Westworld, episode eight

Lowe is freaking out. He had feelings for Cullen and wants to know why he killed her. Ford tells him that he should be proud of the emotions he is able to feel. Lowe wants to fight back but Ford sets him so he can’t. Ford has him erase all evidence of their involvement and says that when that is done he will clear the memories.

Maeve is at the saloon but it seems off to her. Pennyfeather isn’t there but a new girl is instead. She’s also remembering her daughter. She ends up in the lab asking Felix what’s happening and he has no explanation. She wants them to replace her spine so it won’t explode when she leaves the park.

Dolores and William are riding through the valley when they come across a bunch of dead bodies. One boy is still alive, barely and they find out he is part of an ambush waiting for them.

Ford, Stubbs and Charlotte talk about the death of Cullen and what more can be done to protect the park since they found evidence that she was manipulating them to steal from the park.

Maeve still wants out of the park but Sylvester is not about to help. There is something going on and he wants to knock her out and then wipe her clean. He and Felix argue.

Flood and the man in black continue their journey in the maze. They find people destroyed by Wyatt’s men and while Flood is helping a woman, they are attacked. Flood has a memory of the man in black dragging away Dolores.

Felix and Sylvester smuggle Maeve upstairs to reformat her.

Sizemore is trying to work out the kinks in his new narrative. Charlotte comes in to talk to him. She puts him down and belittles his work but does mention that she might have a job for him.

Sylvester talks to Felix about how this is the only way this could have ended but Maeve gets up. She slits his throat and talks about how she needs to get back to the park. She also might need Sylvester so she makes Felix fix his throat.

Maeve wakes up and is back in the park. She talks to the new girl about out of towners coming in but she wants the new girl to keep busy with the guys already there instead. In rolls Hector and Maeve with her new administrative abilities is able to clear the path for him.

Lowe and Ford talk about what’s been done in the park and what they need to do regarding the Cullen situation. Lowe questions him about Charlotte and how he works. He wants to know if Ford has ever made him hurt someone before and Ford denies it before wiping the memory.

Dolores and William follow a path down into a valley and she says she’s home. She walks forward alone into something else. Maybe a memory? She sees the townsfolk dancing and the church bells ringing. Then chaos breaks out and something comes in and shoots people. She sees herself holding a gun to her head. William grabs her. She’s back and there is no town and no people but her and William. She’s in a dream she can’t wake up from and she’s panicked. It’s what Arnold wants.

They walk and William decides it’s time to head back. They come across a group on horseback, led by Logan. He tells them they are fucked.

Charlotte and Sizemore are in the warehouse with the retired hosts. She wants to send a host full of data on the train out of the park.

Stubbs stops Lowe in the hall. He offers his condolences but Lowe doesn’t really know Cullen. They were just colleagues. He brings up Hughes but Lowe doesn’t see any problems there either.

Flood is starting to remember things and that means he’s angry at the man in black. He smacks him around a bit and the man starts talking. He starts talking about the death of his wife and the people he’s killed. He talks about killing Maeve in an old narrative and learning about the maze.

Stubbs notices that Maeve is off track and that no one can stop her. She remembers the old narrative and checks herself for old injuries. Flood wants to kill man in black but he can’t pull the trigger. The damsel he saved earlier stabs him instead.

Maeve is seriously the best part of this show. She’s so badass and I don’t know what the history is with her and Hector but I think they are up to something big. I’m a bit worried for William and Dolores now that they are with Logan. Mostly I’m curious about what’s going on in the lab though.

Westworld is new Sunday at 9 p.m.


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