Grey’s Anatomy, episode nine

Meredith, Alex and Maggie are driving to work. He wants to drink because his trial is the next day but Meredith is trying to be optimistic. They stop at a traffic light and watch an apartment building collapse.

Bailey is prepping the staff because the injured are being brought in. DeLuca gets camera duty and a speech.

A man stops Murphy because he needs a priest. He needs to talk to God.

Jo is upset because she is being called to testify. Her real name would go on public record and her husband could find her. She’s upset and tells DeLuca as much.

April and Owen are heading into the mayhem and she is asking him where Amelia is. He doesn’t know. She finds it suspicious.

Murphy brings Ben in and he pretends to be a priest. He confesses to being responsible for the building collapse.

A couple are with their 12 year old while Webber assesses her and she starts to crash.

Owen and Riggs go to update their patient’s family. One finds the wife and one finds the girlfriend.

Arizona is helping with a patient and Minnick stops to help her. She brings up their last conversation but Arizona pretends not to remember.

Those waiting hear about the landlord’s confession and are not pleased. The parents of the little girl get an update and she is in need of surgery. The father gets angry with the landlord.

Alex apologizes to Jo for all of the things he said and basically tells her goodbye.

Webber runs into Minnick and talks about working together. She refers him to Bailey. Maggie tries to tell him it’ll be okay.

Owen and Riggs talk about cheating and bad things coming back to bite you in the end.

The landlord continues to confess. He knows Ben isn’t a priest. He just wants someone to forgive him. He crashes.

Edwards is excited about Minnick. In honor of that she tries to get Webber to let her do the surgery. He says no because the patient isn’t stable enough. It’s the little girl and she crashes as well. They lose her.

Jo goes to get in the elevator. Alex is in it. She stops it between floors and tells him she is married and she can’t divorce him because she ran away from an abusive relationship and that’s what started all their problems.

She tells him that if she takes off after the trial its to hide from the husband. He tells her not to on account of the life she built there.

Webber tells the little girls parents.

Owen and Riggs talk while they continue to operate on the cheater.

Arizona and Minnick flirt though Arizona admits there is something she doesn’t like about Minnick. They agree to get drinks.

Alex goes to Meredith because he doesn’t know what to do about Jo. He doesn’t want to ruin things for her and making her testify will do that.

Ben finds the little girls mother walking through the halls. He asks her who she is looking for. She shows him a picture of a man and says its her husband. He leads her to the landlord.

There is chaos in the waiting room. They want to go after the landlord. Maggie talks them down just as a nurse calls for security. The mother tried to kill the landlord.

Webber and Bailey talk about Minnick and what her roll would be. She

Maggie talks to Avery, as a board member, about Minnick being Webber’s boss. He is shocked about the news.

Karev goes to Bailey to get his pension turned over to his mother. She asks what he’s doing. He explains the situation to her and then goes to find Meredith.

He tells her he is going to take the plea because its the right thing to do. She calls him a coward and that he should fight this so that he can be a surgeon. She tells him it has nothing to do with her

Owen and Riggs each update a significant other and decide its not their problem.

Avery holds a meeting to get everyone on board with standing up for Webber. Meredith calls Alex to leave a message. She’s willing to go down swinging for him. Amelia has left Owen a note. She’s out.

Alex better not leave. They are definitely setting up a Meredith/Karev romance too right? That’s how this seems now. I’m glad that everyone is on board to fight for Webber even if the man himself sometimes annoys me.

Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus until Jan. 19.


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