Timeless, episode six

Rufus is in the kitchen with his mother (Shelley Robertson). He’s upset that he missed his brother’s championship game. Mason summons him outside to explain where Flynn is. He went back to the time of Watergate. He explains to Rufus that it was a break in at DNC and that Nixon was involved. He recorded all of it and on the June 20, 1972 tape there was a gap that flynn might be after. Their mission is to stop it from happening. Rufus is also supposed to call a number provided and make regular reports.

Lucy gets the call and heads in. She spent time lurking outside her father’s house but never knocked. Wyatt mocks it and then they head out in the ship.

1972 features protests and free love. They talk about how much things have changed while walking behind some soldiers. The hippies attack the military men and Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt get caught up in the shuffle. Lucy yells for help and when Wyatt tries to locate her he gets tazed and knocked out by Flynn’s men with Flynn looking on.

The trio wakes up tied up and in Flynn’s custody in the same room they stayed in on the night Lincoln was shot no less. Flynn explains that he got the tape and now needs Lucy to do something else for him. He starts playing the tape. They hear Nixon talk about being scared of this secret organization Rittenhouse and he needs a document for them.

Flynn mentions diary of Lucy’s that show that eventually they work together. Lucy denies it. Flynn brings up all the times they’ve discussed this journal and is amused to find that Lucy never mentioned it to her travel buddies. He gives Lucy and Rufus five hours to find the documents or he’ll kill Wyatt.

Rufus is pissed at Lucy for the secret but she tells him she can’t believe that this is true because the her in the diary is terrible. She has an idea. Track down Mark Felt aka Deep Throat using the phone book. She gets to work on that while Rufus calls in his report as per Mason’s instructions.

Lucy finds him and they meet up with Felt (Tom Amandes) in a parking garage. He is cagey but they find out about the investigation and how it was called off because of a horned fist symbol.

Flynn and Wyatt spend their time together chatting. Flynn explains how he got caught up in all of this. Rittenhouse was funding Mason’s experiments and Flynn reported it to the NSA. Days later, a hired hand came in and killed his family for Rittenhouse and framed him. His plan is now to go back and wipe out Rittenhouse so he can return home to find his wife and daughter alive again.

Rufus knows what the symbol is. It’s for the Black Liberation Army. He had a militant phase in college. He heads into a bar to talk Gregory Hayes (Mustafa Shakir) and tells him that his name is Kanye and he needs the doc. Hayes doesn’t believe him at first but Rufus is able to come up with enough of a cover story to convince him.

Flynn reads the diary to Wyatt, the entries about his wife and how he argued with her the night she was killed. He left her on the side of the road. She was found murdered two weeks later.

Hayes takes Rufus home with him where he introduces him to the doc (Tiffany Mack), a scared looking young woman. She’s got a similar background to Lucy except she was born into Rittenhouse and now they are after her because she left.

Rufus calls in and is told to kill the doc. He says he can’t and the voice asks for an address so they can do it for him. He hangs up and Lucy hears him. He admits to recording things from their trips for Rittenhouse and she gets mad telling him she can’t trust him. He says that it is because they are after his family but she walks away.

Flynn is explaining Rittenhouse to Wyatt but Wyatt is able to break out of his ties and attacks Flynn. He’s outnumbered and ends up losing.

Rufus calls in again and tells them to come pick up the doc.

Lucy calls in to Flynn. Both she and Rufus have given the address and that they were at before leaving with the doc. Flynn and the boys from Rittenhouse have a shootout at the house while Lucy helps Wyatt escape.

They bring Doc to meet up with Hayes who will take her to San Diego and get her on a boat. She is headed to Hong Kong to be with her family who fled there a year earlier. After they drive off Wyatt and Rufus storm away from Lucy.

Rufus calls in a fake report about Doc getting lost in the shuffle and then Wyatt tells him that he is now a double agent spying on Rittenhouse for them. Back in the future, Lucy looks for information on the Doc but can’t come up with anything. Rufus asks her if they are okay. She walks away.

Rufus leaves with Mason and Rittenhouse and finds out that it was Rittenhouse listening to his reports on the other end of that phone. Flynn goes to the cemetery where his wife and daughter are buried. Wyatt sits home alone looking at clippings about his wife’s murder.

Lucy goes to her father’s house and gets out the car. She knocks and when Benjamin Cahill (John Getz) comes to the door she pretends it is the wrong address. Cahill is the same Rittenhouse agent that Rufus has been dealing with. He closes the door and calls someone telling the person on the other end who was at his door.

So this is why Lucy is all caught up in this. The Doc said it’s something you are born into and now we know why. I liked the Doc. I hope everything turned out okay for her. I also like seeing a bit of an explanation as to why Flynn is the way he is. He has an endgame and now it makes more sense. I thought it was interesting that Rufus got to be the one that knew some of the historically relevant information for a change.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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