Frequency, episode six

November 1996. Two kids find a burnt out truck in the woods. They snoop around and find a body inside. Cops come out to investigate, including Frank and Satch. Frank thinks that its a message for him. Satch thinks this is progress regardless because it shows the killer is rattled.

Frank and Raimy talk via ham about how to proceed. She wants to use the next victim as bait but he’s opposed. She goes back inside where she’s left Mosbey. He made breakfast and she gets weird and hurries out.

She runs into David on the subway and promises she isn’t stalking him. Then she asks if he believes in kismet.

Frank gets Satch to agree to a tail on the next for 24 hours. It takes some convincing and quite a bit of video footage to do though.

Raimy reports to work and Satch tells her there is an inmate asking to speak to her specifically. She gets there and he just seems a little off, until he tells her he talks to himself in the future. He explains that he took 20 years to build a communication device so that he could explain quantum physics. She is a bit unsettled.

Julie does not approve of the patrol car stationed outside.

The prisoner, Karl Pierce (Curtis Armstrong), tells her that his future self told him that his neighbor was going to kill children drunk driving so he had to save them by killing his neighbor. Raimy doesn’t believe him until he starts talking about different eventualities but time is up and he’s led away.

Frank and Satch are mounting up and leading a team to monitor and the next victim so that they can catch the nightingale killer. Moreno stops Frank before he can leave and talks to him about the crew that Frank was undercover with. Police are buckling down on drugs so if you are moving for someone its a bad time. Frank leaves.

While on stakeout, Satch suggests Frank use some vacation time to get his head on right after the undercover mission because he’s still off. Frank denies it and they are interrupted by a radio call that they subject is headed their way. While in their section, they see a suspicious man and then lose eyes on the subject. They take the suspicious man down but its a bust. They talk to the victim Amanda Baldwin (Amber Friendly) and she agrees to police protection.

Raimy and Karl are talking again. She isn’t buying it but lets him talk. She wants him to explain exactly how this works. He uses a tree metaphor and she listens until he brings up her mom. Then she’s done.

She talks to Frank and he is deciding what to do about Amanda. He wants to tell her because that is what a good cop would do. He goes through with it and while he’s talking her he hears something. He sends her to his car and looks around the house. The killer is inside and gets the upper hand on Frank, beating him up and looking at his ID.

Raimy keeps checking the database. Amanda is still alive and Julie is still dead.

Frank and Satch are talking about the case. He thinks the killer just likes toying with him and admits that he feels like he’s about to crack from the pressure.

Raimy goes back to talk Karl again. She tells him that she checked his logs and that he’s been trying to prey on someone’s grief for a long time.

There’s another body. It’s Amanda. The nightingale caught up with her at last. Satch tells Raimy that Frank used to think the killer was trying to goad him because he couldn’t catch him and Raimy says it feels like the same thing now. Outside the scene Raimy runs into Daniel again. They exchange names this time.

Back at the prison,Frank has killed another inmate. Raimy confronts him about using her to get to his “device” and kill the other guy.

Raimy tells Frank about Amanda’s death. She tells him that the killer catches up with all of the victims eventually. The only way to end it is to kill the nightingale. Frank says no. They lock him up.

Satch comes by and apologizes to Frank about the way he acted earlier. He invites Frank out but he’s on his way to keep an eye on Julie.

Raimy goes home to find a bag of food from Mosbey on the porch.

Frank is on the porch guarding the house. Julie comes out and brings him cookies. They talk about her feeling safe when he is the one on duty. She tells him to come inside and kill Raimy goodnight. Before she goes though, she gives a package from Moreno. It’s full of pictures of him with another woman from when he was undercover.

This was an okay episode. I like the show but on the whole it’s not the most riveting thing I’ve ever seen so sometimes I tune out. I’m still curious as to where the older Frank is though. I was just more interested when they were chasing dead leads because it showed history changing with all of Frank’s actions.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.


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