Supergirl, episode seven

Hank is beating up Supergirl. He tells her she deserves it.

24 hours earlier

Winn, James, Kara and Alex are hanging out at the bar talking about the Guardian and theorizing on how he does it. Maggie comes in and things get awkward in a hurry. She wants to make sure that she and Alex are still friends and though Alex agrees, it seems forced.

Mon-El is being held captive but he tries to escape. He gets away but Cadmus has Hank and threatens to kill him. Mon-El stops resisting.

Hank is at the DEO and he gets a visitor. It’s M’gann with some Martian tea. He thanks her but before he drinks it he sees some green Martians.

The Guardian stops a crime and leaves the burglar tied up. Some other masked man follows up and kills him, framing the Guardian. The next morning he is public enemy number one.

Kara walks in to find Hank practicing meditation techniques. He’s been having visions of his family and she tells him that it’s okay to have M’gann in his life. It doesn’t replace what was.

The other masked man jumps in and tries to kill some drug lords and they fight before the NCPD shows up. The other man leaves and Maggie tries to arrest Guardian. He escapes.

Supergirl is on her way to provide backup when Cadmus reaches out. They tell her they have Mon-El and will kill him if she doesn’t show up alone. She does and finds the real Hank Henshaw there ready to fight her because that’s what Cadmus does.

Hank tells her alien scum has no place on this planet and he’s not Hank anymore. He’s cyborg superman.

Maggie is on tv issuing an arrest warrant for Guardian and Alex is all for it but Winn is not. Alex sees that something’s up and presses Winn who fesses up to James being Guardian.

Kara is in Cadmus custody and she explains what they are to Mon-El and then tries, and fails to break out of her cage. She figures out that he was bait and that they were after her all along.

Hank’s at the DEO and he thinks another agent is a white Martian. He goes into attack mode.

Maggie is walking through a crime scene with Alex, who is telling her to lay off Guardian. Maggie refers to them as friends and Alex isn’t having it. She goes off about how they aren’t friends because Alex likes her. She trusted her and took her advice. She came out to her sister and thought that she and Maggie could be happy, together but Maggie wasn’t into it so no they can’t be friends. Maggie tries to tell her side of things but Alex doesn’t listen.

Cadmus is going to kill Mon-El if Supergirl doesn’t cooperate. They want her to solar flare and in order to protect Mon-El she does. She passes out

Alex is running a blood test on Hank and notices that something is wrong. He recognizes it and confronts M’gann. He is understandably pissed.

Supergirl is tossed back in her cell. She talks to Mon-El about getting out. Gives him a message for Alex and they both talk about being scared. Mon-El has something serious to tell her but her cell opens. Someone is setting her free. It’s Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain). He opens Mon-El’s cell too but before they can leave he passes out.

They take Mon-El to a lab and help him get better. They talk about how excited Alex will be to see Jeremiah. Before they can escape though, an alarm goes off. He tells Supergirl to leave and take Mon-El. He’s been hiding out for 15 years. He can handle it for a bit longer.

M’gann and Hank keep fighting. It destroys an alley and tons of property.

Guardian tries to save the other masked man’s hostage and they end up fighting. Guardian is able to unmask the other man but the police are en route and their sirens are getting louder. Maggie and Alex are standing guard and he escapes.

Alex runs through the DEO to be at Kara’s side. She tells Alex about Jeremiah and where to find him but┬áCadmus is already gone.

Hank visits M’gann. Her blood is infecting him. He’s turning into a white Martian.

At Kara’s place, everyone is there hanging out. Mon-El asks James and Winn if Kara is seeing anyone. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Alex answers it. It’s Maggie. She wants to be friends with Alex because she cares about her and can’t bear to lose her. She “can’t imagine her life without Alex.” They agree to hang out. Kara eavesdropped naturally.

Cyborg Superman breaks into the fortress of solitude with Kara’s blood to find out about Medusa.

There were like a ton of really huge developments in this episode. Alex knows that James is Guardian. Jeremiah is alive. Hank is turning into a white Martian. but the biggest one is obviously what’s going on with Maggie and Alex. These speeches that Alex keeps giving. I can’t handle it. And then that speech by Maggie at the end. Seriously.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.




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