Supergirl, episode six

Svalbard, Norway. Some scientists discover a whole that has been trapped in ice for 5000 years. It’s soft and has a normal body temperature. And something in it’s got attacks the scientist when he touches it.

Mon-El and Kara are drinking at the alien bar. Well, he’s drinking things sent over by other bar patrons and she is trying to tell him to get a job or at least train to control his powers. He makes a deal with her, she drinks and he’ll let her train him. She chugs the glass on the table and quickly feels the effects.

He goes to get another round and Alex approaches the table. She talks to Kara for a moment before spotting Maggie and making her way over. They talk about Alex coming out and how big of a deal that is. Alex asks for advice on what to do next and Maggie suggests telling her family. Then Alex gets an alert. Time for work.

At the DEO, Winn shows Hank, Alex and drunk Kara footage from the Norwegian science lab. They were attacked by something “not human” and now the lab is under quarantine until the DEO can investigate. Alex and Hank head out.

They find the lab wrecked and several dead bodies. One man is still alive though so they bring him back to headquarters. He wants to keep fighting climate change, not wait around in observation, so that his friends didn’t die in vain. He tells them he’ll be at National City University and heads out. He ducks around a corner and coughs out a … creature of some sort.

Mon-El is training with Kara and she’s kicking his butt. They talk about him being able to make a difference, one day, if he’s inclined. Alex interrupts. She’d like to talk to Kara, alone.

Alex and Kara walk and talk about Alex and her feelings. About Maggie. And girls. Kara asks Alex if she’s coming out. Alex says she doesn’t know. She’s just trying to make sense of it all. She explains that she might’ve had feelings like this before but she pushed them away. Kara tries to ask a few more questions but Alex is done talking. She leaves.

Rudy Jones (William Mapother) is working in his lab. He’s looking at his blood through a microscope. His boss comes in to fire him but Jones attacks him.

Winn and Hank are trying to figure out what happened at the lab. They find video of Jones being infected and killing his friends. Supergirl and Alex go to the college to find the doctor. He’s killed his boss and when Supergirl tries to fight him, he absorbs some of her power too. Alex shoots at him but he just takes her gun and crushes it. He leaves and Alex hurries to Supergirl’s side.

Winn is explaining the alien parasite to everyone when James walks in. The meeting breaks up and Hank tells Kara to go home and rest. When Alex says she will go with her, Kara quickly turns her down. Winn announces loudly and to everyone that he will walk James out. He leads him to the training room and they argue about James joining the fight. Winn tells him he has to wait for the suit because if it’s not ready, James will die.

Kara is home on her couch when Alex walks in. They argue about Kara being okay with Alex coming out. Kara apologizes for not letting Alex feel comfortable enough to come out. Growing up it was always all about Kara and she’s sorry it was like that. Kara asks about Maggie and lets Alex wax poetic for a bit before her phone rings. There’s a DEO incident. Kara tells her “I’ll go get the alien. You get the girl.”

At the place the DEO told her about Kara finds Mon-El beating up another alien. He’s using his powers to make money and she is disgusted. They argue about being selfish before she leaves. She reports to headquarters just in time for Winn to tell her about who they think Jones’ next target is.

She goes to stop him with Hank as backup but they are no match. Alex follows up in an SUV but Jones escapes in alien form and Kara and Hank are down.

Jones has mutated and drained Hank and Kara. She’ll recover eventually but Hank lost a lot of blood and he’s the last son of Mars so it’ll be touch and go. He might be the last son, but not the last martian. Alex goes to find M’gann.

Winn gives James a speech about fighting changing him so he has to make sure he’s ready. James says he is and Winn gives him the suit.

Alex tells M’gann she needs help and then talks to Mon-El at the bar. She tells him she thinks he’s a coward and nothing like her sister. She’s the one that sees potential in him.

At the DEO Alex tells M’gann that Hank needs a blood transfusion. They argue about M’gann saying no and then she agrees.

Jones attacks another person but Mon-El is there to try and stop him. He ends up getting grabbed but it’s distraction enough for someone to get alien Jones with a bomb. That someone else is James aka Guardian.

James lands a couple shots, because he has Winn as backup in a van nearby. Kara wakes up and rushes to join the fight. She has a plan. Too much energy. She uses plutonium to bust Jones. She thanks Mon-El and Guardian. She also asks who he is cause his suit is lined with lead so she can’t tell. He just lets her know that he’s a friend.

James and Winn watch the news about the new hero Guardian. They talk about continuing and about keeping it a secret from Kara.

Hank wakes up with M’gann by his side. She tries to leave but he asks her to stay.

Alex walks into the bar and finds Maggie playing pool. She tells her that she came out to Kara and Maggie says she’s buying drinks all night but Alex doesn’t want a drink. She kisses Maggie and when she pulls back Maggie tells her that they are at different places and she thinks it’s best if they stay just friends. Alex says okay and hurries away on the verge of tears.

Kara shows up at Alex’s house and finds her upset. Alex tells her what happened and cries while Kara hugs her.

Mon-El is walking alone and hears a man coughing. He stops to see if he can’t help but it’s a trap. He’s caught by Cadmus.

Poor Alex. I felt really bad for her at the end there. And earlier when Kara was apologizing, wasn’t that still making it all about her? She needs to work on that. James and Winn are going to get themselves into trouble keeping this a secret. It’s a shame Mon-El was caught but he was being a jerk earlier.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.




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