Frequency, episode seven

Raimy watches a news broadcast about Amanda’s death. Satch in 1996 watches a broadcast about Frank saving Amanda. He’s happy. Present day Satch sees Amanda’s death and turns the tv off. He heads home and sits there alone.

Moreno calls Raimy into his office and they talk about Satch retiring. Moreno is now heading the task force and she will have to answer directly to him.

1996 Satch makes Sergeant. He and Frank are pounding pavement trying to figure out the nightingale’s truck. Flashback to Frank explaining to Julie that he has the privilege of going undercover. It’s only supposed to be a short stint. A few months tops.

Frank is yelling for Raimy through the ham. She tells him that the photo missing from his wallet was in Amanda’s hands when they found the body.

Julie is home when a girl comes to the back door. She says that the police are the one’s that banged her up.

Raimy goes to Satch’s house. She’s mad at him. They talk about his family and him being tired.

Frank wants to spend time tracking down the truck in the Catskills. It doesn’t make sense to go through all that effort.

Julie is patching up the girl, Miracella Corrado (Alyssa Diaz), and they are waiting for Frank to get back or to call back. She is asking questions and talking about knowing Frank. He never mentioned their daughter.

Raimy keeps pushing Satch and he finally gives. He leads her to his garage which is covered in papers from the investigation. He had been working on it all along.

Frank gets home and talks to Julie. She tells him that she wore her ring the whole time he was gone and that she’s a fool. He tries to justify it as part of the job but Julie isn’t having it. She’s done.

Satch heads to the garage and finds that Raimy never left. She’s intrigued by a particular cold case and wants to follow up with it. She set up a meeting with the victim’s brother.

Frank heads back to Satch’s place, where he’s been staying. Satch tells him to get the girl out. He goes inside and talks to her. She tells him Moreno is picking off everyone that knows he’s dirty. Frank tells her that he will help her but he can’t be with her.

Raimy interviews Jesse Abbott (Joshua Hinkson) about his sister. A lot of people pointed fingers at his sister’s boyfriend but he didn’t think it was him. They talk about her work. She was an art teacher and moonlighted as a nurse at a summer camp, fitting the nightingale MO.

Satch thinks it’s time for a road trip to the Catskills.

Julie goes to study with Raimy’s coach and she kisses him.

On the road, Satch talks about his childhood and then how he lost everything, his wife, his family, everything. Raimy says that if they catch the nightingale everything will be different but he says not for him.

Young Raimy sees her parents fighting about Frank going undercover. He says that he is doing it for them but Julie can’t do it anymore.

Julie wakes up in bed with the coach. He tells her that he knows she has a lot going on but that he thinks they are good together.

Raimy and Satch roll into camp. She tells him to stop the car in front of a statue of Mary.

Frank corners Moreno and tells him to back off Miracella. Moreno laughs at him so Frank punches him and they argue.

Satch and Raimy are looking around the camp on foot using flashlights. He goes inside a building and starts going through the filing cabinet while she keeps looking until she finds the medical building. She finds all sorts of evidence which she shows Satch after he creeps up behind her.

A team comes in and starts hauling out evidence. Satch and Raimy talk about the evidence before heading back to the city for a press conference.

Everyone is at a party at Satch’s house celebrating his being shortlisted for sergeant. Frank talks to Raimy via ham later about how the job changed him and how much he wants to be with her mother. They talk about how they were made for the job.

I liked this insight into Frank’s mentality when going undercover. Also, apparently present day Frank is still dead. I didn’t know that. I feel bad for Satch but maybe if Raimy saves her mother things will be better for him.


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