Pitch, episode eight

Mike meets with his agent. He’s cleared waivers and several teams are interested in him, including playoff contenders. Oscar wants to know what Mike is interested in doing. He’s a Padre he says.

The rain starts so the game is put on hold. That means Ginny might be out and Mike definitely is. Neither is happy.

Oscar consults with Charlie, who wants to strategy the rain delay. Charlie wants to talk to the head groundskeeper and sends Oscar to try and get Mike to agree to a trade.

Ginny and Livan walk the clubhouse and talk. Turns out he left a girlfriend behind in Havana because he saw a chance at his dreams. They are interrupted what someone comes to find Ginny. Someone is asking for her, claims to by her brother.

Flashback to the day of her first start. She and her brother talk on the phone about how huge this is. When she hangs up, Will turns and he’s got a big bruise on his face.

They meet up in the tunnels and talk about how good it is to see each other before Ginny says she has to head back. She gets Will set up in the family suite but before she walks away he tells her that he got a new phone so he’ll call from a new number.

Oscar and Charlie meet with the grounds crew. Charlie is… himself and Oscar plays peacemaker.

Amelia spends the delay working and Evelyn starts to chat with her but stops when she sees Will walk in. She’s happy to see him. Amelia is not.

The day of Ginny’s second start Will was there to see her, but he was still all beat up. Amelia says that Ginny can’t see him like that and gives him a loan so that he’ll go away.

Blip and Mike are bored watching the Cubs game. They talk about waivers and then Blip decides to motivate the rest of the team. He pulls something out of Mike’s locker and Mike takes that as his cue to go talk to Oscar.

They talk about Mike being happy and playing for a contender. Mike wants to know whose idea the waivers were and Oscar tells him that they are under new management so he had to ask. Mike says that he will tell Oscar how happy he is by the end of the day.

Back in the clubhouse Mike pulls out the box that Blip had. It’s a gavel. He’s holding court in the clubhouse. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. They will discuss on the field errors and clubhouse infractions and pay the fines they are given. Ginny gets two $20 fines quickly for speaking out of turn. It’s a 30 year tradition and Mike’s not about to let it die.

In the family room, Will and Evelyn are catching up but Amelia is making her presence known as well, taking passive aggressive swipes at Will whenever she can.

Ginny gets accused of missing a sign but instead of accepting the fine she argues her case. She’s going against Mike though and he won’t let her win. He even closes the argument with because I said so basically before storming out of the room. Ginny gives chase and they argue again about how everything is all about her.

Blip talks to Ginny and she vents about Mike but Blip has more experience and sees Mike’s side of things. He tries to explain it to her but doesn’t get anywhere.

Oscar and his new girlfriend meet up in a quiet hallway and talk about Mike.

Amelia has had Elliott look into Will. He’s bankrupt and creditors are after him. She approaches him and gets nasty again but he defends himself. He wants Ginny to be his private investor.

Charlie is trying to get the tarp of the field because the rain has been reduced to a light drizzle. He makes Oscar take him to the umpire room.

Will sends Ginny an SOS text and she rushes to see what the problem. He wants her to agree to the bar idea in a room full of witnesses. She does but pulls him out of the room and tells him not to put her on the spot like that.

One of the other players apologizes to Mike about the call he agreed with Ginny on during court. He got distracted by her. He has feelings for her. Mike and Blip take him aside and explain why he doesn’t have feelings but in the process it sounds an awful lot like Mike does.

Will explains what happened with him and Amelia and Ginny is pissed. She goes to find Amelia to talk about it and they

Oscar brings Charlie to the cages instead. They talk about why he’s involved in baseball and how no matter how much he tries he can’t change some things.

Court comes back in session and Mike admits he was wrong and that he’s getting old. Al interrupts to say get ready.

Oscar talks to his new girlfriend again and we find out why she’s in the family room. She’s Al’s daughter.

Mike gives Ginny a few pointers and she talks about how important he is. The team heads out to take the field and Mike tells Oscar his choice. He’s going to Chicago.

I don’t want Mike to go and I can’t fathom him actually going through with it. He’s just madly in love with Ginny and running away. I don’t really like Will and hopefully he isn’t around a ton more.

Pitch is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.


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