This is Us, episode seven

Randall is up at 2 a.m. still working on homework. Kevin wants the light off because he has a big game. They ¬†argue a about it until Rebecca comes in. Kevin says he will sleep in the basement¬†but Randall says that’s nuts. He will do his homework in the kitchen. Kevin opts for the basement.

Present day Kevin is out running. He sees Randall ahead of him and races to catch up. They compete the rest of the way home. Back at the house they talk to the girls and Beth for a bit before Kevin heads to take a shower. Randall tells Beth he and Kevin are going out to eat with their mother and she comments that it makes sense that their mother is going because Randall and Kevin don’t exactly hang out.

Kate is walking on a treadmill and doing meal prep. She heads to her weigh in with Toby. She’s down a pound and a quarter which is great but she’s disappointed and on top of that Toby is down eight pounds. When he takes a goal weight photo she sneaks out.

Randall is in the middle of a presentation at work and Kevin turns up to meet him for their dinner.

Rebecca is nervous. She’s starting rehearsals again for the first time in ten years and the boys are playing each other in the football and Jack has a dinner with a big client. She tells him the game is important for Kevin and Jack says he’ll see what he can do.

Rebecca cancels on dinner because Miguel has gaut. Randall and Kevin have to hang out after all.

Beth and William talk about his health and his appetite. She suggests weed and mentions having a bit of a supply at the house so she can make him some special brownies.

Randall awkwardly follows Kevin through a swanky restaurant. Kevin gets recognized as the manny and Randall just seems out of place and uncomfortable.

Jack eats lunch with Miguel. He tells him he forgot to kiss Rebecca goodbye.

Rebecca goes to rehearsal with her old friend.

Kate calls Toby to apologize for ducking out on the meeting. He doesn’t answer so she goes to his house and catches him eating junk food. He tells her he is done dieting.

Teenage Randall asks Kate why Kevin hates him so much. She tells him to lighten up

Beth and William eat pot brownies and talk. She admits she doesn’t like Kevin staying there.

Randall and Kevin have an incredibly awkward dinner during which Kevin realizes Randall has never seen his show. He walks out.

Kate and Toby are out to eat. He wants dessert but tells her he’ll skip it. She tells him to eat it and then watches him.

Jack makes it to the game. He asks Rebecca about the rehearsal but gets interrupted. Then the game starts. During the game Randall tackles Kevin and the boys fight.

Randall chases Kevin down and confronts him. Kevin tells him that he thinks he had it easy because their mother tried to make him feel special. Randall tells him that he felt like a dog. He tried so hard for Kevin’s affection and never got it. They fight and Seth Meyers turns up and breaks it up.

William and Beth talk about family life while sitting outside. He admits he feels sad to die. Then slips up and admits that he saw Rebecca after Randall was born.

Kate stops for gas in her car. She gets donuts and eats one too.

It’s a quiet walk to the car. The boys hesitate to get in the car but Jack tells them to knock it off.

Randall admits that Rebecca favored him growing up because the person he wanted the attention from wouldn’t give it. He then points out that in front of Seth Meyers was the first time Kevin has ever called him his brother.

Kevin and Randall head inside and find Beth and William still high. They quickly duck out and William tells Kevin he is staying the basement now. Randall walks him down and then goes to leave. Kevin invites him to hang out

Young Randall and Kevin are sitting up not sleeping. Rebecca tries to talk to Jack but realizes she didn’t eat dinner. She goes to get something to eat and Kevin calls her to the basement. The washing machine won’t turn off. She thinks about the washing machine over the years.

Randall is the best part of this show. I also really enjoyed stoned William and Beth. And what was that dessert Toby had? It looked delicious. I’m excited to see how the family handles the holiday next week.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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