Chicago Fire, episode five

Someone has put some graffiti on the side of the firehouse. The team is getting ready to go clean it when the alarm sounds. They save a man but the stairs collapse so they have to use the ladder to try and save his wife. They can’t break the window in time to do it.

After the woman is loaded into the ambo and taken away, her husband as well, Casey and Herrmann go inside to inspect the scene. Casey is torn up. He finds what might be reason to believe its arson.

They go back to the firehouse and get to work cleaning the graffiti. Mouch’s phone rings so he makes an excuse and hurries inside to find Sylvie. She’s making copies of their novel but he’s got a publisher on the line with an offer of $25,000. They set up a meeting and in their excitement leave the copies of the book in the printer.

The house gets a visitor. It’s the sister of the woman from the fire that afternoon. She wants to know if her sister suffered. Matt assures her that wasn’t the case. Then she asked if it seemed in any way suspicious because there had been a lot of martial problems between the couple. Matt doesn’t respond.

Matt calls the OFI and gives them a heads up about the char line he found. He tells Gabby he did it and she cautions him that that doesn’t necessarily mean its arson. He knows that and she tells him that he did the right thing.

Sylvie and Mouch are hugging in the bunk room which Herrmann finds a bit weird. He’s on his way to Boden’s office. When he gets there they talk about their kids and catching the tagger.

Mouch, Otis, Kidd and Herrmann hang out in the driveway. They are camping out to catch the tagger but mostly they are just chatting and killing time.

OFI comes to talk to Severide and Casey about the flags Casey sent up. He sent them an alert about the char lines. The husband’s alibi doesn’t check out but Severide doesn’t think he did it. He says that the husband as willing to die to save her. No way he wanted her dead.

The alarm goes off so 61 answers the call. It’s for a high school kid that fell out of a tree. Thanks to his father’s encouragement he was trying to be memorable with his promposal. They strap him to a backboard and he vomits blood. He has to be rushed to Med.

Boden goes outside to find Herrmann asleep. The rest of his compatriots have left their posts and are “ten toes up” in the bunk room. Donna stops by with their son which is apparently just what Boden needed.

Connie stops Severide to tell him that the husband from the fire called looking for him. He tells her to give the husband his cell number.

Sylvie helps the girl he patient was trying to impress get into his room to visit. She’s nice but she already has a date to the dance. The upside is he has a ton of hits on a website of fails.

Matt wants to pay respects to victim so he mentions driving by her funeral. Gabby doesn’t think it would be a very good idea.

The husband meets up with Severide and just talks about what he’s been through and how his alibi isn’t holding up. When he leaves its because he has to go bury his wife.

Matt watches funeral from his truck, particularly the husband. When it’s time for their next shift, the team has been tagged again.

Severide asks Gabby about what the OFI protocol would be for checking cameras in regard to locating people since she has experience in that department. She tells him what the procedure would be but comments that the alibi didn’t check out.

Matt is still investigating and researching the fire. He wants to figure it out. Gabby tells him he is too close.

Mouch and Sylvie are called in to Boden’s office. The copy of their novel was found in the printer and it doesn’t portray the department in the best light. If they go with it, they lose their jobs.

An alarm calls them to the scene of an injury. A man has his leg speared by an umbrella. Even after doing what they can to treat it, the blood won’t stop. Matt eventually figures out a way to save him.

On the way back to the station,  Herrmann spots the tagger, stops the truck and chases the kid down. He’s 13 and lives with his aunt. They figure out he was showing off for his friend. Herrmann tries to explain that his actions hurt them and then gives him a shirt.

Since his promposal was a bust, Sylvie goes to dance with the kid that fell out of the tree.

Mouch goes home and finds that Platt set up a book club to talk about his book.

When Boden gets home, Donna points out a car across the street and says that the kid in it has been staring. He goes over to investigate and its his stepson. He just felt awkward going inside and wanted to surprise him.

Matt and Severide are at Molly’s and they are not sitting with each other. Gabby gets a message that OFI is not turning case over for investigation. It turns out that Severide found a camera that proved the husband’s alibi. Matt is angry and still thinks the husband is guilty.

Okay my biggest question is who is home with Louie? Gabby is the owner/employee at Molly’s but shouldn’t Matt be home with the kid. I get the whole parenting theme running throughout the episode but was the tagging bit really necessary. I was mostly bored with it and it seems like they didn’t make much progress with the kid. This is going to be a lot like the beginning of the show now with Matt and Severide fighting, like after Darden died.


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