How to Get Away With Murder, episode nine

Frank is still holding a gun to his head. Annalise keeps encouraging him to do it but Bonnie wants him alive and tells him as much. She convinces him not to do it.

The next day everyone heads to class. It’s time for the midterm. They each have one minute to convince her not to send a text. They all pass and Annalise lets the remainder the class out. Then she bringsĀ them champagne and they enjoy the afternoon at the clinic.

Wes and Laurel fight about their relationship. They are both just trying to “fix” the other apparently and Laurel lied about Frank. Asher admits to Michaela that her mother, who she doesn’t have contact with, is en route to her apartment and Connor gets sassy with Oliver.

Annalise goes to get her hair done (by Mary J. Blige naturally) and they talk about her life. She figures out that the DA’s office is investigating her and goes to confront the ADA. They argue about it and about Nate. On her way through the parking garage, Annalise tells Nate and he promptly breaks up with the ADA.

Now that she knows about the investigation, Annalise is convinced she is going to jail soon so she goes to town on a bottle of vodka before heading to Bonnie’s house. They discuss what the case would be like before Bonnie tucks Annalise into bed with a kiss.

Michaela is at her apartment with her mom who has left her husband and needs a place to crash. Michaela isn’t having it though. They argue about which of them is a worse person before Connor, Laurel and Asher interrupt.

Wes gets summoned to the police station. He thinks its about the Mahoney case but its actually about Annalise. Bonnie tells Frank about the investigation and how he can fix things. Annalise wakes up and starts to round up the troops, calling Wes and Laurel and telling them to have everyone meet at the house. Laurel tries to get Connor, Asher and Michaela but they are all too busy so she heads to the house alone. Annalise goes to the clinic to talk to Oliver.

Then all the flash forward scenes are pieced together: the burning house, Annalise in jail, Oliver, then Bonnie turning up at the house, Laurel being rushed into the hospital and then Michaela, Asher and Connor turning up.

They need someone to ID the body found in the house and the ME pulls the sheet back so that…. Wes is revealed to be the victim.

There is a flashback of Wes’ final hours. He wants immunity to talk for talking about Annalise and Rebecca but when the DA leaves the room and he hears Annalise’s message he ducks out and heads to the house.

I was completely surprised. I thought it would have to be Nate or Frank so this caught me off guard. And he was dead before the fire so its a whole new season now trying to figure out who murdered Wes. Also, how did the news know that he was missing so quickly? It doesn’t work that way.

How to Get Away With Murder is back Jan. 19.


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