Lucifer, episode nine

Lucifer and Amenadiel are on a tourist tour on Los Angeles. Lucifer takes over the tour and starts pointing things out. He doesn’t understand why Amenadiel doesn’t like it in LA. He talks to Linda about it.

Chloe and Lucifer are at a murder scene. It’s a real estate tycoon. He also is the owner of the block Lux is on. Lucifer and Chloe are going over the cause of death with Ella when his phone rings. Maze says there’s a problem at Lux and he leaves to head there. Once inside he sees all sorts of construction workers and official looking people, as well as a man that tells him he’s evicted.

It’s Eric Cooper (Nick Jandl), son of the landlord, coming mere hours after his father’s murder to take what’s his. Lucifer tries his voodoo to come to an agreement with Eric but it doesn’t work. Maze thinks that it’s Lucifer’s mother responsible but he doesn’t listen.

She goes to talk to Amenadiel but he doesn’t listen either. Charlotte turns up and she and Maze fight about Lucifer staying on earth.

Ella has been able to piece together a broken glass to check it for prints. It comes up as Eric Cooper. Chloe heads over to question him with Lucifer and they discuss his personal involvement in the case. Before they make it inside, someone falls from a window. It’s Eric Cooper.

Eric survives the fall and explains that they were bankrupt and he was trying to salvage the company now that his father can’t block a deal.

Charlotte corners a lawyer in a bathroom to find out about his client with a propensity for pyrotechnics. She wants to level Lux but the lawyer isn’t talking.

Lucifer and Chloe go to visit a business competitor of the deceased. Eleanor Bloom () wants to buy up everything Eric is willing to sell and then destroy it just to spite his late father. Lucifer tries to negotiate for Lux but she isn’t having it.

Dan is questioning an accused man about blowing things up. Charlotte comes in and poses as his lawyer. He agrees that she’s his lawyer and Dan leaves. She recruits him to blow up Lux.

Lucifer holds a sit in at Lux. Charlotte is there. She wants to blow up the building but its too crowded so she pretends to be supportive. Lucifer introduces her to Linda and lets them chat.

The station gets news about an illegal party at Lux and when the cops show up, Chloe is among them. She sends the uniforms away saying she’ll handle it. Once they leave, she tells them to turn the music back up and she and Lucifer dance the night away. The next morning she tells him she needs his help and then heads to talk to

Maze spies on Charlotte and finds her meeting Dan for drinks. Amenadiel is also there, just keeping an eye on her. Dan talks about Chloe. After seeing how close Lucifer and Chloe are, she sees this as the only obstacle in the way of getting Lucifer to go back to heaven so she plots to kill her.

Chloe and Lucifer go to talk to Eric about his wife. They both confess and both are probably going to end up in prison.

Lucifer is sitting in Lux by himself, saying goodbye when Chloe turns up. She got it turned into a heritage site to protect it. She did a favor for him no strings attached. He’s in awe. He talks to Linda about it and she points out that he might value Chloe’s opinion above those of others. He’s scared to show his true face to her.

She goes to the restaurant to meet him but he’s sitting home alone. She texts him to no avail and then leaves. Outside she stands next to her car digging for her keys. Charlotte is in a nearby alley watching, with the trigger to the bomb she has rigged to the bottom of Chloe’s car.

So Lucifer and Chloe are probably going to happen sooner rather than later it seems (and he’ll totally screw it up and they will break up by the end of the season but still it looks like its gonna happen). I don’t mind that. I’m mostly rooting for Maze to be right and to take Charlotte down because she seems to be the one that gets shafted the most. And Linda is awesome as well.

Lucifer is new Monday at 9 p.m.



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