maddie and she says that she didn’t have any enemies.

Ella has confirmed that a map from a law firm to the grave was burned. He knows the firm. It’s where Charlotte works.

Lucifer goes to confront his mother. She admits she wanted someone to find the blade. She was trying to get Lucifer’s father’s attention. She didn’t exactly think it through.

Chloe and Dan are trying to track down anyone that had an issue with the victim. They end up talking about Lucifer spending time with Ella. Chloe seems a bit jealous of it. They get a lead and go to track it but first Lucifer has to make a private call.

It’s to Maze and Amenadiel. He sends them to investigate the suspect. They do but don’t find anything. Lucifer and Chloe do though. They find a yoga class of victims.

Lucifer and Ela act out what could have happened to try and figure out what happened. Chloe is not amused. They figure out that the yogi is the killer. They have to track down Jenson Glory (Ryan Alosio).

Lucifer pays another visit to Linda. She can’t wrap her head around his existence so he has to talk his way through his own therapy. He gets a call that they have the teacher. He reports to the precinct.

Chloe is questioning Jenson but doesn’t seem to be having any luck. Lucifer tries to get him to confess and he does but not to murder. He’s overweight and has been lying to clients.

Lucifer knows that Jenson has a second home so he plans to send Amenadiel and Maze there. They agree to investigate and head out. Lucifer hears from Ella. The favor case he has her looking at? Evidence matches the real case. He’s got some explaining to do.

Lucifer and Ella talk it out and he doesn’t give her much but she gets on board because of a trust in faith metaphor. She gives him a lead and he heads to Jenson’s house to investigate.

The knife called to Corrina and she used it to kill Jenson. She did it for retribution. He had attacked her several years earlier. Chloe and Dan storm inside and find Lucifer and Corrina near the body. She confesses and Lucifer points out that it was in self defense. She is led away and he notices the weapon is missing. Outside he finds Dan, with the murder weapon. He’s blaming Lucifer for ruining his marriage.

Dan attacks Lucifer and yells at him for his marriage and stealing his snacks but eventually Dan fights back against the force of the blade. Lucifer is impressed and even gets the blade back.

The next day Chloe is annoyed that the lab techs lost the murder weapon. Lucifer doesn’t seem upset by that. She tells him to be more professional in regard to Ella and he promises that they didn’t sleep together.

Lucifer has another session with Linda. She realizes she slept with the devil.

Ella collects on her favor. She wants him to go to church with. He reluctantly agrees.

Amenadiel and Lucifer discuss hiding the blade and Charlotte walks in. She and Amenadiel talk about wanting to put there family back together and returning home to heaven. Lucifer doesn’t feel the same way. He feels like either is home.

This wasn’t a good episode but it wasn’t necessarily bad either. It flew by and I enjoyed the scenes with Lucifer and Ella. I really have no use for Charlotte. I’m glad that Linda is coping well.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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