The Real O’Neals, episode five

Kenny explains all of the glorious traditions that the family has for Thanksgiving, and how they are getting thrown out the window this year.

Eileen is taking Jimmy and Shannon to Murray’s house for an early Thanksgiving to meet Murray’s mother.

Kenny is left home to prepare the meal.Pat has a wardrobe dilemma which Kenny graciously helps him out with. Gloria shows up three hours early and Jodi is on hand  with her joint custody cat.

At Murray’s house, Jimmy is distraught and Shannon is looking for blackmail material. They get along well with Mrs. Murray (Susan Sullivan) but the same cannot be said for Eileen who is determined to changed that.

Kenny is frustrated that he has to cook alone and Gloria is getting underfoot. He sends her outside and tries calling Eileen to see where Eileen is. He calls her and she tells him to suck it up.

Eileen is not getting along with Mrs. Murray and Jimmy is getting annoyed at VP Murray’s efforts to bond. He makes a bet on an air hockey game.

Kenny is starting to find a rhythm and has the kitchen running smoothly until Goria and the Pat interrupt again. Pat wants to create a memory and Kenny gets annoyed and yells at him about his date which leads to s long awkward pause.

Eileen needs more cleaning supplies so she goes to check behind a closed door and finds Mrs. Murray’s boyfriend of two years. Eileen agrees to keep it a secret if Mrs. Murray acts like she likes her.

Jimmy wins at air hockey but suggest two out of three. Kenny and Pat chat about the holiday while Jodi takes the cat to have its stomach pumped. On the way out, Eileen and Mrs. Murray are trying but Eileen snaps and tells Murray about his mother’s boyfriend.

Pat and Eileen apologize for ruining the holiday and the family sits down to have Thanksgiving dinner, on Friday morning.

I feel bad for Kenny. Shannon should have stayed behind as a sous chef. Did Kenny and Pat even get to eat? Why didn’t they have that conversation Thursday night? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and if my family messed it up I’d be pissed. So I’m team Kenny.

The Real O’Neals returns Dec. 13.


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