Pitch, episode seven

Mike is the first one at the ballpark. He’s off but still there.

Amelia and Ginny are discussing her bobblehead. Ginny is more concerned about the photo leak but Amelia says that there’s nothing they can do. She’s got tabloids blocked by underground websites will still run them. She has to go alert the front office, which will not be good for Ginny either.

The back-up catcher gets hurt and Mike has to play most of the game on his day off. More importantly, he’s about to be “Wally Pip-ed” by the hot shot Cuban catcher being called up from the minors. Al assures him that’s not the case but suggests he try working out at first base. He tells Al he isn’t good at change.

Flashback to Mike as a kid. He is moving, again. He’s not happy but his mom calls it an adventure. In the new town, she brings him to the ball field to meet his new coach. Mike tells him he wants to play first and the coach says he’ll do him one better.

Ginny finds out she is getting skipped on her next start. She’s not being punished. That’s just the way the scheduling works. She’s upset and tells Mike. He tells her it isn’t all about her and they mock each other.

Amelia approaches Oscar and he defends the bobble head but she counters with the news of the leaked photos. He tells her to handle it and actually keep him in the loop for once.

Mike is in the ice bath when Oscar comes in with the new back-up catcher Livan Duarte. They have a stare down and then Mike has a few choice words for Oscar.

Ginny is still complaining about her skipped start when she talks to Amelia before the road trip. Amelia tells her to keep her head in the game. It’ll work out. As Ginny walks away, Mike approaches. They have stilted conversation before she walks away.

In the hotel in San Francisco, Blip tries to calm Ginny down and she mentions the photos. He freaks out and they end up arguing about double standards, which gives Ginny an idea. She finds Amelia to explain it.

During the game Livan hits a home run and showboats a bit. The Padres are down so no one on either team is amused. Ginny is in the clubhouse running and Al comes in. He tells her she needs a night off to not think about baseball so he’s taking her out in his hometown.

After the game Livan blows off reporters, so they turn to Mike. He answers there questions about the game but when the conversation turns to Livan he toes the party line before making a hasty exit.

Mike heads to the office to complain to Oscar about the way Livan handles himself. He wants Oscar to step in and talk to him. Oscar tells Mike about Livan having a rough childhood but Mike points out that lots of people have rough childhoods.

Flashback to Mike as a kid. He’s practicing at catcher when the coach’s family turns up. He’s late to meet them for a dinner reservation. The coach looks at Mike who tells him that it’s okay. He’ll walk to the bus. And the coach leaves with his family.

Al takes Ginny out and then they go to a spot overlooking the city and talk about how baseball can’t be her whole life.

Mike and Blip are in the hotel bar. Mike is talking about all the reasons he hates Livan and Blip points out that he’s better with the ladies than Mike is, which adds another strike against him. Mike spots Amelia walking across the room and approaches her. He wants to make sure they are okay. For the sake of Ginny… and the team. Amelia gets an idea and asks Mike if he’d be willing to help Ginny and the team, but if he agrees he has to go all in.

In the clubhouse the next day the guys are talking because Livan is late. When he strolls in, Mike has a few words for him but when Al asks if there’s a problem Mike says no. When someone points out that Livan was late, Mike replies that they’ve all been late.

Young Mike turns up an hour late and his coach yells at him. Mike tells him that he has to quit the team because his mother is having trouble finding work and now the car broke down and he has to take the bus to get there. Mike gets into his mother’s car and hands over a wad of cash that the coach must’ve given him to help out.

In the clubhouse reporters are trying to talk to Livan but he isn’t speaking to them. He pretends not to understand English but Mike jumps in and says that he knows Spanish and that Livan told him what he wanted to say. He talks about Livan learning humility and trying his best to learn from the veterans so that he can help the team. Short;y afterward, Livan confronts Mike telling him to mind his own business.

Amelia has a new plan and takes it to Oscar. He is not impressed. He doesn’t think it is good for anybody and that she should have come to him sooner with this whole problem.

The Padres roar through their bullpen and when an error by Mike leads to a tie game and extra innings, Ginny is forced to warm up. The Padres get a lead thanks to Blip but in the bottom of the inning the Giants load the bases. Ginny is called in from the bullpen. On the mound Al tells her to make him look smart and then she turns to Mike for a pitch plan, ignoring Livan.

Flashback to young Mike listening to his coach and his mother fight. His mother tells him to pack up and tells the coach to get out. Before he leaves, coach tells Mike to be the adult if he has to.

Mike tells Ginny to listen to Livan. He calls for the cutter even though she’s never thrown it in a game. The strategy works and the Padres win. Afterward the team goofs around.

Young Mike and his mother drive away. She is upset and almost crying as they drive past his coach and further away. Mike won’t stop looking back and his mother finally tells him to stop because they don’t need his father. She then apologizes for telling him like that.

Blip and Mike talk on the way out of the clubhouse. A reporter stops Mike to ask him about a rumor that he might be put on waivers. He tells him to talk to the front office.

Ginny is in a robe getting ready for a photo shoot. Amelia is giving her a pep talk when Mike and Blip come in, followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the team. It’s for the ESPN magazine body issue and the media is impressed.

As the team gets off the bus after the road trip everyone is meeting their families. Blip invites Ginny over for dinner, and Mike too. She accepts but he declines. She tells him to text her if he changes his mind.

Oscar catches up with Livan before he leaves. He tells him that he might be a good ballplayer but he’s got a lot to learn and that’s why he’s headed back to the bench. Livan argues but Oscar doesn’t back down.

Mike goes to see his father. He parks up the block and watches him but before he can approach a kid comes out of the house calling to grandpa. Mike drives away. He sits at home and considers calling Ginny but doesn’t.

I thought that the trade rumor was Amelia’s set up. I am not okay with him being traded but I guess that won’t happen anyway cause he’s too important to the show. I like Mike acting as Ginny’s mentor but every once in a while it seems like they are setting it up as a romance situation which I’m not a fan of. I guess we’ll see.

Pitch is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.




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